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A Conservative Drag Queen? Yup! Lady Maga USA is tired of the radical left. Get happy today and explore politics from a unique and fun perspective. Lighten up, laugh, and above all: STRENGTHEN YOUR PATRIOTISM. New episodes every Friday. Follow Lady Maga USA across social media by searching "Lady Maga USA"
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What really happened to Britney Spears? So many questions. Is the #freebritney movement legit? Do you believe the illuminati is real? Do you believe that elite circles engage in secret occult practices?In this episode, I explore my love of Britney Spears and analyze what happened to this woman over the past 20 years. The pop music industry is more sinister than you could imagine. How did we go from an era of  "Baby One  More Time" to "WAP"?Let me explain. Evil forces are at work every day to manipulate, brainwash, and exploit us. Especially children. Stay vigilant. #freebritneyVisit to support my work :)  
If you're in need of inspiration and hope: This episode is for you.Bryonna overcame the impossible.Living with cerebral palsy didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams--but it did  stop others from believing in her.When Bryonna became pregnant, doctors, friends and family encouraged her to have an abortion. She was alone and terrified. At every turn, she was told that her health was at risk and she must abort her baby. But then she met Mary Taylor, director of Pro-Life Utah, and experienced a miracle. Bryonna  teaches us to believe in miracles. Bryonna is a proud black woman who refuses to give into a victim narrative. Share this episode if you believe the world should hear her story. visit
I am a gay man.I have lived through many "pride" celebrations. There was a time when gay people were persecuted in America. Today, that is not the case. The modern "LGBTQIA+" movement isn't about equality and tolerance.It's an anti-Chistian, anti-white, anti-family movement. I am deeply ashamed that some people may associate my drag artistry and existence as part of this harmful, radical, and predatory propaganda. Please share this podcast. Common sense gay people are tired of the radical leftists pushing us to accept a terrible, anti-American, marxist agenda. 
We all agree: Apartheid was bad.But how does a country move past racial division? Racism and Marxism?That's what South Africa chose to embrace. Today, South Africa is a sh*thole of rape, crime, and poverty.Pay attention, America.Black Lives Matter and the Leftists are pushing the EXACT same agenda that destroyed the once-prosperous country of South Africa.Listen as Marius, a white South African refugee,  shares his story. Share this episode.We're next, America.Wake up and stop the insanity NOW before it's too late. South Africa is a blueprint for the destruction of any country.
Queers against Islamophobia? Queers for Palestine? What actually happens to LGBT people in Islamic countries? Let's explore this controversial topic.The issue of Islamic influence in Western society is taboo and most people are afraid to talk about this elephant in the room. I'm not.Please share this episode. 
Disney and Disneyland have always been a source of joy, inspiration, and memories for me and my family. But today Disney has turned into an unrecognizable leftist propaganda machine that would make Walt roll over in his grave. This was a hard podcast for me to do...I can't express how much I loved Disney. Movies like Cinderella and Frozen have gotten me (and my family) through tough times. I explain the pro-American and patriotic history that Walt Disney established, and how it's been destroyed by modern "woke" activists. But like Delta Airlines, which fired me after and impeccable 8 year career as a flight attendant for taking photos with guns (2nd amendment, anyone?),  I've lost yet another American  corporation that used to be a major part of my life.But there is hope. I explain why in this episode. Please share. And please don't buy Disney products or visit the parks. Cancel your Disney plus subscription. It's time to MAKE OUR OWN MAGIC! 
Hazem Farraj has risked his life to be his authentic self and question his Muslim upbringing. He's faced death threats and persecution for questioning Islam. He's a hero and a patriot who loves America and wants people to wake up to the realities that are destroying our country.Hazem also happens to be gay and seeks to awaken LGBT people  from the manipulative hive-mind mentality that's pushed by the radical left.You can follow Hazem on twitter @Hazem_FIf you are proud of Hazem for speaking out, share this episode.
