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Hudson and Nikki carry on (and on and on) every weekday morning. We think it's funny. You should listen.
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Why are baseball players undressing on the field? That's one of the big topics we delve into in today's show. We also have details on the new Transformers movie, alcoholic ice cream, and why we should have screens in the bathroom.
In today's show, we find out how Hudson and Nikki's YouTube addiction COULD actually lead them to do something positive for the community. We also learn why Wingstop is turning into Thighstop, why Amazon throws away so much stuff in Scotland, and we try the new Mountain Dew Baja Blast flavors.
Summer officially here and with it comes the new fashion trend for men: Short shorts! But are the ladies here for it? We find out in today's show. There's also talk of merfolk, summer travel, and what Hudson thinks of when he thinks of Wales.
We're about to see the Madden curse effect, not one but 2 players after Brady and Mahomes are both announced to be on the new cover! We'll fill you in that, along with the naked skydiving world record, dad bods are still in, throwing used toilet paper out the window, finding the first murder hornet of 2021, and more!
Victoria's Secret angels, the Gorilla Glue girl, and a door-to-door salesman, it's not the start of a bad joke, it's just three of the several topics we discuss on today's show! We also learn about energy-saving solutions in Texas and raise some questions about a water slide fire in New Jersey.
Now that we seem to have conquered the coronavirus, the CDC is moving on to their next priority, dogs! We talk about their new rules regarding getting a new pup, as well as a new app that lets you buy leftover food (aka garbage), and the next Disney villain to get their own prequel.
Good news everyone! Coffee is good for your health and we have the article to prove it! There's a lot of talk of health in today's podcast, from Cristiano Ronaldo's advice regarding soda, to how to avoid monkeypox, to the effects of giardia. Stay healthy out there!
In today's show, we look back on Hudson's weekend, which included witnessing a Wal-Mart freakout and making a new house key. Not to be outdone, Nikki's weekend highlight was watching rug cleaning videos on YouTube. They also provide an update on Chris the Engineer's missing coffee mug and learn about a man who NIGHT'VE been swallowed by a whale.
Were the AC repairmen spying on Hudson in the bathroom? We discuss that in today's show and if that's not enough to make you vomit, surely the talk of cicada or the world's longest eyelashes will do it. We also hit on the new He-Man trailer, the list of most liveable cities, and how many oceans there are.
Today we spend some time with Jason from Death Therapy to talk about our favorite new song "Tension" and find out who provided the climactic "woo!" We also try to wrap our heads around the potential European sausage wars, get details on the new Battlefield 2042, and learn about a beer brewed in the Stanley Cup.
Nightbirde's got talent and she proved it last night on America's Got Talent! She joined us in studio to tell us all about the experience. Also in today's show, Hudson reaches his breaking point with Friends and we learn why so many people seem to be eating cicadas.
In today's show, we get to hear your stories about the crazy things your dogs like to eat and we find out about some crazy things our other RadioU DJs have eaten as well. You'll also hear about what animal is making its way to the beach, and join us as we try to solve the mystery of the missing coffee mug.
Tired of using port-a-potties at music festivals? At long last, we may have found the solution in today's show! You'll also hear Nikki try to guess what the "Carolina Squat" is, as well as our thoughts on a Cruella sequel, a new FDA-approved weight-loss drug, and more!
Happy National Donut Day! We have the deals that you can find so that you can celebrate properly. We also try out the new Reese's Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers which leads to multiple arguments about proper pronunciation. Also, there's more fish talk than you're expecting, and a rundown of what's coming to Disney Plus this summer.
In today's show, we cover the type of people who shouldn't eat cicadas, and surprisingly, it's not everyone. We also try to figure out how to train people to echolocate, what a Kentucky Waterfall is, and how to get free clothes at Disney World.
Hudson's found the perfect gift for Father's Day, and you're not gonna want to miss what it is (hint: this is sarcasm). We also talk about Nikki putting cake in her coffee, the best cities to garden naked in, Little Debbie bandits, and more!
In Hudson's first official day co-hosting The RIOT he fills us in on the importance of the Maple Leafs vs Canadiens hockey game last night. Meanwhile, Nikki spent her long weekend watching a guy mowing on YouTube and she informs us of all the exciting twists and turns involved. There's also cicada talk, KFC has a chicken popsicle, and Jurassic World might crossover with the Fast & Furious franchise.
It's Obi's last day, and he has some secrets to spill regarding his time at RadioU like band stories that have never seen the light of day, who his roommates are, and more! We also discuss Hudson coming on as the new cohost of The RIOT, canceling the Olympics, celebrating with pizza, and spoiling Hudson.
We get very detailed and derailed on the subject of baths today; hear for yourself why you should be taking baths instead of going to the gym! We also discuss the Friends reunion show, $100 sandwiches at Disneyland, stealing dogs, free iPhones at McDonald's, and more!
We have a very special and important message in today's show regarding Obi's future here; we promise he's not dying! Along with this message, we talk about the engineering feat that was accomplished in our studio, throwing pizza at people, moon tattoos, cicadas and the future of toilet paper, and more!
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