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Author: Michelle Chikanda

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The mission: To hear every woman say "I am free, empowered and able to become the most InfluentialMe" This show is a 'no frills' questions, conversations, collaborations, books we love and general musings on getting up that pesky career ladder. This show is about real life and because real life doesn't stop at the (home) office door, nor do we...get involved!
36 Episodes
David shared with me exactly how he built the brand and he was very detailed about how some of his 'not so great' life experiences shaped his future success. In the interview we talked about - Why being a person of your word, makes the biggest difference in business and in life - Exactly what it takes to build a business when you have no money to start - Why is important to understand trends and to use them to get ahead I'm sure you're gonna love it…either way let me know.
In this episode of The Mentors Edition, she is going to share with us:- How to negotiate, whilst being authentic and without losing sight of your goal- The power of play, creativity and gamification when it comes to work and problem solving-How to not overthink changeTake a breath. She is a force to be reckoned with.Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Watch here >>>Whether you're a planner and your plans were thrust out the window by life's happenings or you're the 'flying on the seat of your pants' sort - this podcast episode is for you!Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Watch the episode here!Let's be honest staying in one organisation is the harder route, there is nowhere to hide, and simultaneously a battle to not become 'office furniture.'In this podcast episode, Anjana Srinivasan, Managing Director for Wealth Transformation Programme in HSBC UK, shows us how she did it. In fact, she even got promoted between the time we recorded the interview and now. There is no stopping her. Do not miss this!Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
She is somebody who’s career journey has been speedy. She has accelerated her career in an industry many of us have been considering,  the hairy scary T-E-C-H.  As a hiring manager in the tech space, working in one of the fastest growing companies in the country, Claire shares exactly what you need to do to get noticed by tech companies.That’s not all though, here’s what I found out from her and what you can learn:– Why impressing your peers is more important than impressing your bosses– How to gain visibility and accelerate your career in spite of your age or anything else– Why taking time to look after herself made her a better contributor at work– How you can get inClaire is subtle in the way she delivers these gems and nuggets through out, so be shameless about rewinding things back and writing them down.
Are you and your manager on the same page?If not, then this mentor is about to help you perfect that potentially tricky relationship.She's a fear-proofed thought leader who pushed past racial and gender barriers to carve out a successful career , in male dominated departments, in some of the largest financial institutions in our country.You cannot miss this. Api's advice is thought provoking, uplifting and actionable. Make sure you bring a pen and are prepared to have your career world rocked. Enjoy!Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Watch the episode here!!!Dax Grant former CIO, Global Operations of HSBC, who is also an experienced CEO and COO, but the titles she values most are daughter, wife and mother.Dax talks us through,- The five characteristics she knows will lead to your success- Why there is no shame in motherhood at work and how you can transform it into an asset- How to manage your superiors and colleagues and turn them into allies- Easy ways to increase your visibility at work, using skills that you already haveAnd so much more. You cannot afford to miss Dax's session, because I promise you, it will change how you view family, womanhood and work. Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
She’s been a Solicitor, Barrister, CEO, COO, and now she’s the Group General Counsel for Kantar Media.a woman who refused to let obstacles define her journey, and in this podcast she talks about the following.How lockdown reshaped her ideas of work and family.The number 1, single most important key to her success.How consistently she maintained a vision for herself, irrespective of others vision for her.Enjoy!Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Helene managed to carve out a career for herself in an industry dominated by men, she is the only female CEO in an industry that employs over 500,000 people in the UK.She started where most of us started and has probably been where you are now, so I asked her the questions on most of our minds. Don't miss it.Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Life (and working life) is a series of events that lead to another series of events. Sometimes the result or impact is something negative.In this week's podcast I'm sharing the power of owning up to your mistakes and how that can release you from office politics, and from emotional resentment at work.Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
It still blows my mind that after over a decade in the workforce, I'm still talking about the B word.If you've experienced bullying at work, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.I have news for you. Bullying doesn’t have to be a long series of incidents, sometimes it’s a one of thing and I want to arm you with insights on how to deal with it now and in the future, but also help you to make sense of it if it happened to you in the past.Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
I've been asked more times than I can remember how to be a good (or even great) networker and so in this week's podcast, I'm giving you my BEST STUFF.Here are my ideas on how you can work your way up to being a phenomenal networker. Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
I can hand on heart say almost everyone makes this ONE MISTAKE and it only dawned on me to share it and help people stop making it, because I did a mock interview with a client and it was a train wreck and after she changed this one thing, she sailed through the process. Find out what it is.Let me know what you think. Find us:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Has summer got you thinking about your escape plan? Are you dreaming up ideas about setting up on your own, sleeping in and living an appraisal free life? Well emergency stop! There are a few things I am grateful my peers and mentors warned me about, before I made the (not so big) leap.I'll be honest this episode has so many ‘buts’ it belongs in Calabasas, but I wanted to give a little bit more of an insight into the less glamorous side of the business. It’s definitely one to watch because it is the truth that not enough people share.Find us: Readers To Leaders Book ClubWebsite: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
(Good) Leaders are Readers and in my career to date I haven’t met anyone who has disproved this. Ideas If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s a little list of some phenomenal books we’ve read in The Readers To Leaders Book Club and also  some books I’ve loved this year. I also went all in and indulged in some non-fiction items too…I know …crazy! But all work and no play and all that.Let me know if I’ve missed a gem.Let's connect:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Have you missed out on something because you were waiting for the perfect moment?This week’s episode, I’m talking Jean Robert Reznik, former CEO of Accor, ClubMed and many other prolific businesses. This interview almost didn’t see daylight because I’m on holiday and in my swimsuit and I thought it wasn’t the “perfect moment”, even though Jean Robert insisted that it was.There’s a great story behind how I got to interview a senior leader whilst I’m in my swimming costume and let’s just say perfection was on holiday that day.
Last week I ran a small seminar with just over twenty women and I asked them 'Mr & Mrs' style questions about themselves, the questions were fairly basic  and though some were deeper  than others, the universal thing was that everybody struggled. We spend so much of our lives considering our thoughts on others, we rarely take a step back to consider who we are, what we want and what we need in the long term. Knowing this is the basis of any kind of leadership and/or success. This weeks podcast is interactive, I'm asking questions for you to answer, for yourself . So here's your chance, to spend thirty minutes on you. The key is to answer these quickly and if you don't know the answers straight away, then move on to the next question. Let's connect:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Listen and be inspired by Claudene's story as she went from frustrated to two job offers on the same day."It was almost as if I wanted other people to do things for me. I had to take my power back and do it myself. I wasn't waiting for people to give me things, (they) helped me to do things. I knew, I know I have to do it myself."Get your career unstuck and have options in a world that seems to be limiting them.Learn more click here.Let's connect:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Listen and be inspired by Bunmi's story."My past was holding me back and 6 months after working with Michelle I got promoted (during COVID times)"Get your career unstuck and take a giant leap towards  the career of your dreams. Learn more click here. Let's connect:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
Listen and be inspired by Nicky's success story."I found my confidence in interviews  with Senior Leaders"Get your career unstuck and have a renewed sense of confidence to show up as yourself.Learn more click here.Let's connect:Website: www.theinfluentialme.comInstagram: @theinfluentialmeFacebook: @theinfluentialme
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