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Author: Chris Achard and Christian Genco

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.
10 Episodes
Anyone could build AT&T from their bedroom!
Alternate title: doing everything right and seeing what happens
00:00 Hello!
Drywall is like business, Christian's robot video editor, and $10 vs. $50 vs. $200 tasks.
The Jigsaw Puzzle Theory of Business, charging for unfinished projects, automated video editing, and accidentally building a video-editing robot
Spending money, imposter syndrome, tick tock development and marketing, skyscraper posts.
Alternate title: Christian's smelly mouth holes
While talking about weekly goals, Chris and Christian talk about the feeling of procrastination and how to overcome it.
Talking to customers is important! Chris talks to potential business customers for, and Christian gets ready to convert fileinbox to serverless before he turns on more marketing.
Chris and Christian introduce themselves and figure out what this podcast is going to be about.
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