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Obadiah and Nikki carry on (and on and on) every weekday morning. We think it's funny. You should listen.
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The RIOT is your exclusive home for Nikki's Pringles Updates. Today we don't disappoint! We find out just how many cans of those things she ate this weekend. We also get an Obadiah internet update (okay, not that exciting, but sometimes you listen to friends tell stupid stories because friendship is like that). We also chat your work and school trampoline, Lady Gaga's dog update, sleep streaming, and a Christmas Tree that may or may not still be up.
Today's podcast consists of A LOT of food, but who doesn't love food?! We try the Reese's Snack Cakes, talk sweet corn Pringles, eating butter, Dunkin's new avocado toast, and in unrelated food news, the new bulletproof BMW, Animal Crossing Hello Kitty cards, an interview with Xael, and so much more!
Big news in the Obadiah World: 5G internet is now available in my neighborhood which is probably why I got COVID-19 in the first place! We talk about 5G, how to join the 1 Percent, NO CHEERING THE OLYMPIC TORCH, playing golf with Tiger Woods, and an update on the sign situation in Dude Sitting Park.
Superman and Lois premiered last night and I absolutely watched. I give you my breakdown in the podcast today. We also chat about the Discovery+ menace, the Disney Extended Universe, Frogger, PS5 VR headsets, the USPS, and we get super meta about reality.
Is the trend of the distant future cocaine corn flakes? We discuss that in today's podcast, along with the Mars rover landing, coffee jelly beans, faking being kidnapped to get out of work, horrible cicadas that are on their way to us, and lots more!
Obadiah just can't seem to understand the WWE... so instead he decided to talk about something he does understand; TV shows! We talked Superman and Lois, Wandavision, and Netflix vs Apple TV. Also in the podcast, disco glitter chocolate chip cookies, bribing your way out of quarantine, mannequins in a Zillow listing, and much more!
It's Nikki's birthday today! Amazon Prime decided to give her a birthday present by making the Sonic the Hedgehog movie free. What a great gift! We discuss that in the podcast today, along with taking a mental break, waiting 4 hours for Burger King, a crocodile who ate a shoe, a bear in an outhouse, and more!
It's the day before Nikki's birthday and she's celebrating with... BANG energy drink? Yep. I'm starting to get concerned about where this is all headed but who am I to talk? Nikki's on BANG and I'm wandering through the frozen food aisle. It seems fitting that the CDC is lowering the life expectancy numbers (that's in the show today). We also get in to lighting your lawn on fire instead of shoveling, Mario Golf, new emojis, and going to Mars!
The Luigi death stare... what is it? The RIOT will clue you in during today's podcast! We also talked about the new Mars edition Krispy Kreme donut, news that will make Sydney happy regarding NCIS, McDonald's chicken sandwiches, and so much more!
Imagine the end of snow days because you have a FLYING CAR. The trade-off would almost be worth it! We hear about one such vehicle that is getting ever closer to being legal (and completely unaffordable). In the show, you can also hear my continuing struggling with a snow blower, iPhone 13 rumors, Godzilla vs Wayne, and the evil that's buried in the ice. Good luck out there!!
What do I (Obadiah) and guppies have in common? You'll find out in this podcast. You'll also hear about the amazing toys that President Biden has at Camp David, shows the CW isn't making, My Little Pony, and the snakes that are slowly taking over Florida. Special message for the right half of the country: stay safe and warm!!! It's snowing in Texas!
I hate Valentine's Day. Well... maybe that's a bit harsh but I will absolutely explain myself in this podcast. We also start planning for Nikki's upcoming birthday, sleeping in your socks, Winter as a difficulty level, Erik saved a fox, and the gorilla glue challenge!
Here at The RIOT we are fast becoming a fan of the capitol viking guy. We have more news on him today that is semi-hilarious. We also check out competing videos from Tom Brady and Tony Hawk, find out how many masks you should be wearing, Godzilla merch, Pokemon trading cards at McDonalds, and the biggest, baddest nun you've ever heard of.
This is the only podcast on the internet today where Taco Bell will be compared to the Titanic. That sentence makes no sense but it will when you listen to our show. We also found some Godzilla valentines, got an update on Hitler's toilet seat, applied more beard oil, and listened to a dramatic re-telling of my trip to the auto parts store.
There's lots in the show today but the most important: would Nikki be willing to kill me as I was turning into a zombie? The subject gets explored (maybe a little too much). We also talk National Pizza Day, Cyberpunk, Gorilla Glue, and beard snot. Have a great Tuesday!
The Super Bowl is over... and now we have nothing to look forward to. We kid! You've got another action-packed edition of The RIOT where we chat about Tom Brady, the Superb Owl, WandaVision, self-heating coffee, the pandemic "wall" and how much TV you watch just to make other people happy.
Cosmic brownies + cereal... what's not to love? We've got more on that in today's show, along with UNO the Movie, Obadiah's beard oil, XBOX & PlayStation sales, why Nikki would be a great drug mule, and more!
Hitler's toilet seat. I never thought we'd be talking about it... but here we are. It's up for auction and it's in today's show. We also start looking into beard oil, head diamonds, Golden Globe nominations, PEEPs, Polar Vortexes, and a high school yearbook from the 1940s featuring Vikki and Bob. Stay warm and prepare to fight the vortex!!
Obadiah thinks there's a job The RIOT is overqualified for, but Nikki isn't quite in the same boat. Find out what that job is in today's podcast, along with how we feel about Groundhog Day, adopting a koala, the great chicken wing shortage of 2021, and more!
To quote Nikki in regards to today's show: "It's fine." I'm sure you'll enjoy this enormously high standard that we are living up to today. :) In the podcast, you'll hear chit chat about Burger King's new toys, the CDC's ways to ruin your Super Bowl party, Pacific Rim is getting an anime, and what weather phenomenon should be the next sci-fi weather movie.
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