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75 What sells well

75 What sells well


Christian makes an easy way to send email templates from FileInbox. Chris got a response from the Slack App Store, and is wasted a bunch of time on an ML bug.  00:00 Intro  02:47 Chris's week  04:21 Slack app store  11:18 Working on things that don't go anywhere  16:36 Christian did a bunch of stuff  21:31 Fileinbox email system  24:03 What sells well  28:57 ffmpeg  32:18 Free Fileinbox for marketing?  37:40 3D printing bezier curves  45:24 Tick Tock development (again)  51:44 Just do stuff (again)  53:32 Tinnitus  57:59 How to read a paper   Timestamps created with by @cgenco
Chris is in 3 different AI competitions (anyone want to know how GPS works?) and Christian was gone and describes how it feels to get back to work. He's also selling a paramotor, so hopefully that goes well 😆  00:00 Intro  01:07 Life and death reflections  07:00 Give yourself some leeway  12:10 Work is hard until it's easy  16:00 Kaggle competitions  18:17 Objective measures of learning  27:39 Christian wants Black Mirror 🤨  29:24 Different types of AI problems  31:15 How GPS works  41:46 Patent competition (NLP)  44:57 Bird Call competition (audio)  49:26 Slack app store  49:53  53:14 Christian's week  54:53 Getting started is the hardest part  57:02 Other tasks and projects   Timestamps created with by @cgenco
73 SaaS math is bananas

73 SaaS math is bananas


Chris was on a trip, and Christian fell off the co-working wagon. Also, focus on authenticity (on YouTube, but everywhere too)  00:00 Intro  04:06 Tests  08:57 Having a beginner's mind  10:32 Fileinbox bugs  16:21 Consulting  18:52 SaaS math is bananas  23:50 Talking to customers  24:31 Focus is fickle  27:20 early episodes  34:54 Youtube as a reliable source of information  36:17 Prioritize authenticity  50:18 Attaboy  54:13 Hot Take #1: personal private podcast host  56:49 Hot Take #2: ffmpeg as a service (again)  01:02:21 How to start working with other people   Timestamps created with by @cgenco   undefined
Chris created his buyer's guide for acornchat. Christian gets another contracting job and wonders how to leverage that or if he should try to get more similar contracts.  00:00 Intro  00:50 SaaS buyer's guide  11:20 Look at all these salad dressings!  14:00 Machine learning theory and math  19:01 Fileinbox updates  24:37 Errands and engagement rings  32:09 Face follower contracting job  39:16 Making an automated Fiverr service  42:58 Modularizing code   Timestamps created with by @cgenco
71 $183.60 per hour

