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Author: Chris Achard and Christian Genco

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.
127 Episodes
127 Baby!

127 Baby!


Christian had a baby! and Chris is now a Kaggle Grandmaster.
126 10x Developer

126 10x Developer


Muppets Treasure Island is the best movie ever. Chris just got back from Iceland and just re-started his masters classes. He's also considering getting a 3d printer (which Christian is definitely in favor of). Christian's experiments to find new customers aren't going great. Pricing is hard. Christian expands his consulting practice.
125 LinkedIn Outreach

125 LinkedIn Outreach


Christian continues to try to reach target customers for FileInbox. He's also still full steam ahead on the serverless transition before his baby gets here. Chris is prepping for a trip to Iceland.
Christian tries to outsource some development tasks. Chris built a photo frame and is getting ready for a trip to Iceland.
Chris is prepping for a couple of photo trips. Christian is trying to figure out how to talk to his ideal FileInbox customer. He's also wondering how much consulting to do and what that means for his time working on his own SaaS.
122 Ozymandias

122 Ozymandias


Chris and Christian both went on vacation. Chris is getting back into Photography. Christian is creating user personas for FileInbox, and is getting more consulting gigs too.  correction at 27:45 NVIDIA doesn't even manufacture their own GPU chips! They rely on 3rd party manufacturers too.   0:00 Fun number fact 122: Ozymandias  8:13 Chris vacation update  13:00 Photography as a hobby  23:42 tinygrad ML framework  28:28 Fileinbox user personas  36:15 Christian consulting  44:36 Home Depot adventure
121 Advantages of Firebase

121 Advantages of Firebase


Chris is prepping for a trip to Iceland. Christian is trying to figure out exactly who is the target customer for fileinbox. Christian then tries to convince Chris that Firebase is the best platform on which to build a SaaS.
Christian has been looking at ALL THE BABY GEAR and has opinions. Also, he's working on the serverless transition for FileInbox and is struggling with estimating how long features will take.
Chris totally switches his diet and loses 17 pounds in 3 weeks. Christian went to Craft and Commerce and and takeaways for his business. He also figured out that his time estimates for FileInbox were way off.
Chris finished the StableDiffusion Image competition, but realized he was seriously outmatched in GPU power. Christian has renewed energy for FileInbox after talking with Asia Orangio. We both walk through how to plan to get things done, and how to actually follow through on those plans. Christian is trying to hire an assistant and tries to figure out what he needs to do that, and actually pay them money.
Christian wants to update Ruby and Rails, but has run into frustrating issues. Should he just... not upgrade? Chris gives up on the latest Kaggle competition, and is already eyeing another one. Also, Christian gets an update on the Bitcoin he lost.
Christian has a big announcement! (@ 36 minutes). Chris is done with Linear Algebra, working on Kaggle, and thinking about what type of AI course to make. Christian discovers that FileInbox already has a lot of traffic, but his trial to paid conversion rate is too low.
Chris tries to figure out which AI course he should make first; i.e., what skills would give developers superpowers? Christian starts talking to Asia Orangio about FileInbox to see where it can improve. What is his backwards plan?
114 Microconf '23 takeaways

114 Microconf '23 takeaways


(sorry about the weird jumpy video). We talk about Microconf and how we feel about the things we're doing as a result. gets a bunch of users, and Christian is wondering how to charge for it. Chris tells Christian to talk to users of the video clipper in order to see what is valuable to them.
Chris and Christian talk about using AI for therapy, and re-ignite (which is now a thing! visit it and send it some texts). Also: AI coaches, the Pope in a puffer jacket, AI doctors, and how AI is coming for all of us. Also: a reminder to TALK TO CUSTOMERS!
Chris tries to explain how ChatGPT works. Christian tries to figure out the next steps for the video clipper.
An update from Tim Leland (originally on episode 70) about his link shortener, and his journey creating a potentially new API for detecting malicious links. T.LY Highlights:  - How to launch a new API service  - Doubling MRR in 6 months!  - 5 ideas for how to use a malicious link API to create a new business
Christian just got back from Social Media Marketing World and has LOTS of ideas. Chris gets a new computer but it arrived broken :(
Christian continues to build the video clipper with Remotion and is experimenting with using ChatGPT to create good clips. We also talk about what it would take for him to sell FileInbox. Chris is considering buying another GPU for Kaggle.