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Curious about Sex Coaching?? Well then join us as we speak with Dr. Patti Britton, co-founder of the 1st sex coaching certification school in the US, SCU (Sex Coach University)! In this episode "Dr. Patti", a nationally board certified Clinical Sexologist and PhD. , gives us some insights on sexual reconnection, gaining sexual confidence and encourages us to seek pleasure and spread joy! Just like every other SXY Radiance episode, (wink, wink), you do not want to miss this! 
In this episode we explore the 7 main chakras, their functions when balanced and the implications of unbalanced chakras on our sexuality and beyond. Our special guest, Kate McKenzie (, also takes us through a SOUND HEALING using the BIJ MANTRAS that will help to balance your chakras so you can get your sexy back Radiate your SXY! A DO NOT MISS SXYPISODE!!
In this Sola Episode, or "Solapisode", we look at Dr. Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages and provide examples for how to show and express love to your partner so your relationship can thrive after the euphoria fades... Enjoy!
In this episode we engage in a candid conversation about sex, lubrication and caring for our vaginal biome with CEO & founder of "Good Clean Love" intimacy products, Wendy Strgar. Wendy offers honest insights about what she learned when trying to make sex more pleasurable in a time where there were no "natural" lubricants while trying to save her marriage!! She also speaks about why what is in your lubricant matters inside and out!!! Listen and share because your sacred vagina matters!!!!!  Lets bring healthy SXY sex back into the bedroom friends! Naturally! 
In this episode we take an honest and uncut, (wink-wink), look at what it looks like when we get in our own SXY Radiant way and challenge you to look at your possible perceived blocks so you can breakthrough and create the SXY Radiant life you deserve!! You do not want to miss this!  Thank you for listening and joining the SXY Radiance community. Happy "Sexy Friday" friends... 
In this episode we speak to Dr. Natalie Rosen from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada about painful sex due to vulvodinia and move right on to how to communicate with that special someone about your sexual needs! You do not want to miss this episode with our relationship expert & Clinical Psychologist Dr. Natalie Rosen. For more on Dr. Rosen, please visit Remember to join our Sexual Radiance community on Instagram @SXY_Radiance and SXY_Radiance_The_Podcast and help us spread the sexy news as we reclaim our sexy and get our sexy back! Happy "Sexy Friday" friends!
Sex for many of us is not what fairy tales are made of so-to-speak even though many of us undeniably enjoy it. (And rightfully so!!) -  I mean, what is not to like about being present in the moment, feeling connected to our bodies, being present with another, admiring one another while experiencing mutual and consentual pleasure???  Nothing in my opinion. It sounds like bliss to me!! Except, sadly, that is not how many of us experience sex.If you are wanting to change your experience around sex so that it is one of depth and pleasure, instead of shame and pain, then listen to this episode and find out how to finally get more from your sexual experiences...Thank you for being with us on the journey to reclaiming our SXY Radiance! Remember to share the SXY Radiance podcast and SXY Radiance news with your galaxy... Follow us @ SXY_Radiance and @ SXY_Radiance_The_Podcast  
It's Covid-19 season and many of us are working and living at home. That may mean that home may not be as sexy as it once was...  In this episode, we talk to our guest, Kristan Browne from Attriniti Consulting, (, a creative and sexy space maker about how to turn your work/home space, into a sexually radiant dungeon where you can play, seduce and your choice, (wink, wink)... Our guest Kristan Browne has been featured for her work on NBC, ABC, CBS, amongst others.You do not want to miss this episode and these sexy tips on how to transform your space from everyday space to sexy space friends! ;)  Thanks for listening and help us spread the word to reclaim our sexy!
Our SXY Radiant energy is a driving force. It. defines us. It expands us. That is, until we neglect it in which case our inherent sexual radiant energy wilts, causing us emotional pain, boredom, frustration amongst many other emotions.  In this episode we begin to explore how we get lost in relationship and what we can do to make our way back to our Sexual Radiant core.  
Welcome to SXY Radiance: your go-to place for all things SXY! We are so excited to get down to business and start some important conversations about the world of sexuality, pleasure and intimacy. Thank you for joining me in the movement to reclaim our SXY. Get ready to experience the wonders of connecting with and empowering yourself; getting your needs met and improving relationships with others. Let’s start living and radiating that inherent, natural sexy. Welcome, get cozy and tune in!
Welcome to the SXY Radiance Podcast. Your go-to place for everything Sexy. Come find out what what SXY Radiance is all about and why it it is important to get your sexy back now!
Who says God is not SXY? In this episode we speak to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers,  author of "Sex, God & the Conservative Church" and "Shameless Parenting" about what it means to be spiritual yet live fully into our entire being, including and especially, our sexual beings.  It is time to put our faith in a higher power to the test and step into our divine spirituality. Listen in and find out why  'shameless' sexuality is the way forward to sexual freedom!!
In today’s world we are accustomed to fast & quick results.  Some of us forget to slow down and take the world and people around us in. Yet it is in the slowing down that we get to fully experience the gifts of this life. Sex is no exception! In this episode, world renowned sex educator Diana Richardson, speaks to us about how how slowing down with that special someone during intimacy can enhance our connection and bring us closer together so we can experience the essence of our sexual partner and they us.  So do what you do before listening to a podcast & take this in. There are gold nuggets for you to take away. Happy ‘slow Sex’ SXY friends!
Dating apps not working out? Tired of the randomness of dating sites and algorithms? Then this episode is for you! Tune in as we speak to certified matchmaker Chioma Amaefule, A.K.A. “Chi”, about how personalizing your love search can eventually connect you with that “special” one…  Enjoy!! Happy SXY Friday & Happy New Year!!! 
In this episode we speak to journalist and author, Michael Castleman, about his latest book  "Sizzling Sex for Life, Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Erotic Pleasure at Any Age"!!  Michael speaks candidly about what it takes to experience sexual pleasure! He especially offers tips to our men on how to keep your sex partners satisfied! You definitely do not want to miss this episode no matter what gender you are. If you like sex, have sex, or want to have good sex, this episode is for you! Happy Sexy Friday and Happy Christmas Eve!! 
PLEASURE and fun make us feel good and when we feel good, we open the door for "magic" to enter our lives. In this episode we talk about our bodies response to pleasure, ( AKA FUN!)  and why we ought to make time for feeling good everyday!!!
In this episode we talk with self-love expert and Reiki healer Sharmila Mali, podcast host of "The Confident Healer" about loving thyself! Sharmila gives us a couple steps we can take straight away to begin our SXY self-loving journey friends. And a new spin on loving thyself via masturbation! Thank you to: Taiana St. Hilaire for "socials"; Jaizier St. Hilaire for the "SXY Radiance podcast" jingle & Dylan Jones for editing.
Inspired by current events,  this episode talks about simple steps we can take to cultivate and feed our Radiance so we can use the energy to impact change.  Let's be a catalyst for creating a safer, caring,  loving, SXY Radiant planet.
In this episode, Angelica, SXY Radiance Host / SXY Radiance Coach provides tips for breaking up the monotony during this global pandemic, regaining the sparks in your (SXY) life & getting your sexy back!!!!! These tips are fun, creative, SXY and sassy!!! So grab something to write with, your favorite drink and allow these ideas to move you and groove you!!! Enjoy & Happy "Sexy Friday"! 
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