Lady Maga USA is hated by the left and heavily criticized by some on the right. There have been moments of public shaming led by notorious conservatives like Nick Fuentes (chanting "shame" during a rally).My experiences with tens of thousands of conservatives across the nation have been overwhelmingly positive and beautiful. That being said, the vocal minority of conservatives who insult me is at times very loud. A year ago, I met Grayson Arnold at CPAC in Washington D.C.  and I've seen him at a few other large conservative events since then. Greyson does not approve of Lady Maga. But unlike others who share his views--he is not hateful, disrespectful, or degrading. He invited me on his show "Pure Politics" to have a frank discussion between two people who disagree but want to come together as gentlemen.This episode is the audio of that interview. We didn't end up seeing eye-to-eye, but I strongly believe that conversations like these must happen. We can't all live in echo chambers.You can watch the full video here:
For two years I've pushed myself as hard as possible to fight for America. But recently, I reached my limit. I've experienced a personal breakdown that is...Embarrassing? Shameful? Weak? Pathetic? I don't know. I have many close friends who are going through exactly what I've experienced. So I figured why not...just be real? We witness such a fake  and polished  world all day on social media...and frankly, it's exhausting. I think what we need deep down is authenticity. As they say, "May your life be as good as you pretend it is on Facebook." I decided to candidly talk about my struggles because I know I'm not alone in feeling lost and hopeless.  As watch the world around us cave to leftist insanity, how can we not? But I'm on the mend and I'm not giving up. I may regret sharing so much personal information, because my haters are real. But my hope is that whoever reads this description--whoever listens to this podcast--will feel less alone and less guilty for being broken sometimes.It's okay to be broken. Just don't get destroyed and you can put your pieces back together.Here's to keeping it real and staying strong. 
Robyn Openshaw is a hard-core patriot and activist who has fought the lockdowns from the beginning. What's the agenda behind the covid hysteria? What are they really trying to do to the American people? What's up with the vaccine obsession?Find out with Robyn and learn how to FIGHT BACK. Visit 
In an America filled with  mindless, obedient sheep, we need heroes! Say hello to Alena.Alena Ericksen is a fearless fighter.  She's standing up against the unconstitutional lockdowns and mask mandates that have led to our current dystopian nightmare. She fights in Utah--but what she's doing needs to be done in EVERY state. In this episode we discuss  how government bureaucrats are getting away with illegal tyranny in the name of "safety." Alena exposes what's really going on behind the scenes of our modern American gestapo. You'll feel stronger and more motivated as you listen to this captivating and powerful woman. Don't just listen to this episode:  BE LIKE ALENA. FOLLOW HER EXAMPLE. Sheeple no more! Please share this episode. 
Buckle up: This episode is a real roller coaster!Starting with humor and inspirational materials, I'll take you through the often confusing world of Lady Maga USA.I'm living in a storm of uncertainty and difficulty right now. Dealing with being fired from Delta Airlines for my politics, de-platformed from Instagram (twice!), and the constant ups and downs of being HATED and LOVED online takes a real toll...I felt compelled to defend myself and just express what I'm feeling from the heart. Sometimes I feel as if I don't belong anywhere...and yet, I can't give up for reasons you'll understand in this episode. And if you've ever wondered what it's like to transform into  Lady Maga USA--you'll find out in this episode. Please share and give me a good review wherever you listen :) And visit to support my efforts and stay in touch. 
In this episode I demonstrate why the radical LGBTQIA+ movement has become harmful, predatory, and unspeakably manipulative. I talk about their intimidating emotional blackmail that causes even great conservatives like Kristi Noem to cave to their demands. I address my haters on the right, who assume I'm a part of the LGBTQIA+ radical agenda.Far from it.I'm an American with a flare for the theatrical. It's that simple.I hope that anyone who listens to this podcast gains a greater understanding of what we're up against. I also hope that they'll gain an appreciation for LGBT patriots  who are often MORE courageous and conservative than most Republican leaders.The Mormon governor of Utah refuses to protect women's sports and children from "trans" hormones and procedures because of LGBTQIA+ bullying. Why does it take a drag artist like me to fight in their place?It's puzzling, to say the least. I get tired of cowards. Please share this episode. 
Alex Stovall is a young, fresh face in the Conservative movement and he's running for congress in district 7 in Arizona. He's dynamic, passionate, and talented. He's got  what it takes to  fight the radical leftist movement and save America. At only 26, he speaks with a political poignance rarely found in even the oldest of politicians.  He'll definitely make you feel happy today. His motto is: "I'm too blessed to be stressed or oppressed!" Amen.Visit to contribute to his campaign and learn more. Be sure to share this episode! 