71 $183.60 per hour


Christian calculates his consulting rate per hour. Chris soft launched and was immediately overwhelmed by email bot signups. After fixing that problem, it led to three new SaaS ideas.  00:00 Intro  02:57 Launching  12:25 Fixing fake bot email signups  18:54 Hot take #1: email signup saas  23:55 Hot take #1.5: better newsletter sending UI  32:29 Hot take #2: Marketing Changelog  39:11 $183.60 per hour  51:45 Back to SaaS  57:14 Hot take #3: Face follower   Timestamps created with by @cgenco 
We chat with Tim Leland who runs a link shortener ( and a weather extension. We cover how he came up with the ideas, how he developed and marketed them, and where he sees the future of his products and Chrome extensions in general. 00:00 Intro 00:22 Tim Leland's start as a developer 05:24 The Chrome Extension Marketplace 09:52 Security concerns about Chrome extensions 16:21 Chrome change create opportunities for new developers 20:13 400k active users 21:48 How works and compares to other link shorteners 29:28 Marketing playbook 33:01 Chrome extension marketplace tips 37:15 Malicious chrome apps 40:35 How to make money with a Chrome extension 42:54 The hard parts of running a link shortener 49:40 What's next for 55:19 Other marketing channels 01:00:56 Be simple technically, focus on marketing 01:03:05 Where to follow Tim Timestamps created with by @cgenco Where to find Tim online:
We both share our takeaways from Microconf. 00:00 Intro 00:37 Microconf growth '22 07:46 Takeaway #1: Focus instead of niche 13:16 Takeaway #2: Buying is harder than selling 19:35 subpoint: have a buyers guide 27:18 Takeaway #3: It's OK to optimize for experience instead of growth 39:05 Tall poppy syndrome 41:37 Excited for SaaS again 46:20 A nice little Italian restaurant on the internet 50:28 Hot take #1: Google voice style frontend for Twilio 55:20 Hot take #2: Tree map for expenses in QuickBooks 01:02:00 Fixed audio Timestamps created with by @cgenco 🚽 “How to Craft a Story that Sells” by April Dunford: 🔍”How to Go-To-Market Across Many Verticals” by Asia Orangio: 🐎”Ending Well: The Complex Psychology of Exiting Your Company” by Sherry Walling: ☑️The 7-Figure To Do List: 29 Tactics To Level-Up Your Business In 60 Minutes or Less by Rob Walling: 🚀”Here’s the exact method I used to scale to $100k MRR in 12 months”: 🌳Grand Perspective’s tree map: 🍝 “​​Nice Italian restaurant of the internet”:
Chris almost has Acorn Chat feature complete and ready to submit to the Slack app store. Christian is getting close to finishing the serverless FileInbox v1. Also we talk about RSI and using voice commands as a potential way to limit injury. 00:00 Intro 00:37 Expectation maximization 06:06 Acorn Chat 09:10 Screenshots and video marketing 12:55 Simple can be a differentiating factor 17:50 New Kaggle competition - are patents good or bad? 28:21 AI can be both good and bad 31:48 All the Music 33:49 The Gap 35:48 FileInbox recording, uploading, and downloading 41:25 RSI causes and fixes 44:44 Talon voice control 49:22 Home automation architecture Timestamps created with by @cgenco 🔍 "The Gap" by Ira Glass: 🎼 All the Music project: 🎧 All The Music player:
Chris is almost ready to submit his Slack app to the Slack app directory. Christian tries to figure out how to charge for work he wants to do for a friend. Christian also has ideas about home automation.  00:00 Intro  01:08 Kaggle essay competition  08:16 Building a Slack app  09:32 The amount of time things take to get done  17:09 Administrative poms  20:12 Home automation  37:50 Doing work for friends: paid or free?  52:48 Fileinbox update  55:36 Naming things is hard   Timestamps created with by @cgenco
MeetingPlace is sold, so Chris is working on his next SaaS. Christian keeps getting stuff done on FileInbox, and wonders when he can actually fly with his paramotor. 00:00 Intro 02:28 Microaquired 09:29 SaaS feelings 13:23 Why developers are bad at marketing 16:31 What is the core functionality? 17:58 AcornChat development roadmap 22:31 Kaggle update 28:50 Getting work done one step at a time 44:42 Hobbies Timestamps created with by @cgenco
Chris finalizes the sale of MeetingPlace. Christian worries that he's getting too productive. 00:00 Intro 01:03 Completing the sale of MeetingPlace 11:33 Should Christian sell something? 15:01 Data science 16:14 Coworking progress 21:30 Open vs closed mode of working 32:09 Admin work 38:49 Three Body Problem 40:29 Paramotor Adventure Timestamps created with by @cgenco
64 Selling a SaaS

64 Selling a SaaS


Chris sells a SaaS! Christian tries to figure out what makes him productive. [Sorry for the audio quality! - it gets better next week] 00:07 Slava Ukraini 03:31 Selling MeetingPlace 08:43 Advice for selling a SaaS 11:21 Strategy to build apps just to sell 13:53 Motivation to sell 16:15 SaaS valuation calculations 20:30 Data competitions 22:51 Accountability buddy effectiveness 27:03 Time estimates are hard 30:41 Another app idea 33:05 So easily tricked 34:16 Open vs Closed mode 36:58 Goals for the next week 41:26 Administrative stuff 45:18 Talking openly about work issues 48:24 Audio quality 49:05 Allergies Timestamps created with by @cgenco The Killer Combo of Free Content with Paid Promotion – Jordan Gal – MicroConf Growth 2018:
Microconf is in 40 days! We talk about what we want to accomplish before then, and come up with a strategy to hold each other accountable and get stuff done. 00:00 Intro 01:18 MicroConf in 1.5 months 04:07 The next 40 days 10:22 Accountability buddies 15:13 AI competitions 19:13 Tesla safe driving score 24:20 Writing mini blog posts 31:42 Paramotoring 33:45 Flashcard app 38:54 The big SaaS idea for a flashcard app 42:17 Neuroticism Timestamps created with by @cgenco
Chris has to relearn a bunch of math and tries to figure out how to teach it as well. Christian has a new way to try to get things done by delaying work on his fun projects. 00:00 Intro 03:08 ML Math 08:16 Teaching as you're learning 17:57 Games that you can't lose 22:08 Anki flashcards app 31:55 New tactic to get things done 36:04 Making clear priorities for Christian's assistant 40:18 Have you ever made a french fry? 45:11 Tesla roadtrip 50:53 Paramotoring 57:08 FSD Beta 10 Timestamps created with by @cgenco
61 Like a Boss

