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APE #4 - Shadan Nassar

APE #4 - Shadan Nassar


Shadan Nassar is a Palestinian living in the West Bank and the founder of Shadana Yoga, an online platform that teaches Yoga in Arabic. We talk about life in Palestine, her personal journey, the Palestinian Yoga scene, Yoga in the Middle East and so much more! You can learn more about Shadana on her YouTube channel and Instagram (@shadanayoga) or website: .  --- Support this podcast:
Johnny Blundstone is the founder and manager of Bali Eco Stay. He shares his unique story and we talk about life in a Bali jungle, getting off the grid, eco and sustainable tourism, permaculture design principles, getting back to nature and a whole lot more! You can learn more about Bali Eco stay at:  --- Support this podcast:
APE #2 - Tevia Feng

APE #2 - Tevia Feng


Tevia Feng is a Master Instructor and the founder of White Tiger Qigong. We talk about Qi, the origins of Qigong, mind, body and spirit, dealing with trapped emotions, balance, flow, moving with the rhythms of nature and so much more! Learn more about White Tiger Qigong here or visit the link here: --- Support this podcast:
APE #1 - Alexis Gambis

APE #1 - Alexis Gambis


With accomplished scientist, professor and film maker Alexis Gambis.  We talk about his new film 'Son of Monarchs' , the Monarch butterfly, migration, rituals, spirituality, the day of the dead, storytelling, film making, the natural world, genetics and so much more! He is also the founder and CEO of and the Imagine Science Film Festival.  --- Support this podcast:
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