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Our goal is to bring THE BEST educators and influencers in the health, fitness nutrition & well-being industry directly to you. All our guests have had massive success helping trainers improve their skills to help people live a healthy, happy life! The 4 categories podcast will include.... 1. Live - This includes sleep, mental health, mindfulness, mobility and general movement. 2. Train - This includes program design, exercise technique, biomechanics, etc. 3. Eat - All things nutrition, supplementation & meal planning 4. Successful Health & Fitness Professional stories
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Join Perry Jeffries III and Jason Stella discuss......How Perry was able to thrive during the pandamic, even after having several major health issues.How he used his online training program to keep his motivation high, get back into shape and win the 60 day ChallengeHow everything he did to improved his physical health also helped him improve his entire life and grow his business.Perry Jeffries III  is the President of Diamond Equity Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisory and Business Consulting firm located in Columbus, OH with clients across the country. As a traditional financial advisor, Perry’s firm offers financial planning, asset management, investing, insurance and retirement planning to Individuals and Businesses.As a fractional CFO, Perry consults 6-7 Figure Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in the area of cash management, profitability, debt reduction and retirement and tax planning. Perry is founder of The Kashflow Club, an online membership and financial resource for  Entrepreneurs and Business owners Perry’s trademarked brand is The Entrepreneur’s CFO ™Membership: www.thekashflowclub.comPersonal website: www.perryjeffries.comLinkedIn: Website:
Join Kilo Strength Society Founder and former Charles Poliquin educator Stephane Cazeault and Jason Stella discuss......His history and the influences that have brought you to where you are today?List and rank order all the variables within a strength training programWhat  the most overlooked exercise variables?Some of his favorite types of program schemes for the general population who wants to lose weight and improve general health?Corrective Exercise……..Can you explain Structural Balance and why its so importantYou have evolved the information you have learned over the years.  Can you explain how?Step by step processRules  More about Stephane.... He has spent the last 25 years perfecting his work. He has a strong formal academic foundation, earning a bachelor's degree in exercise science from the University of Montreal. Stéphane published his first book, 66 Strategies to Program Design in 2016 which shared insight into his philosophies on training which led to a following of elite coaches from around the world eager to learn more. In his career Stéphane has personally trained professional athletes in football, baseball, and hockey. Here are some of the athletes he worked with from the NFL, MLB and NHL: Steven Jackson, James Butler and Mark Clayton (St. Louis Rams); David Freese, Chris Carpenter and Matt Holliday (St. Louis Cardinals); Dennis Wideman (Calgary Flames) and Mike Green (Washington Capitals). Stephane is now focused on impacting and helping as many Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers as possible. He specializes in providing the tools and information for coaches to immediately understand and apply to their programming and periodization. Stéphane's passion is program design. His program design is carefully structured with every possible component taken into consideration to ensure the trainee and coach reaches and exceeds their goals, making his work a combination of both science and art. IG @kilostrengthsociety FB YouTube 
Join Whoop VP of Performance Science - Kristen Holmes and Jason Stella discuss........What is Whoop and your Mission is to “Unlock Human Performance” ?Why are HRV, RHR, respiratory rate & Sleep Performance the best indicators of performance readiness?How do these 4 dictate someone's readiness to perform?What is "strain" and how does whoop use the "strain coach" to help dictate your daily workout intensityHow has the whoop score helped improve health & well-being?What is the relationship between respirtatory rate and Covid 19?How can listeners get a discount on the product and service?Kristen Holmes Bio• Vice President of Performance Science at WHOOP, Kristen Holmes drives thought leadership by engaging with industry leading researchers and partners to better understand individual and team biometric and performance data across high stakes verticals. • Kristen also works with hundreds of the best tactical, professional, surgical teams, and NCAA Athletes/Teams in the world helping them interpret WHOOP data to optimize training, recovery, and sleep behavior. • Kristen was the Head Field Hockey Coach for more than a decade at Princeton University, during which time she won a National Championship and was named National Coach of the Year and Ivy League Coach of the Year. • Kristen graduated from the University of Iowa where she was a 2x Big 10 Athlete of the year, including being a 3x All-American in Field Hockey and Big 10 Champion in Basketball.Social and Web•• @whoop on all channels ; • @kristen_holmes2126 on Instagram: • Kristen Holmes on Linkedin
