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Oxana Lovich is an experienced certified life coach, RTT hypnotherapist, NLP, Heart Math institute practitioner and Reiki Master. In addition to traditional methods of education, Oxana has immersed herself into the teachings of Native American tribes in order to learn from generations of healers before her. She has certificates from Berkley University, Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy, The Silva Method Academy, Mind Valley Academy, Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre, and Academy of Ancient Magick. Oxana was a featured guest on a prominent ABC show hosted by KC O’Day. She also participated as a motivational speaker at events with Russell Brand, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Gregg Braden, and others. Among many other podcasts, Oxana’s credits include the #1-rated Positive Head, Naturally Savvy, The Sports Doctor on BBS radio, Everything Home with Michele Swinick, and so much more. Some of her publications in magazines include New York Weekly, Hollywood Weekly, Odyssey, Thrive Global and Los Angeles Wire.
a serial entrepreneur, movie producer & distributor, motivational speaker, investor and philanthropist, who is both highly celebrated and recognized as the founder and executive chairman of Kyyba Inc. He believes that the most incredible formula of success is to chase happiness in life. Money, a job, or any other materialistic theory should not be the only driving force of an individual. For, time spent chasing worldly materials is time lost. Practicality revolves around all of his philosophies. A happy person is enthusiastic, dedicated, and positive, making them grow towards their dream and sportingly tackle failures to grip the lessons from it. Because, believe it or not, failures are always an important part of life. With that being said, we hope you consider a podcast interview w/ him to inspire others to smile through the struggle of the working world and keep hope alive, especially in uncertain times like these. Mr. Ganesan is truly the “salt of the earth” in more ways than one can count and has valuable advice to offer any audience he stands before. Click here to read more about this current ventures.With more than 700 employees and millions in revenue, Kyyba is a thriving, Michigan headquartered global IT, with a robust portfolio that includes engineering, professional staff augmentation, Emerging Technologies, and R & D to advance innovation. And while Kyyba Inc is booming in IT, Tel has scaled and advanced the company to include health & wellness, and entertainment, giving way to a global film production and distribution company, Kyyba Films, both spearheaded and also founded by Tel. While Tel has pursued and mastered entrepreneurship, he has become passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurship, which has afforded him the great opportunity develop numerous organizations that promote entrepreneurship and mentoring young entrepreneurs with the blueprint. Powered by Kyyba, Pitch Club is an initiative that contains ongoing series of monthly startup events across Michigan. With the Pitch Club program there are opportunities for young entrepreneurs with startups to get mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, advisers, and partners. The hosted events allow entrepreneurs to practice pitching their business plans with the best in the industry. Tel is passionate about brining entrepreneurs, business, and organizations together through Kyyba and it’s organizations, which has been a key factor in economic and business growth throughout Michigan.Tel actively seeks industry leaders and corporate executives who are enthusiastic about innovation and getting involved in the start-up and entrepreneur ecosystem. Which is how the Detroit Fintech Challenge was innovated in 2019 and continues to prepare successful entrepreneurs today. This organization gives sponsors the opportunity to t curate challenge statements to work on specific challenges and solutions while receiving global brand recognition throughout hosted events. In addition, TieCon Detroit is another event and organization that Tel is the president of that focuses on enabling entrepreneurship through mentoring, educating, and networking. TieCon has become Michigan’s largest ongoing conference for entrepreneurs and has developed a network across dozens of countries. And to amplify entrepreneurship growth. TieCon Detroit partnered with DAPCEP and The Entrepreneurship Academy to advance entrepreneurship programs for Detroit City high-school students. This focus on entrepreneurial skills for the youth to drive future economic growth to the city and state, as Tel is a strong believer that entrepreneurship is one of the greatest skills, and when put into the hands of the youth, anything is possible. Tel’s passion for entrepreneurial mentorship has afforded him the great opportunity to open Kyyba Kidz Foundation to assist orphaned children and underprivileged individuals by providing resources, education, training, and economic empowerment and has supported startups and entrepreneurs in healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, financial services, and have gone the extra mile to empower women. And on any given Tuesday morning you can find him in meditation and yoga poses before heading into his business ventures. Staying fit with tennis, being adventurous with kayaking, and expanding his experiences with travel. Even with all the success he has achieved, the visionary spirit of Tel has yet to scratch the surface. You want to be sure to follow the unfolding of it all at, to hit upon your ever-evolving entertainment and lifestyle beats, Mr. Ganesan is soon to release a feature film titled “Trap City” w/ G-Easy and will be co-hosting to a new podcast w/ a seasoned likeness TBA.
