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Author: Chris Achard and Christian Genco

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.
117 Episodes
Christian wants to update Ruby and Rails, but has run into frustrating issues. Should he just... not upgrade? Chris gives up on the latest Kaggle competition, and is already eyeing another one. Also, Christian gets an update on the Bitcoin he lost.
Christian has a big announcement! (@ 36 minutes). Chris is done with Linear Algebra, working on Kaggle, and thinking about what type of AI course to make. Christian discovers that FileInbox already has a lot of traffic, but his trial to paid conversion rate is too low.
Chris tries to figure out which AI course he should make first; i.e., what skills would give developers superpowers? Christian starts talking to Asia Orangio about FileInbox to see where it can improve. What is his backwards plan?
114 Microconf '23 takeaways

114 Microconf '23 takeaways


(sorry about the weird jumpy video). We talk about Microconf and how we feel about the things we're doing as a result. gets a bunch of users, and Christian is wondering how to charge for it. Chris tells Christian to talk to users of the video clipper in order to see what is valuable to them.
Chris and Christian talk about using AI for therapy, and re-ignite (which is now a thing! visit it and send it some texts). Also: AI coaches, the Pope in a puffer jacket, AI doctors, and how AI is coming for all of us. Also: a reminder to TALK TO CUSTOMERS!
Chris tries to explain how ChatGPT works. Christian tries to figure out the next steps for the video clipper.
An update from Tim Leland (originally on episode 70) about his link shortener, and his journey creating a potentially new API for detecting malicious links. T.LY Highlights:  - How to launch a new API service  - Doubling MRR in 6 months!  - 5 ideas for how to use a malicious link API to create a new business
Christian just got back from Social Media Marketing World and has LOTS of ideas. Chris gets a new computer but it arrived broken :(
Christian continues to build the video clipper with Remotion and is experimenting with using ChatGPT to create good clips. We also talk about what it would take for him to sell FileInbox. Chris is considering buying another GPU for Kaggle.
Chris starts a new Kaggle competition using stable diffusion. Christian makes progress on how to use AI to automatically suggest clips for the video clipper.
106 $80 MRR

106 $80 MRR


Christian launched thevideoclipper and got it to $80 MRR! Chris comes up with another justification for buying his gpu.
Christian is about to launch, but is feeling "The Resistance". Chris is learning linear algebra for his master's, and is trying to learn it by creating a plan to teach it. We talk about just "doing it badly" for both: and adjusting as we go.
Google did a 12k layoff. Chris started a new master's class about advanced linear algebra. Christian was on vacation, and was wondering the best way to learn AI in order to keep up with all the recent advances. He also helped his wife launch
Christian is trying to find a few consulting clients to make some extra money. He's also made progress on the video clipper, and signed a new $99/mo account for file inbox! Chris just started a new linear algebra class and finished the gravity waves kaggle competition.
Christian launches a new podcast! He also got a first customer for the video clipper! AND he's also thinking about making more course content, so we talk about how much money can be made with technical courses. Chris is almost done with the gravity wave Kaggle competition. Also: How long is the coastline of England?
Chris talks about how work at Google is different than a small project or company. He's also working on the gravity waves kaggle competition. Christian tries to figure out how to backup all of his projects and files, and how to promote the video clipper.
Chris is still getting used to his job at Google. Christian may have (or not?) lost his email list when a service went down.
Christian has some bad news about crypto. Chris is still working on the gravity competition.
98 The Video Clipper

98 The Video Clipper


Christian renames to and is trying to figure out what he wants it to be. He also wonders if he should hire someone else to run fileinbox while he builds the video clipper. Chris is still working on the Kaggle gravity waves competition.
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