In this first episode of the the LifeTime Talks - Training podcast join host Jason Stella and PTAG and Feel SOMA co-founder Ian O'Dwyer discuss......What he learned about motion from working with horsesThe four self applied applications to help improve performance How and why using "Play" with your clients to improve their health and well-being.How he has used in session observation to adjust programming.How he found working with bony sections led to easier tissues changes. Explaination of what needs to be included when discussing "Tissues"Explains how to do 3 mobilizations that are "must do's" to help people move and feel better.How to connect better with your clients! Ian O’Dwyer guides clients to optimal performance, identifying positive mindset and movement patterns.  He coaches the human being, not the human body. Ian is a husband, father, brother and uncle; family and friends are precious to him. He has over 25 years in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Sports Conditioner and Coach, Personal Trainer, Body Worker, International educator, Presenter and Mentor. He owns and runs OD on Movement Performance Studio, consulted and educated for PT on the Net, Co-Founded PTA Global and is now Co-Founder of SOMA along with great friend and long-time colleague Rodney Corn. Ian has a unique observation and appreciation of the body in motion. Many years of extensive conditioning and rehabilitation through sport combined with spending time with global ground breakers in the industry, has authorized Ian to evolve effective movement solutions and systems. This has lead Ian, to evolve techniques and applications that empower clients and coaches with solutions to everyday issues, enabling them to regain responsibility for their own wellbeing. Creating a freedom to enjoy the experience of life and accomplish whatever goal required. In his journey, Ian has also delivered over 650 workshops worldwide. His ability to facilitate the cutting edge science and research on many topics into practical solutions has empowered wellness professionals to lead their clients to more efficient and effective Instgram : feel.soma FB: feelsoma
Join Trainer to the Trainers, book and T-Nation author Nick Tumminello and Jason Stella discuss......1. How to create programming that gets your clients to love exercise and stay engaged.2. How to use variety in your programming that still gets results for the everyday client.3. The four “F’s” that the everyday client want within a workout.4. The ingredients to manipulate to create fun and effective workouts.5. How to implement isolation exercises in an effective programTo learn more from Nick, go to
Join Co-Founder of ISSN – International Society of Sports Nutrition Dr. Jose Antonio and Jason Stella discuss.The top 5 safest and most effective supplements to improve muscle strength and size. What the research shows about each supplementThe proper dose to get results.How creatine helps the mind and bodyMore about Dr. Jose & the ISSNOur mission: The International Society of Sports Nutrition is the only non-profit academic society dedicated to promoting the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation. The ISSN is the world's leader in providing science-based sports nutrition and supplement information. Our peer-reviewed journal (JISSN), conferences, and attendees are the key influencers and thought-leaders in the sports nutrition and supplement field.Find out more about the ISSN at   Follow Dr. Jose on Twitter @JoseAntonioPhD
Join biomechanics expert and trainer to the trainer Tom Purvis and Jason Stella discuss.....The 5 questions all people/exercise professionals need to ask themselves when creating an exercise.His thoughts on traditional biomechanics taught in most text books and the concept of Functional Biomechanics (what happens when the foot hits the ground)How to differentiate your training experience to increase value of your in-person session.The concept of the Functional / Exercise Continuum Machine Training…The misconceptions and how they influence performanceExplanation of Shear and how many trainers, Physical therapist and Doc’s throw the word out without understanding the concept.The importance of continuing education in becoming a successful health & fitness professional.  To learn more from Tom go to and / or
Join Former President of NASM and Current CEO & President of the ISSA  - International Sports Sciences Association and Jason Stella discuss....Creating a winning culture at NASM & ISSAThe state of the Health & Fitness IndustryThe role and responsibilities the education/certification companies have to elevate the profession & industry.How to improve & innovate education to help support the success of trainers and clients. How ISSA is changing the health & fitness education industry.
Join California LifeTime Member Ryan Burgess and Jason Stella discuss.....How he used the Covid lockdown to improve his and his families overall health and well-being. How he didn’t set a specific goal, but wanted to create a journey!   How he used his Apple Watch Rings to create and keep his motivation and consistency How he used the thoughts....“How do I get my workout in today, or How do I get to the Club today!” to ensure he got some type of movement in each day. The outcomes that came from doing this...FinanciallyKnowledgeEmotional/mentalPhysicalMore about RyanHe started his career as a personal trainer in the early 2000’s as a means to get through college. His passion for exercise led him to run a marathon, train extensively in self-defense based Krav Maga, and ingrain a lifelong dedication to health and wellness. In 2008 he made a career transition to pursue another passion of his in the financial industry.Today Ryan runs a successful investment firm called Blue Oaks Financial and still dedicates time every day to exercise, health and wellness.
