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Author: Greg Fisher

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Explore the world of watersports and water tours with industry leader Greg Fisher. Learn tips, industry advice, and general recommendations on how to run a watersport business. Contact us at for media inquiries, interviews, Q&A, and topic requests. <link></link>
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With so many options of different marketing channels, it might be quite tricky to figure out, which one can help the most with your watersport business growth. In order to figure this out, you need to decide if you are doing it to increase the number of conversions or raise brand awareness. Listen to this episode to find out all the best marketing channels to leverage for promoting your watersport business.
Finding seasonal staff/crew has always been one of the major endless challenges for watersport operators and business owners, especially in 2021 with impacts brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, we cover not only the best places for you to check out for finding the workers but also some tips on how to make your hiring process more effective and efficient. Reach out to us if you have any ideas to add.
Although there are not that many resources available for watersport operators to use for staying up-to-date on things happening in the industry, we still were able to find a few for you; learn about all of them in this episode.
Did you know that many watersport operators consistently leave money on the table without realizing how much profit they could have made by capitalizing on existing rentals and tours? Learn different ways of maximizing your profits for rocking this season!
Dynamic pricing is not a new concept and the airlines and hotels industries have been using it for many years. Find out how watersport and boat tour operators can utilize this pricing strategy in this episode. Stop leaving money on the table and start making profits using existing tours and rentals.
Are you thinking of adding the new watersport activities to your list of offerings and uncertain of steps to take to ensure everything is done right? Listen to this week’s episode to learn all the details about the steps to take for adding new watersport activities.
Watersport business owners wear multiple hats throughout their daily operations. However, there are several tasks that you can delegate to boost the outcome of your business performance. Learn them all in this episode.
Is your watersport business located at a marina? Learn how to sustain a great relationship with your marina management and what different strategies are used by watersport businesses!
As the pandemic begins to ease up across the world, this might present a perfect opportunity to start your watersport business, and in this episode, we’ll cover a few compelling reasons why now is the right time.
Marketing is becoming more challenging due to the rapid development of technology and consumer trends! But what are the best-known practices that watersport businesses can utilize to take advantage of? Find out in this week’s episode to prepare your business for the new digital age.
Customers arriving late for their boat tour or rental reservations can create conflicts in your schedule! But do you just blame them for it and call it a day or are you also looking for ways to solve the problem? Find out in this week's episode and do not let such situations get out of hand.
Do you run into situations when your customers return the rented watersport equipment in the condition it was not before? Is it always worth a confrontation? Tune in to learn great tips about this topic! Do not let significant damages interrupt your season!
Is a difficult customer no stranger to your water sport rental location? Learn how to deal with them by tuning in for this week’s episode!
Discover the tips and insights on how and where to find the right partner when starting a watersport business.
Negotiate your watersport business lease in the right way and learn the different types of agreements that marina management offer.
Not sure why it’s important to study your market and what are the different strategies you can use to promote your business? Tune in for this week’s episode to find out!
Finding a location to operate your business might be one of the most important decisions you make early on. Not sure about the best formula for logistics behind it? Tune in to find about the tips on how to do this!
Are you uncertain about whether you should get used or brand-new watersport equipment for your rental business? Tune in to find about the pros and cons of both!
You just started a watersport business? Find out how to make sure that you are always afloat by learning why watersports operators fail [and what you can do to prevent it]!
New to watersport business? Begin exploring the industry by learning 5 things you need to know before starting your watersport company!