Ronda Kennedy is a freedom fighter for the ages. As a lawyer in Southern California she's fought the unconstitutional covid shutdowns and successfully litigated to re-open gun stores. She ran for Congress once and she's running again!Ronda talks about her love of the Constitution, what she believes must be done to save America, and Black politics. Caring, gorgeous and brilliant: Ronda will enchant and inspire you! Support her and learn more at
Kody Valera is a transgender man who stands up against the radical LGBTQIA+ agenda of pushing medical procedures, such as hormone injections, on children.In a world gone mad, Kody offers a down to earth and honest perspective on transgender issues. He explains why transgender procedures are for adults only. He candidly and sincerely shares his journey. 
Is a child capable of knowing  that they're ready for medical transgender procedures, such as "puberty blockers" and surgeries? In this episode, I talk with Dr. Marci Campbell, a specialist in human development and child abuse. She gives us insight to the realities of allowing innocent children to "transition." I fully support the rights of transgender adults to live their lives as they choose. America is the land of the free.  But what about children?After the conversation with Dr. Campbell, I give my personal testimony of what it was like to be a child who was different. I didn't want to play sports. I wanted to play with Barbies and makeup. But did that mean I was in the wrong body? If I had been born to "social justice warrior" parents today or had gone through modern LGBTQIA+ indoctrination, I may have ended up altering my body before my brain was capable of understanding the consequences.Terrifying, to say the least. I also explore the reasons behind the push for transgenderism on children. Is it about power and money?Find out. Share this episode if you believe in protecting children. 
You've seen the infamous Make America Great Again dress, but what else do you know about Joy Villa? She chose life and gave her baby up for adoption. She struggled through homelessness and addiction. She's been through hell and come out on top. Her story will inspire you. Joy lives up to her name.  In this compelling, upbeat and fascinating episode Joy explains what it's like to be a Black Conservative woman in the public eye, why she supported Donald Trump (and still does), what scares her most and what gives her hope in America. She's the author of the book "Kickass Conservative: How I escaped Liberal Feminism to Become a Freedom-Loving Trumplican--and How You Can, Too"Visit 
Do you really understand the realities of abortion? In this episode Mary Taylor, President of Pro-Life Utah,  shares her heartbreaking yet inspiring story. She had an abortion at age 19 that haunts her to this day. But she's used her agony to inspire others to understand that abortion is not just "health care" or "women's rights"-- it's a complex and horrific reality. Mary gives us hope because she's saved countless lives by dedicating her life to educating women about the realities of abortion. Planned Parenthood is fraudulent and full of lies.This episode explores what  every American should understand about abortion. Most "pro-choice" people have never considered what Mary has to share. Support life by visiting Please share this episode. 
Do you have a gay friend who thinks you hate them because you supported Trump?Are you an LGBT person who believes that the Trump administration hated you? This episode is for you. Radical leftists have  done their best to convince Americans that the Trump administration was discriminatory and homophobic. They relentlessly attack gay conservatives (like me) as "traitors," citing propaganda and fear-mongering put forth by organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign,  GLAAD, and the Democrat party. The fear-mongering victim narrative pushed on LGBT people is about two things: Power and Money. To stay relevant and rich, these organizations must create fear in the hearts of LGBT Americans, as they do with with all minority groups. Without question, the current White House residents will perpetuate these lies and myths surrounding the Trump administration. But did Trump actually take away any LGBT rights? "Homophobic" is a word that's constantly  thrown at Conservatives. Enough, girl. Enough. In this fact-based episode, I explore information that can be found at, a fabulous resource for the truth regarding dignified LGBT activism vs. the radical "LGBTQIA++" agenda that's causing more harm than good. 
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Lady MAGA is a true Patriot and Constitutionalist and he fiercely loves our country. 🇺🇲 I've been listening to Ryan's podcast since Day 1 and I have yet to listen to an episode where I haven't walked away with some new knowledge, a new view or perspective on something I'd maybe never thought of before, or even something as simple as hope and/or a smile on my face. Ryan's humility, attitude, and patriotic spirit are incredibly infectious, inspiring, and motivating! ❤ Like Ryan, I do not see race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preferences as something that defines someone - a person's character does that best. Before and above all, we are Americans first and our common goal is to preserve our constitutional rights and put America and her people FIRST. 🇺🇲 If you haven't yet, please give him a chance and give him listen... especially if you don't see how there's room for a drag queen in conservative politics. He's so much more than a "costume". I truly believe that you will walk away from this podcast with a much more open mind. 😊 Blessings to you all and God bless the USA! 🙏🏽🇺🇲

May 29th
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