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Science | Celebrity | [un]common Solutions An entertaining and unapologetically truthful source for discovering the most effective, yet largely unknown, natural solutions for health and living that have a positive impact on people and the planet. Never a boring moment when living in the world of the [un]common w/ Dr. Grace!
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We were in our mid twenties, Yana had just received her scholarship, and I sat in the audience supporting her at a table with a really awesome guy ...who just so happened to be fashion legend Alexander McQueen.
This episode was recorded at a critical time in American culture and society.  It's the day after country-wide protests erupted into violence throughout much of the US, and I have an aching duty to acknowledge the injustice, and honor the lives and names of the men recently killed, along with the memories, and current lives of my friends, colleagues, fellow citizens, and brothers and sisters of color who have endured centuries of this.  Enough is enough.George Floyd protest aftermath, Ahmed Arbery killing,  coronovirus quarantine ending: Anxiety and stress has reached an all-time high as we come through these civil and social injustices, and navigate through the COVID-19 quarantine period, as well. Rather than lean on prescription drugs or escapism behavior, I talk with Ben Berlowski on the FDA approved and SUPER effective alpha-stim device, and it's use for physically reducing the effects of anxiety on your body and brain. Contact Ben directly at: BBerlowski@epii.comor visit more online:
The supplement industry is a vast and confusing space -SO MUCH OUT THERE!!So how do you choose the best products for the right reason? This episode will help sift through the noise and show you how to pick the most scientifically valid and toxin-free product for the right reason.  Of course with any supplement or nutrition protocol, the absolute best way to ensure safety and quality is to discuss your options with a trained medical provider, which is why I am talking with Kevin Finnegan from Xymogen today.Kevin and I talk about the overwhelming supplement industry, the power of how quality products can repair the body, and the best ways to find the best products on the market.  He is an experienced Medical Consultant with a demonstrated successful history of working in the age-management and functional medicine industries.  Kevin is skilled in educating, coaching, sales, and management, and has earned a Master of Science (M.S.) degree focused in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, along with Physiology and Chemistry degrees from the University of Arizona.  Currently Kevin works for Xymogen, a family-owned company that prides itself on the highest quality formulas in the practitioner channel, as well as support from their long-standing functional medicine consultant team, and best customer service in the industry. Learn more about Kevin here: BioAnd connect directly with him via email at:  kevin.finnegan@xymogen.comor  Twitter: @KevinMFineganAnd of course, learn more about Xymogen and their fleet of exceptional products
Connect and Email me with feedback, questions, and anything else [un]common at:  [un]commonmedicine.comNow that I have officially plunged into the deep end of podcasting, I am feeling a better flow, a better understanding of the tech, and a heightened awareness of the direction I want my show to go.So I decided to change things up a bit!The concept and content are the same: science, celebrity and [un]common solutions - but how the episodes are released is going to be in episode format, rather than in seasons.  I am not taking a break between episodes, really, making the season unnecessary.  SO, until I decide to make specialty topics for 11 episodes, we will be moving forward together in an episode format starting with this one: EP 27.  I have published 26 episodes before this one, that were divided into Seasons and Outtakes.  You won't really notice any differences when tuning in to listen, other than how to look up past episodes that are in season 1 or 2, but other than that - let's continue to keep learning together, and of course being just a little bit more: [un]common.
Many practitioners (myself included) spend decades learning and mastering their craft of human physical, metabolic, and emotional science.  I know that running a healthcare business often times is far more complicated than the physical patient care, and as doctors, we generally do not have the training, awareness, or advocacy for keeping our private practice running smoothly - and not because we don't want to, but often times out of sheer lack of time to learn how.Today's episode has a different expert who has dedicated her life to educating and legally protecting the doctors out there doing their work: attorney Barbara Zabawa.I personally have seen Barbara in action, and she is a force to be reckoned with!  I am grateful for her extensive knowledge and expertise, and had to give more practitioners out there access to her very particular niche of [un]common law.Reach out to her at:  www.wellnesslaw.comBarbara is the founder and President of the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC, a law firm dedicated to improving legal access and compliance for the health and wellness industries.  She is also lead author of the book Rule the Rules on Workplace Wellness Programs, published by the American Bar Association. She is a frequent writer and speaker on health and wellness law topics, having presented for national organizations such as WELCOA, National Wellness Conference, HPLive, Healthstat University and HERO.Barbara J. Zabawa is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee College of Health Sciences, Department of Health Services Administration where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in health law and compliance, US health care delivery and health professions career development. 
