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Off The Fence is the show where people say what they mean and mean what they say.
7 Episodes
Are Covid-19 test waiting times a thing of the past? I get Covid tested in real-time on the show today using a Rapid Antigen Test. I then speak with Arthur Griffith from CoviSal about how their tests are offering fast results and helping to tackle the spread.Covid19 has brought a halt to one of the biggest Christmas traditions in many Irish households this year. I talk with GOAL about how you can swap your GOAL Mile run this Christmas for something a little different to help raise funds.And I deep-dive into the career of the Liverpool FC Women's captain and one of Irelands most successful footballers.
Taking inspiration from David Letterman’s Netflix show, I am delighted to introduce ‘No Introduction’, the latest segment on Off The Fence.I deep-dive into the career of the Oscar-winning producer Lord David Puttnam.We discuss his childhood, early inspirations, his remarkable career, and the advice he’d pass on to his younger self.
I'll talk to Financial advisor and best selling author of 'How to be good with Money', Eoin McGee about how students can better manage their financesAnd, I'm joined by a panel of students to discuss victim shaming, rape culture, consent, lad culture, and why it's time for change in Ireland.
Are young people ‘missing out on getting the shift’? I talk to the Fianna Fail Senator, Malcolm Byrne who believes young people are being robbed of important life experiences.According to research conducted by Gillette, 50% of Irish men are more open to talking about mental health since COVID-19. I speak with broadcaster, presenter and writer, Keith Walsh about why we all need to talk more.And, I speak with Dr Sue Redmond about what we can do to manage our own mental wellbeing. We'll also answer some common questions people have about mental health.
An Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), Micheal Martin joins me on the show to discuss the impact of COVID-19, and some of the challenges facing young people in Ireland.I'm joined by the former Tanaiste and MEP for Dublin, Frances Fitzgerald to talk about why we need more women in politics.And, just one week on from one of the most decisive US Presidential Elections in recent history, we look at what the next four years will look like in America.
As Cork City FC look set for a takeover, and the FAI struggle to secure a sponsor for the national jersey, we discuss the state of the business of football in Ireland with the Chairman of Cork City FC.What does Ireland need to do to solve our homelessness crisis? I speak with a UCC student and homelessness activist, Emily Duffy who has criticised our treatment-first approach to homelessness.It is Election Day in the US. I preview Election Night 2020 with Senior Editor of Politico, Ryan Heath, and Former CNN White House correspondent, Gina London.
We're just one week out from one of the most decisive US Presidental Elections in recent history. The polls have Biden almost 10 points clear, but can Trump defy the odds? I am joined on the show by Law lecturer at NUI Galway and political columnist, Larry Donnelly.The iPhone 12 is set to ship without a charger. The company claims that this is a step to reduce their environmental footprint. But is it that simple? Martin Meaney, the Founding Editor of offers his insights.The Mother and Baby Homes Bill was passed in the Dail last week despite much public opposition and questions of legality. I speak with a South-West Cork TD, who says the "State has let the survivors down yet again".And, we answer all your STI and STD's questions with the consent and sexual health educator, Elaine Byrnes.
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