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In this episode we're joined by Rachel Swann, a commercially astute leader with experience in Private Equity-backed SaaS, digital and ecommerce businesses, with a passion for tech.Rachel shares with us how important her children are to her in not only her own success, but in helping to build the success of her next generation too. We all discuss what success looks like, both from the tangible to the intangible. We also discuss how you can be a success without stepping on others, and how the only person responsible for your success is you.
In this episode, we welcome back Sarah Foster from Comply Direct. Comply Direct is a market-leading environmental consultancy and compliance scheme, who have recently become B Corp certified. During this podcast, we talk about Sarah's own motivators to be more sustainable and how Claire and Pete try to live a more sustainable life. Both Claire and Pete are Conservation Circle members of the Rainforest Trust and are passionate about caring for the planet.
In this episode we're delighted to invite Sarah Foster, MD at Comply Direct, to join us on The North Star Podcast. Sarah is the author of a confidence book, Yabadaba Do It, and spends this episode talking about what led her to write a book on confidence and her high-performing career success to date. Pete and Claire loved having Sarah on the show as we talked all about success, leadership, confidence, masculine v feminine and also started discussing sustainability. We felt that the topic of sustainability deserved its own podcast so Sarah joins us for a part 2 in our next release.
In this episode, Claire has some personal reflections on how her work life impacts her personal relationships and life at home. Claire and Pete both discuss the impact of work on family life and how they manage this to achieve success whilst also maintaining meaningful relationships.
In this episode, Claire and Pete debate whether happiness is the true North Star. How do we find what makes us happy? Defining our purpose and how to work towards finding true happiness in family life and in work.
In this episode we explain the habits and mindset shifts we've made to achieve success. We explore where manifestation fits into the business world, how to gain focus, be more productive and live a happy and successful life.
In this episode, Claire and Pete talk about what's changed since they last recorded the podcast, including major life updates with new roles and Pete's new baby! They discuss their goals for 2022 and how to align your goals to your purpose. They talk about business goals, strategies and being happy.
In this episode we learn to recognise when we're stressed, and how to find the balance between managing stress with success at work.
In this episode, we reconnect with you all after a short break and talk through whether you can really achieve overnight success.
On this episode, Claire and Pete discuss their non-negotiable habits that help to shape their routine as entrepreneurs. The episode covers setting goals, using a planner and also scheduling time for yourself and learning how to relax.
Pete and Claire talk about how they gained focus and clarity in making big business decisions. Hear about their latest career highlights in terms of investments, buy outs and more.
We talk about our own experiences of knowing when it was time to leave toxic jobs and the challenges of starting our own businesses.
The North Star looks at finding your purpose in business. In this episode, we discuss why the career 'ladder' needs ditching and why it's more of a path, journey or jungle gym!
Meet our co-hosts, Claire Daniels, CEO of Trio Media, and Pete Mills, Founding Director of Alt Theory as they talk about finding their own 'North Star'. The North Star acts as a guiding light and we use this as a definition to finding your purpose in business. We're also celebrating Northern based businesses.
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