DiscoverI Dare You - A Podcast by United Against Human Trafficking
I Dare You - A Podcast by United Against Human Trafficking
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I Dare You - A Podcast by United Against Human Trafficking

Author: United Against Human Trafficking

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If you want to make lasting change in the fight against human trafficking… this is the podcast for you.
4 Episodes
Viral posts about human trafficking stormed the internet in 2020 - but how do we distinguish the truth from fake posts or partial truths?How human trafficking is portrayed on social media and in news stories impacts survivors and anti-trafficking work.In this episode, we sit down with Christa Mayfield, Education Director at Unbound Houston. We discuss harmful conspiracies, how survivors want to be portrayed in the media, and what you can do spread the truth about human trafficking.Take Action:Follow Rebecca Bender @IAmRebeccaBender on InstagramFollow Bekah Charleston @BekahSpeaksOut  on InstagramFollow Katherine Givens @KatGivens on InstagramBefore you share a social media post, check the facts and sources.
Traffickers are master manipulators.They twist past trauma to gain trust, build bonds, and even evoke love in their victims. This kind of emotional entanglement makes tricking a victim into human trafficking easy. We don't have control over what happens to us, especially as children. So is trafficking avoidable? Or are we stuck with the cards we're dealt?In this episode, we sit down with Sara Breuer, Education Coordinator at United Against Human Trafficking. We discuss childhood trauma, how human traffickers manipulate their victims, and how you can keep yourself and your families safe.Learn more about human traffickingSign up for a free webinar
Mobilization Director of Elijah Rising, Sam Hernandez, and the host, Elaine Andino, discuss the roadblocks survivors face in life after sex trafficking and how the social enterprise of candle making paves the way to freedom.  Wondering what to do next? Shop Elijah Rising Goods!
Executive Director of United Against Human Trafficking, Timeka Walker, kicks off the inaugural episode of “I Dare You.” She and the host, Elaine Andino, discuss the growth of the anti-trafficking movement and its next pivotal questions.Wondering what to do next?Check out our training opportunities!
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