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Obadiah and Nikki carry on (and on and on) every weekday morning. We think it's funny. You should listen.
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It's real: I am physically BACK IN THE STUDIO!!! WOO HOO!!! In the show today, Nikki and I talk about life with COVID, Super Nintendo World's new opening date, Pizza Hut's Christmas Pizza, the Playstation 5 and Crush Sour Patch Kids Berry Soda.
Happy Black Friday, y'all! Check out for free shipping on our merch all weekend! Today, we talk about gift-giving, smoking a turkey, taste some Thanksgiving dinner candy corns, and more!
Let's say you're a vegan and someone feeds you meat. How much financial compensation are you entitled to? These are the kind of important things The RIOT explores on the show today. Oh... and MY EPIC CHATS WITH US! (Okay, that's more important.) Also in the show we talk the CDC, Florida, the gun show is cancelled, and Raccoons for Thanksgiving!
The RIOT is counting down to Thanksgiving with talk of how you can eat at home this year. Churkey anyone? We also take a look at that Rockefeller Christmas Tree, Hidden Valley Ranch fridge, Wonder Woman 1984 has some big news and the Game Award Nominees. Don't forget the Christmas Channel launches tomorrow!!
Today's podcast is jammed full of ranting... which means this fever is getting better or worse... who can tell? We chat about Apple Pie Pepsi, losing Gold Status, Titanic vacations, Super Spreader Thanksgiving ads, Hudson the Thanksgiving Enforcer, and Nikki joining us all as true coffee drinkers.
Is the iPhone 12 Pro Max really worth it? In today's podcast, Nikki tells us about her new best friend. We also hear about the largest LEGO set ever (there's a new one), translating for your cat, and the Stove Top Stuffing merch you've always been missing but only now know about.
You may disagree but from my perspective "Space Karen" is the most important thing on the show today. However, it is not the only thing. We also talk the Playstation 5 controller, Turkey Ice Cream cakes, the Harbinger of Failure, and how the murder of the white moose is probably where all of our 2020 problems started. Have a Monday!
Last Friday we said it was the last time I'd be broadcasting from home. I'm not saying that this week so as to not jinx it but... I should be back Monday. Today, Nikki and I chat the Playstation 5 (I got one!), proposing with a Big Mac, electric Ferraris, pizza weddings, and getting really mad at a Ritz cracker.
I'm back in isolation friends... but I'm also back on the podcast!! Today we chat about why I'm in the basement, the REAL reason YouTube went down yesterday, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Playstation 5, and what not to do to your Xbox.
Obadiah is out today but fear not, he will be back tomorrow and Hudson is here today in his stead! He and Nikki go over superspreader weddings, a Krispy Kreme caramel waterfall, and why Hudson isn't impressed with that golfing hole in one video.
Should I start selling plasma now that I've got COVID-19? Did you know you can make extra money for that? I'm back in the studio today and we explore all the important stuff including how we probably have a President, what we owe to llamas, Dirt 5, violins, and most importantly: DO I HAVE COVID TOES?
This is it friends. This is the last podcast from the basement (Lord willin' and the creek don't rise). Today we chat about Nikki and some old coffee, a potentially symbiotic (unexplored) link between childcare and porch piracy, and Nikki's upcoming iPhone 12!
Elections, COVID, port-a-potties.... these are the hard-hitting topics you've come to expect from The RIOT and they're all here today. We also talk early Christmas plans, Goldfish conquering a lake, National Donut Day (again), and what not to have in your car when robbing a store. I'm still in the basement, but we're still at it!!
Today's podcast offers the in-depth analysis you need on the Presidential election. Just kidding. I'm still in quarantine and starting to lose my mind. It was slower at first but it's definitely picking up speed. In the show, we do talk about the election but we also cover a new (to us) genre of fiction: BIRDING. We also talk about using my Covid as a superpower, Mt Dew Voodoo 2, kangaroo maps, and Google Trends during the election.
It's election day, I still have COVID-19 and I'm still locked in my basement... but The RIOT continues to go on! Today in the show we talk about how lazy you can get in quarantine, stealing birds and monkeys, election day freebies, and DIRT 5. Don't forget to give yourself a mental break today. It's crazy out there.
The rumors are true: I've got COVID (Obadiah, not Nikki). I'm sick but not dying so THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Today in the podcast we talk about what it's like to have 'rona, Mt. Dew Hot Sauce, Crunchyroll, McRibs, and lockdowns. Oh... and we discuss the terribly nefarious woman at the health department.
Netflix is raising its prices once again, and we've got some questions to ask ourselves. We also talk about Bitcoin, waiting 3 hours for pizza, more lockdowns, a COVID movie, and more!
Candy is important and I'm glad we're taking the time to acknowledge that in the show today. We go through someone's list of what they think is the best candy and hear from lots of you on your favorites. We also talk about the Oculus Quest 2, Tetris Effect, our new Bugatti, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milk!
There's a rumor floating that Nikki and I pick on Sydney's acronym show habit too much. Not true! In today's podcast we actually share important news especially for her (and all you other CBS All Access fans). Also in the show, we talk about a scary house in Kentucky, Amazon News Network, Cyberpunk 2077's delay, and getting free donuts from Krispy Kreme AGAIN.
Pumpkin Pie milk, KFC fire logs, moon water straws, early voting, Justice League... there's lots that we cover in this show. I also ask some important questions about Watch Dogs 3 and reveal my secret shame... which is no longer secret so I guess it's just "shame".
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