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Podcast dedicated to covering all things zombie related (Movies, TV, Comics, Music and Video Games)
10 Episodes
Podcast :Day 10 The Walking Dead   On this podcast, Dee Dee and I discuss episodes 6  of the Walking Dead . Once again, episode 6 is a return to a "bottle episode" format. In addition, we further analyze the reasons for the fall of their ratings.
Podcast :Day 9 The Walking Dead   On this podcast, Dee Dee and I discuss episodes 2 through 5  of the Walking Dead . I am still into the TV series but Dee Dee might be losing interest.
Podcast 8:Day 8 The Walking Dead (S7E1)   On this podcast, Dee Dee and I discuss the season premiere of the Walking Dead and our experience being in the audience for the Talking Dead. This one was brutal!
Podcast 7:Day 7 Ghost Breakers (1940)   On this podcast, Dee Dee and I discuss the film Ghost Breakers (1940) featuring Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard. After intrepid working girl Mary Carter (Paulette Goddard) becomes the new owner of a reputedly haunted mansion located on Black Island near the Cuban coast, a stranger (Anthony Quinn) phones to warn her to stay away from the castle. Undaunted, Mary sets sail for Cuba with a stowaway in her trunk -- wise-cracking Larry Lawrence (Bob Hope), a radio announcer who helps Mary get to the bottom of the voodoo magic, zombies and ghosts that supposedly curse the spooky estate. IMDb., n.d. Web. 17 October 2016.
Podcast 6 (J’accuse 1936)

Podcast 6 (J’accuse 1936)


Podcast 6:Day 6 J'accuse (1938) After serving in the trenches of World War I, Jean Diaz recoils with such horror that he renounces love and personal pleasure to immerse himself in scientific research, seeking a machine to prevent war. He thinks he has succeeded, but the government subverts his discovery, and Europe slides with seeming inevitability toward World War II. In desperation, Diaz summons the ghosts of the war dead from the graves and fields of France to give silent, accusing protest. IMDb., n.d. Web. 3 August 2016. J'accuse! (1938) pt. 1 by karimberdi J'accuse! (1938) pt. 2 by ulaghchi
Podcast 5:Day 5 Revolt of the Zombies In Cambodia in 1937 Count Mazovia (Roy D'Arcy) discovers part of an incantation and formula to control men's minds and turn them in to zombies. While on an expedition in Cambodia archeologist Armand Louque (Dean Jagger) discovers the whole incantation one evening while pining over his lost fianace Claire Duval (Dorothy Stone) who has thrown over Armand for the more stable and attentive Clifford Grayson (Robert Noland), something that Armand is deeply hurt by especially since Clifford is an associate archeologist and former friend. Armand uses some magic incense to control the mind of his servant and then takes steps to put the entire archeological expedition under his control. When he confronts Claire with his plans she convince Armand to release his power from those he has mentally imprisoned but when he does the entire nation turns against him. IMDb., n.d. Web. 21 July 2016.
Podcast 4:Day 4 Zombies and Metal \m/  On this podcast Degenerate John plays some of his favorite metal songs that are about the living dead. He plays tracks from the following:  Terrorizer - Hordes of Zombies Eternal Mortification - Dissected by Zombies Belial-Rise Of The Zombies The Accused - Living, Dying, Living (In a Zombie World) Tankard - Zombie Attack DEATH - "Zombie Ritual" (Official Remastered Track) Six Feet Under - Zombie Executioner (HQ) Cerebral Fix - Zombie Mortician - "Zombie Apocalypse" Cannibal Corpse - Pit of Zombies
Podcast 3:Day 3 The Walking Dead    On this podcast John and Dee Dee discuss the Walking Dead featuring Boris Karloff. The movie is the story of  hapless pianist and ex-con John Elman who is  framed for murder and is resurrected by a scientist after his execution.
Podcast 2 :Day 2  White Zombie  On this podcast John and Dee Dee discuss the first zombie film, White Zombie. The movie is the story of a young man who looks for help from a witch doctor to lure a woman from her fiance but the witch doctor has another plan, turn her into a zombie slave.
John and Dee Dee discuss 9 things that are wrong with Fear the Walking Dead   Podcast is also available on Soundcloud