After a brief hiatus that came with a TON of amazing changes, I'm BACK - and I'm turning 50!  August 19th is the big 5-Oh, and I have been inspired to create something amazing ...and I need your help!👇🏼Click here to learn more about my new project that merges healthy, body optimizing food choices with augmented reality (AR/XR)👇🏼's time to give birth to this digital baby:
For this momtrepreneur, the world of food allergies became a lifestyle of necessity - if she didn't personally investigate every food label ingredient it could literally be a life or death situation for her kids.  After years of making her own foods she knew would be safe, Lisa Ragan found out she had a product on her hands that people really loved, because not only was it safe, it was sincerely really delicious.And then was born: Safely DeliciousInstagram: @safelydelicious
Stress, toxins and diet are attacking our bodies on a constant basis, but what can you actually DO about that?Nitric Oxide!  (a.k.a.  N.O.)NO helps with blood vessel strength, microcirculation, immunity, brain repair, repair from toxin exposure, decreasing oxidative stress, and SO much more.  In this episode, we get cozy with how NO does it's job by one of the pioneers in the world of preventative medicine and Nitric Oxide, Beth Shirley.  Beth is a pharmacist and a certified nutritionist who has spent most of her career getting people OFF of prescription drugs, rather than giving them more.With cardiovascular disease killing someone every 36 seconds in the USA, it's time to learn a little more about this very well studied substance that can save your life.To get NO for yourself, contact me, DrGrace at [un], and to learn more about Beth, her webinars, and Berkeley Life, check out their
What exactly is this new practice called Lifestyle Medicine?Dr. Ted Barnett, MD lays it all out for us.Learn more at the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Group
We hear often that a plant-based diet can improve our health and help prevent, and even reverse disease, yet where do you start?Start here!...Dr. Ted Barnett, MD has created the 15-day Jumpstart Program that is based on decades of science, and produces seemingly miraculous clinical outcomes that have been consistently improving people's health for years.  And who better to learn from than a doctor who, along with his wife and 3 children,  has been living an exclusively plant-based diet since 1991.Not every plant-based food is healthy, and knowing how to navigate through the change from current habits and choices to more beneficial ones can be overwhelming, and let's be real - quite daunting.  That is why Dr. Ted has designed this program to give people the science behind the choices, and more importantly, easy actionable steps to transition into a body-optimizing plant based lifestyle.You can find him on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn with @roclifemedInsta: @roclifemedAnd all-access to his Institute and programs on his website: Rochester Lifestyle Medicine
The ancient practice of Ayurveda is a powerful system of medicine - but what exactly is it?Kris Quinones of Rasa-yana has dedicated her life to learning this unique art and science of natural medicine from India after her life took a sharp turn when she sustained a sports injury, and the sports medicine pre-med lifestyle she was applying just simply wasn't healing her chronic pain.  A yoga retreat that had a massage therapist using ancient Ayurvedic remedies was the game-changer that helped her heal her body for good, and she has been doing the same for others for over 20 years, now.We talk about the principles and practice of Ayurveda, and how to  balance the 4 pillars of life by applying the earth elements, herbs, foods, body work and mindful practices that are the basis of Ayurvedic practice, and what makes it so incredibly powerful. For classes, programs and personal clinical care from Kris, she can be found at
So it's Milwaukee Tech week from October 25-31!And guess what??  I'm pitching Food FiXR!!That's right - I earned a seat to compete in the MKE HealthTech Innovations Pitch event, and I am honored, excited and terrified all at once.  LOL!  I have so much more to do to improve my pitch, the delivery, and own the information - but I am READY.  It's time.  Time for this information to be heard, funded, and come to life so I can have a greater impact in helping others.But that's not all!!  SO much more has unfolded in the last 2 weeks, and I can't wait for you to hear it all in this week's episode. See the schedule and come to events at MKE Tech Week Oct 25-31: 2021 SCHEDULEConnect with me and tell me your thoughts, requests, and [un]common experiences at:www.uncommonmedicine.comand follow the progress of Food FiXR, and contribute to my crowdfunding campaign at:www.foodfixr.comInsta: @foodfixr
Ok.  Hiatus is over.The last few weeks were a whirlwind of upleveling and change. I needed a minute to be silent.  To regroup.  To Re-member.While this episode is for me, it is also is for you: the silent warriors, the connected souls, the humans needing a minute to Re-connect.