James Lott Jr talks to a chat roll of people about mental health!
Andrea Dindinger is a San Francisco-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 15 years of experience helping people create meaningful, fulfilling intimate relationships. She specializes in couples, individuals, and adolescents, as they navigate relationships, addiction, grief, and general disconnection from their heart’s desire. Andrea is passionate about helping people to bring the unconscious to light, and guiding them to uncover their deep, heartfelt wisdom inside. Andrea earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado, majoring in Women’s Studies. She is a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies and has a master’s degree in Psychology. She’s trained in Somatic Therapy that focuses on the relationship between the mind and body in regard to its psychological past. In addition, she practices the Brainspotting method, which helps process sources of trauma and distress in the body. Her insight has recently been featured in People, Parade, Bustle, HuffPost, Real Simple, Shondaland, Verywell Mind, Authority Magazine, Wedding Wire, InHerSight, Fatherly, Yahoo!Life and Hellogiggles. For more information, visit her website at
James Lott Jr talks about his own state of mental health!
James Lott Jr explains his current mental state!
Nanette V. Hucknall is an award-winning author, psychotherapist, teacher, lecturer and the Founder and President Emeritus of Higher Self Yoga. She has spent a lifetime studying spirituality and psychology, and has used her learnings to help others on their own personal journeys. With a background in Agni Yoga and Psychosynthesis, Nanette has combined her practical knowledge with her own spiritual wisdom and insights to create Higher Self Yoga. She has developed many Higher Self Yoga classes and retreats in North America and Europe, and is currently developing a complete Higher Self Yoga curriculum to give students comprehensive access to a wealth of teachings pulled from the HSY canon. and
James Lott Jr first became a Certified Life Coach April 14, 2014 (he has since gained 6 other Certifications in the LIfe Coaching world). He talks about his journey!
David is an amazing business consultant but the information shared today is good for anyone involved in projects/goals. He shares design principles and a some tips on marketing too. Consultant, speaker and best-selling author David A. Fields is widely considered to be on the forefront of thought leadership for consulting firms. His second book, The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients is not only on Book Authority’s list of the “best consulting books of all time,” it’s #1 on that list! David’s firm works with boutique and solo consulting firms all over the globe that want to scale, and helps build consulting practices that are lucrative and lifestyle-friendly.
James Lott Jr talks about friendships and conflict! He shares personal issues and ways to handle them. James is a Certified Life Coach
James Lott Jr has a spiritual and conscious conversation with Medical Intuitive Healer Kimberly Meredith, whose new book is Awakening To The Fifth Dimension, Discovering the Souls Path to Healing! She also gives James some nice news!
Adam Wasserman is an Attorney and Managing Partner of Education Justice Law Group who specializes in ensuring both parents and students’ rights are maintained throughout a child’s education.Wasserman has spent his entire professional career leveling the playing field for people with disabilities while working to help to remove the shame, stigma and fear often experienced by clients.Education Justice Law Group covers all of California and represents children and young adults from age 3 through high school who are eligible for special education.For most of his clients, Wasserman personally attends their Individual Education Plans [IEP] and oversees their educational needs. Wasserman’s team of experts not only assure that the IEP is appropriate, but is carried out with fidelity. Adam Wasserman firmly believes that parents have a civil right to be involved in their child’s education plan and works to ensure that those rights are maintained throughout a child’s education.Education Justice Law Group has been successful in negotiating and receiving services and compensation and has seen countless lives change for the better.Early in his career as an Attorney, Wasserman recognized significant flaws in the education system at the very highest level. To provide a solution to these problems, he developed an educational software program and personally traveled from State to State to ensure that students with learning difficulties have the same opportunity to succeed as those without such challenges. As a result, almost every State in the US has integrated this program into the discrete areas of education that were affected by these issues.Adam Wasserman obtained his J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, his M.S. from New York University, and B.A. from Hofstra University, New College.
James Lott Jr talks with Dr Andrew Dold,MD about the foot! High Heel Wearers can have damage to feet afer longterm use. He offers suggestions! Dr Dold was voted by USA Today as one of the 40 Under 40 Top Doctors in America! His practice is in Frisco TX..
