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"The Don't Unfriend Me Show" explores a broad range of political themes, from satire to serious topics, with Matt Speer, a Navy Intel veteran, husband, and father, leading the show. Matt shares his views to stimulate constructive discussions. The show aims to provide a balanced perspective on complex issues, welcoming participants of all political affiliations to share their unique viewpoints.

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First up, we dissect the latest Broadway sensation that's raising eyebrows and blood pressures alike. This play, audacious in its execution, takes a no-holds-barred approach to lampooning the ex-wives and daughter of former President Donald Trump. We peel back the layers of satire and social commentary, questioning the boundaries of artistic expression in political discourse.Next, we pivot to a magnetic performance by Donald Trump himself during a recent town hall in Canada. The former president, known for his charismatic and often polarizing public appearances, "knocks the ball out of the park," captivating supporters and critics alike. We analyze his statements, the crowd's reaction, and what this means for the political landscape ahead.Finally, we take a critical eye to the latest blunder by fact checkers in their pursuit of truth. In their eagerness to counter misinformation, some fact checkers have found themselves in hot water, accused of spinning the truth to fit their narratives. We explore these embarrassing missteps, discussing the impact on public trust and the ongoing battle between perception and reality.Watch the Live Shows: WWW.LINKTAPGO.COM/THEDUMSHOWBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Intro: 00:00 God Isn’t A Joke: 01:27Busted Says, Rosa: 14:10Starbucks Gets Burned: 15:50Closing: 17:55 Segment 1: "Echoes of the Past" We begin with a reflective journey to Montgomery, Alabama, where a modern advertising campaign draws on the iconic image of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott to promote a new show. This segment explores the intersection of historical civil rights movements with contemporary advertising strategies. We discuss the implications of invoking such a pivotal moment in history for commercial purposes and the reactions it has sparked within the community.Segment 2: "Digital Discourse" Next, we turn our attention to the digital arena where Darren Mays, known for his provocative TikTok content, challenges conservative viewpoints and questions the role of religion in modern society. This segment dissects the impact of social media on political and religious discourse, examining how platforms like TikTok serve as battlegrounds for ideological clashes.Segment 3: "Identity in the Everyday" Our final segment delves into Starbucks' recent initiative to include messages about gender reassignment surgery on their cups. This move, aimed at supporting transgender and non-binary communities, has sparked conversation about corporate responsibility, consumer engagement, and the visibility of LGBTQ+ issues in public spaces. #rosaparks, #starbuckswoke, #darrenmays, #incrediberryBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Intro: 00:00 Brad Isn’t Bad: 00:58Dude looks like a: 06:37Alex Sh!tstain 99: 10:01Closing: 16:33 First, witness a lecture by Adm. Rachel Levine, as he/she addresses a crowd on the topic of priorities amidst adversity. However, her/his message faces scrutiny as she/he navigates the sensitive topic of racial disparities and C0VID. Meanwhile, the spotlight shifts to Alex Stein #99, whose confrontational demeanor sparks clashes wherever he goes. From his contentious interactions with women to his confrontations with supporters of Nikki Haley, Alex's behavior raises questions about accountability and respect in public discourse. Then, meet Brad "Bad" Berkwitt, whose online persona clashes with reality as he adopts a heroic facade. As he blocks dissenting voices and disparages veterans with opposing political views, the truth behind his actions comes under scrutiny. Will Brad confront the contradictions in his beliefs, or will he continue to perpetuate division?Become a supporter of this podcast:
Intro: 00:00Tucker: 01:24Denver Mayor: 08:41KC Family: 12:57Closing: 14:28 Join us as we follow Tucker Carlson on an unexpected journey to a Russian McDonald's, where he discovers more than just burgers and fries. Then, we uncover the truth behind the controversial statements made by the Mayor of Denver regarding illegal immigration, diving deep into the complexities of the issue. But that's not all – we bring you an update on the resilient KC family who endured the Super Bowl celebration shooting, revealing the heartwarming surprise donation they received that's sure to inspire. Super Bowl Family Donation, Tucker Carlson, McDonalds, Denver MayorBecome a supporter of this podcast:
In the second episode of "The Power of Fatherhood," Alan Donovan returns to shed light on his battle for justice for his son. As the founder of "Father's Lives Matter," Alan's determination to seek accountability and change in the legal system is unwavering. Tonight, we delve into Alan's remarkable relationship with a father-like Judge, a beacon of hope in his tumultuous journey. Their bond transcends the courtroom, revealing a shared commitment to fairness and compassion. The episode also highlights the struggles of veteran fathers navigating the legal maze to gain custody of their children. Through their stories, we witness the systemic challenges and prejudices they confront, shedding light on the urgent need for reform.Matt and Alan share their own deeply personal stories, intricately intertwined yet divergent in outcome. While Alan's perseverance and advocacy have yielded progress, Matt's journey has been fraught with setbacks and injustices for over 25 years. Despite their differing paths, their bond as fathers fighting for their children unites them in solidarity and empathy.Amidst the hardships, Alan Donovan's message of hope resonates profoundly. His resilience and determination inspire not only those directly affected but also advocates and allies striving for a fairer, more equitable system.Tune in tonight to witness the raw emotions, the triumphs, and the resilience of fathers fighting for their children's future, only on "The DUM Show."@fatherslivesmatter #fatherslivesmatter #AlanDonovanBecome a supporter of this podcast:
In this thought-provoking episode of The DUM Show, we sit down with Alan Donovan, a leading figure from Fathers Lives Matter, an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and recognition of fathers in family life and the legal system. Alan brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table, discussing the critical role fathers play in the development and well-being of children, the challenges faced by many fathers in securing equal parenting rights, and the societal changes needed to support fatherhood fully. @fatherslivesmatter #fatherslivesmatter #AlanDonovanBecome a supporter of this podcast:
It has been awhile... just the Mic and I. It felt good to do it like this again. Join me for a conversation about the looming SCOTUS decision concerning the 2024 Election. #podcastWatch the Live Shows @ or Spreely.TV/Channel1Become a supporter of this podcast:
Eli Crane, the renowned former Navy SEAL, Congressman, and previous guest on our show, is back with a bang. In a riveting display, he fearlessly speaks his mind, delivering the truths many have longed to hear. He drops the mic in front of the press and on their heads. Don't miss out on this candid and powerful episode. Tune in tonight! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Tucker Carlson releases a video on why he is in Russia. I dive into the “outrage” from the Left and provide perspective. Tonight on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show. Watch the Live Shows @ or Spreely.TV/Channel1Support The DUM Show: Become a supporter of this podcast:
$250,000 of taxpayer funds were directed to self-named “Wokekindergarten” in a district with a literacy rate below 10%, amid controversial claims of genocidal views. Tonight on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show. Watch the Live Shows @ or Spreely.TV/Channel1 Support The DUM Show: Wokekindergarten, TikTok, Taxes, DEIBecome a supporter of this podcast:
The J6 Committee outed themselves as the main protagonists in a story-like production, and you always knew the truth. Now there is no doubt. The J6 Committee enlisted the expertise of James Goldston, a former ABC News President, to produce their hearings. Goldston, known for his tenure at ABC News, was brought on board to help craft the committee's presentations to the public. This is one you don’t want to miss. Tonight on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show. Watch the Live Shows @ or Spreely.TV/Channel1 Support The DUM Show: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Conspiracy theories or discussions suggesting that pop star Taylor Swift's actions or persona are part of a psychological operation (psyop) designed to influence public opinion or behavior. Benny Johnson levels a tweet aimed at espousing this as fact, I tell you why it isn’t. Tonight on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show. Watch the Live Shows @ or Spreely.TV/Channel1 Support The DUM Show: Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce , PSYOP, Benny JohnsonBecome a supporter of this podcast:
The controversy surrounding E. Jean Carroll and her CNN interview involves differing perspectives on her credibility and the network's handling of the interview. This time it is a MSNBC interview where she flaunts her new founded riches in front of the world to see... showing her intentions and true colors. Tonight on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show. Watch the Live Shows @ or Spreely.TV/Channel1 Support The DUM Show: E. Jean Carroll, Trump, MSNBC, BraggartBecome a supporter of this podcast:
The notion that "Our Government Doesn't Make Us Free" challenges conventional perceptions of the role of government in safeguarding freedom. It posits that true freedom originates not from the structures of governance, but from the inherent rights and liberties of individuals. Matt discusses this with a viewer in a heated exchange. Our freedom is dependent on multiple facets, but the people are the true power. Tonight on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show.Watch the Live Shows @ or Spreely.TV/Channel1Support The DUM Show: a supporter of this podcast:
Border Town Blues: Why the Border Crisis and Lies Are Owned By The Biden AdministrationWatch the Live Shows @TheDUMShow, or http://Spreely.TV/Channel1Watch the Don't Unfriend Me Show Live Weeknights at 7pm EasternBecome a supporter of this podcast:
“The Vice President Will Matter in 2024" I dive into the pivotal role the Vice President could play in the 2024 political landscape, particularly in relation to Donald Trump. Episode: 569 - Tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me.Become a supporter of this podcast:
What Is The Iowa Caucus Explained In Simple Terms The Iowa caucus is a unique and important event in the U.S. presidential election process. Tonight Olivia and I walk through what the Iowa Caucus means in simple terms. Next on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show.Watch us on: Visit THEDUMSHOW.COM for more.#iowa #Caucus #trump #haley #desantis #ramaswamyBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Fox News Cancels Mike Lindell And MyPillow? Fox News has reportedly stopped airing MyPillow ads. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claimed that the network's decision to stop airing his ads was due to his outspoken political views and his recent decision to hire former Fox Business host Lou Dobbs for his own media channel. I provide 2 secades of advertising ans marketing insight into the story. Next on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show. Watch us on: Visit THEDUMSHOW.COM for more.#lindell, #MyPillow, #FoxNews, #LouDobbs, #cancelcultureBecome a supporter of this podcast:
In this podcast episode, the focus is on a controversy involving a Democratic Congressional candidate in Michigan. The episode delves into the criticism from a group of Michigan veterans directed at the candidate. The veterans are demanding an apology because the candidate wore part of a U.S. Army-issued uniform during a Veterans Day event, despite never having served in the military. I dive into the story and provide you with perspective. Next on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show. Watch us on: Visit THEDUMSHOW.COM for more.#hertel, #Barrett, #michigan, #stolenvalor, #armyjacketBecome a supporter of this podcast:
Why Late-Night Host Threatens To Sue NFL QB Aaron Rodgers Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel threatened to sue NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Tuesday after the football player mentioned Kimmel in a conversation about disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Does Kimmel have any room to talk? We review it tonight. Next on The Don’t Unfriend Me Show.Watch us on: spreely.appVisit THEDUMSHOW.COM for more.#jimmykimmel, #aaronrodgers, #lawsuit, #themanshowBecome a supporter of this podcast:
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