Join writer, philosopher, and entrepreneur Nate Klemp and Jason Stella discuss...1. The Life XT (Cross Training ) philosophy to help improve Well-Being2. The Happiness Set Point - What it is, the 4 set point forces and how to improve it3. How training for Well-Being is a Skill, not something you are born with.4.  The Train, Be Do philosophy and the stages within each phase5. His new book the 80/80 marriageMore about Nate• Who holds a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy from Stanford University and a PhD from Princeton University.• Along with his wife Kaley, he is the author of the newly released The 80/80 Marriage: A New Model for a Happier, Stronger Marriage • He is also the coauthor, with Eric Langshur, of the New York Times Bestseller Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing and is a regular contributor for Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and Mindful. • He is also a founding partner at Mindful, one of the world's largest mindfulness media and training companies. • Who holds a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy from Stanford University and a PhD from Princeton University.Website info
Join 16 year veteran and National Team Member Development Manager Danny King and Jason Stella discuss....The Importance of having a Mentor Turnover, and how LifeTime has held under 35% , compared to the industry at 110%.What a complete Health & Fitness Professional experience looks like in-person and virtuallyHow we choose our strategic partnersHow LifeTime has been able to help build a career you can retire fromThe vision for how LifeTime is changing the client experienceWays to incorporate all forms of recovery into training sessions and the tools that are available.
Join health & fitness professional & TicTok influencer Katrina Ellensohn and Jason Stella discuss.How she went from a deprived area and unhealthy living to thrive as a health & fitness professional.Her journey from Group Exercise instructor to personal trainer and how she found LifeTime.How she thrived during the pandemic by becoming a TicTok influencer and Virtual /Online Coach.TicTok - - katrina_ellensohn
Join Author and Coach Tricia Nelson and Jason Stella discuss...1. Why 98% of all diets fail because they don't address the crux of the problem.2. The Link between eating and emotions3. The seven simple steps to transform your eating, cure your cravings and regain your happiness.Tricia Nelson has been featured on NBC, CBS, KTLA, FOX and Discovery Health.  She lost fifty pounds by identifying and healing the underlying causes of her emotional eating. She spent over thirty years researching the hidden causes of the addictive personality. She is an Emotional Eating Expert and author of the #1 bestselling book, Heal Your Hunger, 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now. She also certifies health coaches so they can get better results, referrals and revenue by helping their clients overcome emotional eating.
Join Dr. David Shirazi, DDS and MS in Traditional Oriental Medicine and registered polysomnogram (sleep) technologist and Jason Stella discuss.....Why sleep is vital to live a happy healthy lifeTypes of sleepWhy / how sleep is disruptedWhy so many people have hard times sleeping, getting into deep sleep?How sleep apnea has been found to cause ADHD in children.Ways to help improve your sleepMore about Dr David........Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Howard University College of DentistryWashington, D.C., the fifth oldest dental school in the United States, Class of 2000Master of Science, Traditional Oriental Medicine.  Class of 2006 Completed 3000 hour Masters program in acupuncture, herbology and TCM theory from SAMRA University, the very first Accredited School in Chinese Medicine in the United States.  State Board Licensed Acupuncturist, CaliforniaMaster of Arts, Psychology; University of Santa Monica, School of Spiritual Psychology.  Class of 2008; and 2010 for a 1 year post graduate extension certificateRegistered Polysomnogram Technologist from 2011-2016. Credentialed via BRPT, the gold standard in sleep technology, and was able to conduct and score PSG’s and HST’s.Over 2000 hours of continuing education in advanced orthodontics, TMJ disorders management, headaches, neuralgias, and sleep disordered breathing, Over 300 hours of continuing education in various techniques in Chinese and Korean Medicine.Diplomate, American Board of Craniofacial Pain–Dental Sleep Medicine. To receive this degree, a DDS or MD must complete at least 50 CE units in Sleep related credits, at least 10 hours of on-site sleep medicine observation in which 5 of those hours must be in an accredited sleep laboratory, treated 10 OSA patients with an oral appliancewith five patient summaries (over 400 pages) with pre- and post sleep studies to confirm efficacy of treatment as well as to successfully pass an all-day board exam. A 501c6 Board
Join Dr.  Len Kravitz – One of the Top Researchers in the world on Cardiovascular/Metabolic Training, 30 Year + Professor and coordinator of Exercise Ccience at University of New Mexico and Jason Stella discuss....21 hottest fitness trends ,HIIT and Steady State - The science behind the benefits of bothHistory behind HIIT Training vs. what it has become todayThe benefits of Steady State cardio trainingThe benefits & research highlights of HIIT Training Risks of HIITHow does HIIT improve Aerobic Base...If at all?  In your mind, is that a concern?How and when to use them?Dr. Len's favorite HIIT workouts.
