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Author: Costi Hinn

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For the Gospel, with Costi Hinn, provides sound doctrine for everyday people through topical teaching, special guest interviews, and listener Q&As. This podcast will inspire you to grow in truth and live for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The Vineyard Workers

The Vineyard Workers


In this episode Costi Hinn unpacks Matthew 20:1-13 and the parable of the vineyard workers. In this passage Jesus highlights the nature of God’s sovereign grace and His prerogative to save who He wants to, when He wants to, and use them however He wants to. This episode will be a great encouragement to those who may feel like a second-class citizen in Christ because they are late bloomers when it comes to salvation.
The Four Soils

The Four Soils


In this episode Costi Hinn explains the parable of the four soils (also called “parable of the sower”) in which Jesus delivers clear and convicting truth about human hearts and how they receive the seed of the word. Many people don’t understand this parable, but Christ makes it easy to interpret as He provides His own explanation in Matthew 13:18-23.
In this episode Costi Hinn explains the meaning of Jesus’ parable about two men who went up to the temple to pray one day. Themes in this episode include justification by faith, humility, repentance, self-righteousness, and salvation.
The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son


In this episode Costi Hinn continues his series through the parables by unpacking truths from Jesus' teaching on the prodigal son that speak to lost souls and religious hypocrites. Themes include sin, repentance, grace, self-righteousness, and forgiveness. Whether you're a long time Christian or new to faith, the lessons from this parable will bring you back to the foundation of salvation and God's love for us.
The Ten Virgins

The Ten Virgins


Some people are ready for Christ to return or call them home, and some are not. Some people are living for themselves but think they are saved, while others are humbly living their life for God’s glory. In the parable of “The Ten Virgins” Jesus arrests the eternal perspective of His audience by showcasing how once the Lord returns, it will be too late to be saved. Today is the day of salvation.
Jesus warns us to be careful of being unforgiving in light of how forgiven we are. In this episode Costi Hinn unpacks the parable of “The Unforgiving Servant” and reminds us why all Christians forgive, and clarifies what forgiveness is not.
The Rich Fool

The Rich Fool


In this episode Costi Hinn unpacks the parable of “The Rich Fool,” and gives us truths to apply from Jesus’ warnings about trusting in riches.
In this new 8-part series, Costi Hinn is teaching you how to interpret the parables and walking you through several key parables! From allegorizing them to misapplying them, many people are missing the point of one of Jesus' most prominent teaching tools. This series will make you confident and knowledgeable when it comes to the parables, and help you apply them faithfully in your walk with the Lord.
In this final episode of Costi Hinn's 3-part series with Tim Challies, Tim walks listeners through the process of growing closer to God in the midst of unthinkable loss. How is it possible for someone to grow closer to Jesus while experiencing painful loss? When all hope seems lost, how can we still have hope? Tim guides you through these questions and more.
In this episode Costi Hinn continues his three part series with Tim Challies on loss, suffering, grief, and the goodness of God. In this specific interview, Tim Challies provides insights on God's sovereignty and God's goodness in the midst of losing a child.
In this 3-part series Costi Hinn interviews pastor and author, Tim Challies, about the loss of his son, Nick, in 2020. Nick was a young man on the pathway to ministry and deeply loved by his family. He was engaged to Ryn, enjoying life, and going to school at Boyce College (Southern Seminary) when the Lord called him home suddenly. Tim has always been known for his faithful teaching and writing ministry (, but the Lord has seen fit to add a "ministry of sorrow" to Tim's life....
In this final episode of the self-control series, Costi Hinn walks you through 6 bricks to build a life of self-control from Dai Hankey’s book, “A Man’s Greatest Challenge.” These bricks apply to every Christian, whether you are a man or a woman, and the secret to self-control is rooted in one key truth that he covers at the end of this episode.
In part 4 of the self-control series, Costi Hinn teaches through 1 Corinthians 9:23-27 and provides 6 truths about how Paul the apostle lived his life and exercised self-control for the sake of the gospel. He did everything with purpose and on purpose — for the glory of God. Grab your Bible for this episode, and be challenged to live in a way that honors the One who saved your soul.
In this episode, Costi Hinn takes you to several key passages of Scripture to break down 5 truths from the life of Christ and how He is our perfect model for self-control. While Christians will not be perfect like Christ, they have the power to grow in self-control because they are in Christ.
Self-Control War Zones

Self-Control War Zones


In sports, teams gather scouting reports about opposing teams to go into a game with a strategy for facing their opponent. They study patterns and tendencies which help them predict what the other team might do. Like in sports, a scouting report on challenging environments can help Christians go in with “eyes wide open,” and develop a strategy for winning the spiritual battle. In this episode, Costi Hinn continues his series on self-control by walking you through 5 self-control war zones. The...
In this first episode of a 5-part series on self-control, Costi Hinn walks you through 5 "breakers" that can bring down the walls of your self-control, and 4 responses that will help bear this important fruit of the Spirit.
Join Costi and his wife, Christyne, as they talk about why they wrote their new children’s book, “The King Who Found His Self-Control." In addition, they talk about life in the trenches as young parents, how to move from “hanging fruit on trees” to planting gospel seeds of truth in your kids, and the importance of the gospel. They share details on how they wrote the book, along with how you can take the step as a family when it comes to self-control.
What does God expect of men in the church? If not all men are pastors, what significant role can they play? How should the priority of the local church permeate a man’s life? In this final episode of the manhood series Costi Hinn asks pastor and former Navy Seal, Travis Allen, to help men from all walks of life understand and embrace their role in the local church.
Is it a sin to kill an intruder who breaks into your home to harm your wife and/or children? Does Christ call men to be passive or aggressive when it comes to home protection? In episode 4 of this manhood series, Costi Hinn asks pastor and former Navy Seal, Travis Allen, to break down a biblically balanced view on self-defense, home protection, and caring for our families.
In episode 3 of this manhood series, Costi Hinn asks pastor and former Navy Seal, Travis Allen, about the role of men in the home. From spiritual leadership, to provision and protection, this episode will help every man embrace his God-given role within marriage and family.
Comments (5)

Olivia Ruan

This is such a helpful episode!! Thanks for the words to use in these situations. I am always encouraged by your episodes...thanks!

Jul 11th

Mary Beth Plank

This story is amazing!!!

Sep 2nd


Great episode!

Nov 18th

Sun Joo Kim

I really love learning about doctrine!

Jul 9th

Brittany Bennett

Wow.. The words spoke to my heart so deeply especially when she said, "Jesus understands". That blew my mind. He does understand. He knows what it's like to lose a parent as he was separated from the Father on the cross, what it's like to be hated, and ridiculed. He understands pain and suffering. Its something I needed to hear.

Dec 3rd
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