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Author: Nicole Salvatore

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Designed for womxn entrepreneurs by a counselor turned inbound marketing copywriter, CoCreate is your space for stellar conversations on growing your business, creating amazing client experiences, and navigating the mindset shifts you need as you stay stellar.
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Glenda Houston is the owner of Purposed Professional Services. She’s on a mission to build a community of wealthy and thriving single moms who know their business purpose and who are creating wealth and a memorable legacy for themselves and their families. She’s dedicated to helping moms like her show up in excellence in business and motherhood. Glenda’s accomplishing this goal through business coaching that focuses on your business foundations - mindset, business idea development, the business plan, and the single mom's superpower - Singleness! So many times the word "single" gets a bad rep, but in the Purposed Professionals community of single moms, Singleness IS your SUPERPOWER and she’s here to show us how to fuel it! As Glenda likes to say, "Now let's build businesses!"Special Offer Instructions: Glenda’s offering the first 10 podcast listeners that reach out to her a 20% discount on the already discounted Ultimate Business Brainstorming Course. Instead of $297 (a markdown from $597) you will receive it for just $237.60 plus all the goodies that come with it. All you have to do is sign up for the Free Webinar which is accessible directly from her website ( Just click the blue announcement bar, register, and watch the free webinar. Next, you’ll send an email to, name the Co-Create Podcast, and receive the discount code! OR you can skip the free webinar, email Glenda directly, and receive the discount code for the course right away!
Originally from Mercer County, NJ, Sasha is a newer transplant to the Jersey Shore since opening her business, SB Financial LLC, in 2016. SB Financial operates under the Allstate Insurance name and provides products like auto, home, renters, condo, boat insurance as well as life and retirement products. Sasha's office is in Ocean County while she resides in her new  home in Monmouth County. Outside of the insurance world she loves going to the beach, travelling (under non-covid circumstances), spending time with her family, and creating events for the nonprofit she co-founded called The Local Fix Foundation. Our conversation covered some vital considerations when it comes to stepping into the business owner role and tackling adult life head on.You can follow Sasha's personal IG @thesashamaria and her business IG @sbfinancialnj . You can also visit her website
Jessica Bird is an impact-driven creator inspired by healing from trauma, assault, and chronic illness. Through her writing she aims to inspire healing and hope in the hearts of creators who's messages can contribute to collective compassion and community. Her work with creative entrepreneurs empowers compassionate artists to become successful entrepreneurs with a rippling impact.My interview with Jessica was a fantastic opportunity to explore what it means to create real lasting impact in the lives of our clients and communities and to market with passion and compassion. If you loved my interview with Jessica, you can find her at TheSerendipityLifestyle.Com Download the Embrace Yourself eBook for free when you join her email list at Podcast Is Produced By: Jowanna LewisFounder & CEOThe Internet Radio Organization
Tamara Sabatino spent over 19 years in the healthcare field and worked my way up to a Director of Operations and Sales role at one of New Jersey’s leading providers of orthopedic and prosthetic devices. She became a thought leader, change-maker, and key negotiator as my company worked with organizations like the Department of Veteran Affairs, Medicare Legislators, and The Ossur Women's Leadership Initiative.While that role might seem like a far cry from Realty, the key skills Tamara learned there are ones I use every day to help my clients buy and sell homes.Tamara and I talked about so much in this interview from what it takes to shift the real estate business paradigm to what women should know if they're thinking about investing in real estate or buying their first house.If you'd like to learn more about Tamara you can find her at: follow her on Instagram at if you're ready to get started on your own real estate journey, whether you're buying or selling, check out Tamara's email list so you can get on-going, relevant info delivered right to your inbox!
Priscilla Velasquez is a registered nurse and the owner and founder of Mayan Wave, a company she established in 2018. Priscilla began Mayan Wave by working out of her apartment in Asbury Park, N.J. Mayan Wave curates quality, colorful, hand crafted mayan goods. She’s started with handbags, travel accessories and is expanding to home decor. She aspires to open a brick and mortar in the future but for now you can find her products online and at local markets near Asbury. All  of Mayan Wave’s pieces are handmade by women weavers and Mayan Wave supports women artisans in Guatemala through fair trade.  Priscilla’s mission is to give back to the less fortunate and there’s no doubt that's exactly what she’s doing.Priscilla and I spoke about what it means to create mission driven businesses that are capable of empowering women across the globe. We also dove into fair trade practices, inspiration, and creativity. And I couldn't be more grateful to her for sharing her mission-driven business guidance with all of us.You can find Priscilla on Instagram ( and the Mayan Wave website ( ) By signing up for her mailing list at you’ll be notified of the newest inventory and charitable work Mayan Wave is doing for the women weavers.Use promo code “STAYSTELLAR”  for a 10% discount on all beautifully handcrafted Mayan goods. It applies to ALL items in your order. Promo code may be used multiple times by the same custome and are effective until the end of September 2020.
Joi Yvette Ivey has most recently served 10 years as a high performing professional of the health insurance industry and truly enjoys serving others from her best self. During her current career, Joi earned a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She is very passionate about sharing her experiences and how her story shaped her for the success that she manifested previously and those that she is currently creating. Manifesting Joiously is Joi’s eponymous passion project, a guide for other single parents, a community, and a manner of living that supports other single-parent families. Joi was born and reared in Chicago, Illinois. She is a successful, joyful, and sustained single mom of two glorious daughters who take her breath away each day. The newest addition to Joi’s loving family is a not so fierce Goldendoodle named Milo Juice.In our interview Joi and I talked about everything from parenting to letting go of unhelpful narratives, to our experiences as recovering perfectionists and I'm sure her journey and her wisdom will resonate with you.If you resonated with Joi's message and mission, you can reach her here:Instagram: Joiyvette_thebrandEmail: Joiyvette@manifestingjoiously.coJoin Joi's  free Facebook community: Ask Joi questions, make requests/suggestions, and engage!
RJ Lewis is an army wife and mother of 3 living in the Richmond area of Virginia.For more than a decade she’s helped companies of all shapes and sizes design and optimize their customer experience, product delivery systems, technology stacks, marketing playbooks, knowledge management, and collaborative processes and spaces.Her company, RJ Lewis Digital, is a business experience development consultancy that is helping CEOs like you grow their business to the BOSS Level. Videos and social media posts are all fun and sexy. But WHAT'S HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES IS GONNA MAKE (or break) your company BANK.So, what did RJ and I cover in our interview? Well we dove into our mutual twin-like love of words, CRM, customer experience creation, copywriting, authentic communication, building a business that respects your life, the de-bro-ifi-cation of SEO, and everything else for that matter, and of course RJ’s secret sauce: Aligning your business back end so you can keep cocreating amazing experiences with your customers. RJ is a powerhouse and her and her knowledge and experience is unparalleled. She also happens to be a stellar person to talk to and  so I’m beyond stoked to share this interview with you because I know you’ll get so much out of the things RJ shared with us.You can follow RJ at @talk2rj and find her at Don’t forget to check out RJ’s Boss Level Business VIP Bundle here: 
Designed for womxn entrepreneurs by a counselor turned inbound marketing copywriter, we’ll have stellar conversations about growing your business, creating amazing client experiences, and avoiding burnout. Copywriters, creators, and straight up inspiring womxn will share their sparks of insight, their go-to marketing moves, and the mindset shifts that mattered most. If you’re looking for ways to get creative as you reach new clients and rock your goals or you just need a kickass pep talk from people who get it, you’ll feel right at home here. And I can’t wait to help you and your business stay stellar.Let’s go.
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