Ever wonder what secret sauce huge corporations like Amazon and Tesla use to save themselves millions in payroll tax savings?  I DO!  And in this season of taxes, I thought it would be perfect timing to bring on an [un]common expert to give us ALL access to the same tax credits the big boys use.  Meet Jace T. McDonald of Asset Growth & Protection - he is an expert in the field of the CARES Act, and has worked directly with both Tesla and Amazon, and is now dedicated to helping smaller to mid-sized businesses have access to the exact same savings for their employees and company, often at upwards of $500 per employee!To connect further with Jace and get YOUR company enrolled in these very accessible credits, text the word UNCOMMON to 608-516-1956🥀 And to Charlie: You magnetic, powerful, huge-hearted, silly, hilarious man..."It's not goodbye, it's simply see you later" friend.Charley J. Schwarz  March 7, 2022 🙏🏼
It's no secret that I am fascinated with how much our food supply has been altered over the last 50 - 75 years.  Industrialized farming and agriculture has changed our connection to earth systems, infused chemicals and GMO's into our seeds and products, and been a nightmare for animal welfare, but where do we start?  What can we do about it?spoiler alert: I geeked out on this episode!As a foodie, and a Founder building a FoodTech / HealthTech solution to start tackling these issues, I had an amazing conversation with Karl Gerstenberger - former celebrity chef who had earned his way through the ranks at some of the most prestigious restaurants in the San Francisco bay area, including the Gold Standard of farm-to-table gourmet cuisine: Chez Panisse.  WOW!  We talk about what it was like to work with Alice Waters, why seasonal eating and co-op grocery store shopping is so important, and what we really think about petri dish meats.
*This episode was recorded shortly after COVID-19 quarantine was ending.*My good friend Yana graduated Fashion School at the top of her class in San Francisco, and won a coveted internship granted by Wilkes Bashford to go to Italy to work at Kiton.She currently lives and works in NYC as a tailor for Bushwood tailors, and has done print work with Out Magazine, and tailored tons of celebrities like Ariana Grande for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, HER for the VMAS, and Gabrielle Union for the MET Gala.In this episode, Yana and I talk about her career, our friendship, and what she's doing to use her art to help people during this COVID-19 pandemic.To learn more about Yana go to: buy her masks go to:
Welcome to [un]common medicine where we explore SCIENCE | CELEBRITY | [UN]COMMON SOLUTIONSI'm diving head first into the podcast ocean to bring the best [un]common health, lifestyle, and sustainable planetary awesomeness to the surface.[un]common medicine is an entertaining and unapologetically truthful source for discovering the most effective, yet largely unknown, natural solutions for health and living that have a positive impact on people and the planet.My 20+ year integrative medicine career has been built on the unique perspective of being a geeky scientist and elite athlete. This crazy combo has brought me to live and work in the world of celebrity, high-powered executives, musicians, gifted practitioners, and innovative thinkers who are having a positive impact on people and our planet. I intend to continue to challenge convention, and in an entertaining way, bring an inspired light to the largely unknown solutions that I have come to learn about from my adventures. In this podcast, I’ll be talking to my mentors, high profile private clients, game changers, and everyone in between.I am passionate about searching the globe for the most effective solutions for better health and living that are natural, sustainable and effective – especially those working better than most known mainstream options.Here on [un]common medicine, I will make it my mission to sift through the noise by looking at true facts, science, and clinical efficacy, and make it easy for people to use viable natural solutions with confidence …and have a little fun, unexpected surprises, and laughter along the way.~ Dr. Grace
Dr. Tiffany Mullen and Dr. Alex Yampolsky founded a company called Vytal Health, a telemedicine company focused on helping busy women solve health problems that have been overlooked or under-treated by traditional medicine. Vytal Health doctors take a whole-person approach (through functional, integrative, and naturopathic medicine) to diagnosing and treating patients.  Long before COVID-19 hit, they have been leveraging technology to make the doctor/patient experience convenient and seamless through their telemedicine platform.  In this episode, we discover how to get to the root diagnosis of a health problem, rather than just cover symptoms, and unearth factors like genetic expression, gut function and blood chemistry to optimize health and wellbeing.Find Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Alex at:
Hear what happens when science and clinical information go sideways because my dogs started barking when I was recording  ...uuugh!!  Lol!
Revolutionary medical doctor, Kristen Reynolds and I, talk about the science of energy medicine, some new scientific approaches to optimal body function, and the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency), HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), FIR Sauna (Far Infrared Sauna) and Ozone Therapy devices that significantly help to naturally boost the immune system, and improve a ton of other body systems.Golden Rey Energy Center can be found at: @goldenreyenergyFB:
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