61 Like a Boss


Chris tries to figure out how to learn the math he needs for ML by teaching it. Christian buys a new domain name, then works on another project for 16 hours and tries to figure out how to deliver it. 00:00 Intro 03:38 Benefits of taking a break 08:28 How to teach math? 12:52 Am I a web dev or actually shifting to AI? 14:07 Snow water equivalent competition 19:23 Doge wordle 26:50 Feeling like a BOSS 34:45 Nerdle solver 38:31 Magic robot arm 43:10 Some people are controversial 52:17 Don't make work for other people Timestamps created with by @cgenco
Christian had a really productive week and would like to figure out how to have more weeks like that. Chris is doing well in a Kaggle competition and had to learn a bunch of math for ML this week. 00:00 Intro 02:11 ML math is like coding 08:45 How Kaggle promotes code and idea sharing 18:12 Balancing family life and work 27:20 Christian's super productive week 33:04 Stripe extension vs coding your own 35:36 How to handle feature flags 37:20 What can an executive assistant do? 43:10 Attaboy 49:07 Making SaaS videos (as a service?) 52:10 Wordle solver 53:32 Make more videos Timestamps created with by @cgenco
Christian's executive assistant experiment is going great. Chris has to learn a lot more math to do his ML class. Christian has great LEGO aspirations. 00:00 Intro 00:42 LaTeX 06:44 How to learn by teaching 13:28 ML for essay classification 19:39 Folding data into bins 25:22 Christian's executive assistant is great 38:13 FileInbox Stripe integration 46:33 Harry Potter LEGO Timestamps created with by @cgenco Correction: 59 is prime 😆
Christian finally gets an executive assistant! Chris finishes the pet kaggle competition and prepares to start the next semester of his masters program. 00:00 Intro 02:47 Chris cleans up 07:13 Adam Savage's rules for putting things away 13:16 Kaggle top 6% 18:34 Overcoming futile feelings 21:08 Public and private leader boards are different 27:13 Crypto trading is still gambling 28:46 AcornChat Slack App Store 30:48 Morning pages 34:33 Executive assistant for Christian 41:44 Stripe integration with Firebase 43:40 Whole house humidifier 46:31 Dude, where's my heart? Timestamps created with by @cgenco
Can we only get a lot accomplished if we have something more important to do that we are ignoring? Both Chris and Christian had productive weeks, but only by ignoring other things that we were supposed to do... 00:00 Intro 01:07 Getting stuck on features 07:25 Why features feel good 10:03 Next steps for AcornChat 11:04 Frustrated at Kaggle competition 17:21 Difference between cats and dogs 18:13 Applying AI to business 21:09 MeetingPlace features 22:18 Best way to do HTML embedding 23:15 Productive procrastination 24:21 Wordle solver 29:59 Getting things done only if you have something more important to do 32:34 Won't you be my boss goals 37:45 Dude, where's my Chipotle? 43:31 YC now offers $500k 49:51 We only get one life 54:13 Reading books gives you multiple lives Timestamps created with by @cgenco
Chris re-learns that to go fast you have to slow down. Christian rediscovers who his best customers are and tries to focus on getting more like them. Then he tries to sell a laptop... 00:00 Intro 00:27 Chris did nothing 01:26 Go slow to go fast 05:55 Software is magic 11:04 Dropbox api upgrade 19:01 Won't you be my boss? 31:16 Dude, where's my laptop? Timestamps created with by @cgenco
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