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Obadiah and Nikki carry on (and on and on) every weekday morning. We think it's funny. You should listen.
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Today on the RIOT, we get to talk to David from Remedy Drive! We are fans and very excited to catch up with what they're doing. Also in the show: movie delays and Godzilla, National Hug Day, my very bizarre rant on Yo Yo Ma, professional gaming is hard, and Nikki raises her hands.
Happy Thursday! Although, Nikki feels like it should be Friday, and I would have to agree. Today's show is packed full of stories about crawling out of a Canadian hospital, shopping for a good pair of shoes, expensive gaming chairs, Bill Clinton falling asleep at the inauguration, playing the new Spider-Man game, and much more!
The RIOT's tired.... HUGE SURPRISE THERE! We missed Blue Monday, but we do have a discussion about a potential Turquoise Wednesday. Other things in the show include dinosaur bones on the moon, The Muppets on Disney Plus, a screaming service, and MyPillow.
I'm back in the studio with Nikki today!! We talk WandaVision, Woot, Godzilla's new release date, Tik Tok make-up challenges, the inauguration, and Pistol Whip!
Last night I became obsessed with an idea that Macauley Caulkin is floating about Home Alone 2. It takes up a lot of today's podcast (though not all of it). The RIOT also chats about Taco Bell's Potato 2: The Sequel, how many hours we spent gaming in 2020, the Weinermobile, getting $1400, and how we are celebrating Betty White's birthday. Have a great weekend!!
Another day gone, and Obadiah is still in the basement; at this rate, we're not surprised that this is how 2021 is going. Speaking of ruining 2021, we talk about Obi ruining the year by buying a planner just like he did last year, Super Nintendo World's postponement, Cyberpunk 2077, Girl Scout cookies, Lord of The Rings, and stick around for a wild twist at the end of the show!
There's a Trump manatee. It's 2021 so why should anyone be surprised? We take a look at it and propose a few theories that might (or might not) explain what happened. We also talk limited edition Hershey candy for Valentine's Day, Cobra Kai numbers, Celebrity Jeopardy, and the new Nintendo Switch.
Well, I'm back in the basement friends. Hopefully not for too long. The SHOW MUST GO ON! Today we talked about the terrible example set by students from Alabama and the shining example set by students from the Ohio State University, the Mt Dew Body Pillow, a new book (Try Softer), Ben and Jerry's for your dog, and the Playstation Pulse 3D headphones.
Today, you'll hear how I am both an elitist and yet nowhere near as good as Anderson Cooper. We also get into gas station robberies, KFC chicken sandwiches, and getting paid to spend a week alone to watch movies!
The world is kinda crazy but The RIOT is here for you! Today we talk Tailgater Takeovers, what we want to be when we grow up, Kinda Fit Kinda Fat t-shirts, virtual CES, Gandhi, and trying to not announce yourself at the pharmacy.
Want some useless tips this morning? The RIOT has got you covered! We give you tips on your gasoline optimism, the best way to wake up in the morning, and more! If you don't want useless tips, well, we've also got you covered in that area as well. Topics of discussion today include the stuffed crust  pizza ring at Pizza Hut, Cobra Kai, Discovery Plus, how many Batmen do we need, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's divorce.
Happy Tuesday friends! 360 days left until 2022! Boy, that's a weird thing to think about. We've got a jam packed show for you filled with topics like the best paper towels of 2020, accidentally steeping a spider in your tea, New Year's resolutions, climbing Mount Rushmore, March Madness, Alex Trebek, and lots more!
Happy New Year! We're back and better than ever; ready to start 2021 with you! Not much has changed for us since last year, but Obadiah received his stimulus check, Ohio State beat Clemson, and Wonder Woman 1984 was released. We talk about all of that along with what we got for Christmas, what we think about Mountain Dew Major Melon, New Year's resolutions, BitCoin, and more!
It’s the final day of Worst of the Riot 2020! Tomorrow is New Year’s Day and the 50 Most Wanted of 2020! In the show today: Obadiah gets gold status AND Covid 19!! We also talk KFC working with the Russians, pool poopers, an amazing class cancellation email, covid toes, and making extra money on plasma!
Can a cake really save any social situation? We explore that in the Wednesday Worst of the RIOT 2020 podcast. We also talk about stress hiccups, Obadiah’s new VR headset (no not that one, another one), Keanu Reeves’ adult coloring book, social distancing birthday parades and grandma’s getting bullied.
Worst of the RIOT 2020 take 2s-day! Today is the day that COVID finally starts to creep into the show. We talk Crocs, toilet paper, not flushing things, balcony marathons, movie streaming… and more 2020 nonsense!
We’re starting Worst of the RIOT 2020 today!!! We’re going chronologically so we are starting in January and working our way forward. The big temptation was to put a bunch of our coronavirus speculation in (before we knew what it was) but it would have sounded really weird on the air, so I left it out. Things that made the cut: the XFL, Nikki goes hot tub shopping, serial poopers (more than one), Erik and Nikki’s speaker negotiations, cooking lobster, Turkish dramas… and the list goes on. Thanks for spending 2020 with us! Here’s to the memories!
Merry Christmas Eve!! Hope you're all spending time with your families, and while you do, why not listen to us talk about Family Force 5, Powerpuff Girls Christmas, the best of 2020 and more! Have a Merry Christmas!!
Surprise!!! Merry Christmas!!! This is the audio from our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2020 that happened last week. If you want to SEE it, you can check out our Facebook page or YouTube Channel. Have an amazing Christmas and don't forget that the Worst of the RIOT 2020 starts on Monday!
Countdown to Christmas: T-3 days! Speaking of Christmas, today we talked about whether we'd rather get gifts or gift cards, the stimulus package, Ready Player Two, cookies, glasses, Festivus, and many other things all in the podcast!
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