Join investigative journalist and Author Nina Teicholz and Jason Stella discuss.... What should every American know about the dietary guidelines and why should they care? (health, economics, environment) What would the guidelines look like if you and your colleagues got the opportunity to create them/adjust them? How might your recommendations impact the nations’ health and economy?  Are there real-world examples of what better guidelines would do for us? If you were leading a team of front-line Fitness Professionals, what would you want them to tell their clients about nutrition?More about Nina- Nina Teicholz has a background in food, science and investigative reporting who became an advocate opposed to the mainstream nutritional principle that saturated fat is unhealthy and should be minimized in the American diet- She is a guest on TEDx and is the Author of The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet – a book that takes YOU through the dramatic twists and turns of fifty years of nutrition science and lays out the evidence, so that a reader can fully understand the evidence to see for him- or herself how we arrived at our present
Join UFC Legend Frank Mir, who was two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, has the record for the most finishes, the most submission victories in UFC Heavyweight history as well as the fastest finish in the HW division and  Jason Stella discuss...How has being a multi-sport athlete help you?How have you learned to Overcoming Adversity throughout your career/life!How have to taught yourself to win a fight after being disorientated by a punch, elbow or kick.  Conditioning is vital to the fight game, looking back what worked and what didn’t? How has your experience at LifeTime impacted your overall health and happiness over the past few years?Why did you go Vegan and what results did you find.  What’s changed now that you went back to more paleo? Explain how you feel now that you are coaching your daughter Bella Who was your toughest opponent during your time in the UFC? What really happened between you and Brock Lesnar? You are the co-main event at the Triller Boxing card in ATL GA on April 17th.  There has been a last minute change from fighting Antiono Tarver, to Cruiser weight champion Steve Cunnigham. How have you trained for this fight differently and how have you had to adjust to a change in opponents?Link to April 17th Fight -
Join Virtual/Online Performer and Small Group Training Coordinator Kyrstyn "K-Booty" Niespolo and Jason Stella discuss.....When & why did you decide to make health & fitness your career?How have you been able to grow your instagram to help drive additional clients?With the Chaos of the Pandemic, what made you stay with LT and what did you learn/adjust to get through it?What made you decide to team with LTT to help grow your ability to help more people?You are an amazing Studio and SGT performer, what are, and where did you develop those skillsHow has building your 1 on 1/ in-person brand impacted your ability to get your small group and virtual program up and running? When did “K Booty” come to life?How / when is your new “K Body” program releasing.Website- www.kbootybands.comInstagram-@kyrstyn_niespolo (33k)@kbootybandsFacebook-Kyrstyn Niespolo (personal)KBody Collection (business) (44k)More about Kyrstyn,My fitness journey began when I was 19. I was an athlete my whole life & then trained for my first NPC bodybuilding competition, which lead to winning shows, competing Nationally, & gaining sponsorships. My strong passionate for health & fitness and wanting to help others lead me to becoming a Certified personal trainer & Nutrition Coach. I graduated from Wayne State University with my Bachelors in Kinesiology Exercise Sports Science. I created my personal training business/company Xpose Fitness & helped athletes world wide, achieve the overall competitive physique.I managed a small private Gym for 3 years which then lead to me being scouted by Lifetime. I have been with Lifetime for 4 years now & I am the Small Group Training Coordinator @ Shelby Life Time, I am an Elite performer, & the #1 trainer on the Lifetime digital app.I am the owner of KBOOTY Bands which is my personal fitness accessory line and have a fitness apparel line, KBody which will be launching in May!  (Ya’ll are the first to hear this!)
Join George "Monk" Forman III and Jason Stella discuss....His time going to military school and then wanting to go to the airforce academy to become a pilot.How he lost 100lbs training for amateur boxing.The rigorous and unconventional training his father put him through to get in shape to fight his first pro fight.His time training with his father and Angelo Dundee.What made him decide to stop fighting and became a fitness entrepreneur.How he realized the "Grit" he learned from his father helped him open a successful company called  Everybody Fights.The Do's and Don'ts of teaching and / or participating in a boxing fitness program.The Importance of mastering the fundamentals and various types of boxing, along with the mental and spiritual toughness it creates.How he scaled and where he believes the industry is going into the future.More about George.....A consumer products executive turned undefeated pro boxer, George retired early in 2012 to start EverybodyFights (EBF) boxing gym, with the first location being a 15,000 sqft mega boxing gym which George outfitted to suit an amateur & pro-fighter’s training camp.  In just six years EBF grew to $10MM/year in revenue, winning best luxury gym in Boston five years in a row. EBF, amassed a 160,000+ person community, 40,000+ active users across 15 locations, 6 franchises, 1200 classes/week, certified over 3000 trainers.
Join Sheena Lance Nold  –  National Onboarding Manager / Master LT Academy instructor, Matt Schuster – NASM Academic B2B partnership manager and Jason Stella discuss....The licensed trade school called The LifeTime Academy (LTA) Who is involved and partnered with LTA?What courses/options are offered? TrainerGroup ExerciseIndoor CycleWhy LTA a better choice for someone who is wanting to start a career as a Fitness Professional vs. just taking a certification?How LTA creates job placement in the industryHow has it helped create a better health and Fitness pro vs. just taking the certificationOther perks come from going through LTA?How LTA and NASM has focused on Diversity and Inclusion. When its offered and how you can get involved?
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