Race is the subject.Packaging is important.Racial appropriation vs racial appreciation. What does a Racist look like? James Lott Jr and Jared Karol (author of A White Guy Confronting Racism) have an open conversation mixes the past with whats happening today in the news!
James Lott Jr chats with Trevon about the creation of the company, the device, the need, the service! Safewave Technology is a company that focuses on creating a safer environment for individuals who are Deaf/HOH through our patent pending wearable device.Founded in 2018, Safewave is committed to not only creating new innovative technology - but working smart and effectively while doing so. We are team of creative thinkers who prides ourselves on creating a safe, secure and easy to use smart security systems for our respected customers and their families. Our expertise encompasses a variety of technologies that all combine together under one platform.The Safewave team is focused on getting our products to the market as quickly and effectively as possible while still keeping our users safe.
Certified Life Coach James Lott Jr shares what a Life Coash IS, what they do and shouldnt do!
Shane Torres has come back from Bankruptcy to make. successful career in Real Estate. HE wrote an excellent book on his journey called Road to $20 Million. (Available on Amazon), and Host/Life Coach talks to him about the lessons he's learned. This is must hear for ANY entrepreneur in any field!
James Lott Jr talks about the fans that are online. Fandoms on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and the Facebook Groups. He observes the behavior within those groups and when they go toxic!
Known as a teacher of teachers and healer of healers, Vanessa is an acclaimed international intuition teacher, clinical hypnotherapist and soul business mentor who has hosted more than 10,000 intuitive sessions in the US and Latin America in her 20 years of service. As creator of The School of the Healing Artes, Vanessa has integrated her 20 years as a clinical hypnotherapist, priestess, shamanic practitioner, astrologer and teacher of intuition, Reiki and the Akashic Records to create her signature transformative and enriching experience that yields practical tools and lasting inner shifts. The renowned Argentine-American started doing readings at 16 after her family confirmed that she was seeing and knowing things accurately about people who were no longer with them. She guides seekers to break through fears and connect to the practical power of their intuition so they can serve the world powerfully with their gifts. The host of the Biz Bruja Podcast since October 2019, Vanessa is a writer for The Examiner, Wild Woman Rising and a co-author of 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. Vanessa was on the board of REVEAL: The Next Generation of Women Spiritual Leaders Conference along with Meggan Watterson, Gabby Bernstein, Latham Thomas, Rha Goddess and others. She’s guided souls along other teachers including Marianne Williamson at Rock Your Voice Woman! Conference. Vanessa is proud of her work as an empowerment facilitator for over 400 future young women leaders at the Bella Abzug Young Women's Leadership Institute, creating innovative courses to support self-empowerment, inclusivity and diversity. She has spoken and led workshops inNYC, Miami, LA, Costa Rica and Panama and online around the globe.James Lott Jr is the host!
James Lott Jr talks with Author, Speaker and Mother Nancy T Espuche! Nancy Espuche is a sought-after public speaker, author, and mother who advocates for those living with a loved one’s substance use disorder in the workplace. She brings to light the voice of her beloved son Lucas, his strain, struggle and ultimate death. In her recent memoir, “KardBoard House: My Life-Altering Journey Through Lucas' Addiction,” Espuche offers the reader a personal view, through Lucas' and her letters to one another, about 1) the power of addiction, 2) the complexity of the human condition, and the reminder, despite all the love, that 3) no one can chart the course of another's life no matter how hard they try. She often speaks from her personal experiences of the devastating effect of substance use for both the employee and employer offering solutions for change. Nancy has been privileged to share her story as the highlighted keynote at the International Employee Assistance Professional conference, the New York City Bar Antitrust Breakfast, the Lawyers Assistance Professional Retreat, Metropolitan State University, and the Chris Wivholm fundraiser in New York City where she, along with Dr Mark Thomas, Director of Neuroscience and Addiction at the University of Minnesota, spoke about addiction's grip and its devastating effects on all aspects of life. In addition, she was interviewed by Newsweek for an international story on "Drugs, Should They Be Legalized", the St. Paul Press, and was the guest speaker for Onward Podcast, where she addressed the losses, gains and life lessons learned living with Lucas’ long and arduous battle with opioid addiction. In November she was a presenter at the NY Bar Association, MN bookstores and is partnering again with Dr Mark Thomas to speak on “The Neuroscience of Addiction and the Gift of Hope.”
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