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Author: Zac Grantham, Trey Matey

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Take a break from your busy, stressful life with the JC Talk podcast! Each week we bring you discussions on a variety of happenings in the world, our thoughts on the best burrito ingredients, and deep discussions on God's Word and what it means for our lives. We are passionate about bringing Joshua's Crossing's message of "Love Acceptance Truth" to the world around us, and we hope that by listening to this podcast we can bring just a little of that hope into your day for half an hour. Welcome to JC Talk!
21 Episodes
Our special guest has finally arrived! Pastor John Matey is here to lead us through a review of our Sunday Morning Zechariah series and a general overview of end times prophecy. If you are an end times beginner, this podcast is a great place to start, so get in here and check it out!
Did you miss this semester's journey group session? No worries, Zac and Trey have you covered with a recap and their thoughts on the series from Tony Evans!"From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so." - James 3:10
Ladies and Gentlemen, the audio nightmare that is a phantom buzz has infected this episode of the JC Talk podcast. Maybe it was all the rain beating on the building! Either way, ignore the buzz and enjoy this week's episode featuring upcoming events, Zac's Tweet of the Day, and maybe a special guest? Find out with us!
Zac has just one thing on his mind this week: getting ALL of the inside details on Sarah and Trey's upcoming kiddo! When is it due? What are they going to name it? What if it's quintuplets?!? All those answers and more in this week's episode!
The guys discuss Trey's fan experience at the Rangers' new ballpark, a quick recap of the "Joseph" message series, and a novel idea about how the bathrooms at JC should be organized. Don't miss it!
Play another quiz with Trey as he tries to wrap his mind around the amazing English language, plus a prepper on some great events we have going on at JC coming very soon! Check it out!
Zac and Trey take the hardest quiz of their life with the "Worship or Love Song Lyrics?" quiz! We scored 11/20, so play along and let us know if you can do better! We also talk about some upcoming JC events, conga lines, and a controversial Chick-fil-A opinion that turned out to be not-so-controversial. All that and more on this episode!
The guys really let it go this week as they power rank Easter candy, discuss the Santa Claus 2's non-existent tagline, and whether or not Kaden Grantham is the next MLB superstar. Tune in!
Celebration Sunday is this Sunday at JC, which means we are celebrating 16 years of Joshua's Crossing! Zac and Trey share their stories of their first Sunday at JC and some of their favorite memories over the years. Plus we have a surprise guest this episode (it was a surprise to him too). Check it out!
Zac and Trey discuss the ongoing "Joseph" message series, what they would do with $66 Million, and whether boneless wings are better than "real" wings. Are they? Who knows!
Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd we're back! After a month-long break, Zac and Trey return for the vaunted episode 10! They discuss the joys of being under grace, not the Law, and Trey has a problem under his house at night. Tune in!
Do you have a band that changed your life? What about a group you think is wildly underrated? A band you can't stand? Zac and Trey discuss these and more on this week's episode of JC Talk! Plus, coffee creamer switchups, the Biden presidency has begun, and a local news story you will NOT believe!
Ah, 2020. The year that changed so much, and the year that none of us want to remember! Zac and Trey take a look back on some of the great lessons we learned last year as we say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020!
Hang with Zac and Trey as they discuss their Christmas holidays, New Year's resolutions, and a new way to look at accomplishing our 2021 goals!
Hang out with us this week as Zac and Trey take a Christmas movie quotes quiz, Trey reveals a hidden impressions talent, and Zac shares some controversial Christmas song takes! Take THAT, Paul McCartney!
In this episode, Eric challenges us to think through the way we worship our God. Living in praise to Him is much more than picking out a song or band we like! It's about making Jesus the center and purpose of everything, which just might change the way we listen to lyrics and instruments. Plus, do Flintstone vitamins cause... discoloration? Find out all that and more on this episode!
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Christmas season is upon us! Hang out with Zac and Trey as they discuss the Thanksgiving break, do some Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions, and talk about their favorite Christmas movies. It's an hour of relaxation and fun, so don't miss it!
Oh man, strap in folks, cause this one is a good one! Zac and Trey sit down with one of their favorite people in the world, Joshua's Crossing worship leader Eric Benge, to discuss what worship means to daily living, how we can live as servants to Christ and others, and how a close relationship with God can change the way we see he world. Don't miss it!
The holidays are upon us! Christmas lights etiquette and strategy dominate the discussion of this week's JC Talk episode, along with a talk on getting into the Word and "ugly prayers". We also sit down with legendary Operation Christmas Child coordinators Melody Peters and Amanda Armstrong to get their perspective on what this season means for service and how we as a community can get involved in sending gifts to impoverished children around the world.For more info on OCC, visit:
In our first ever full episode of JC Talk, we interview Pastor John Matey, Lead Pastor at Joshua's Crossing in Denison, TX. Topics include the difference between religion and relationship, the imminent Kanye presidency, and why hating candy corn makes you a hypocrite! Don't miss it!
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