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Author: Gary Westfal

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G-Life! Magazine provides insightful, thought-provoking content designed to enrich your life by taking you places that challenge you to think deeper, look within yourself for answers, and be mindful of the present moment. Led by best-selling author, Gary Westfal, the podcast delivers fresh perspectives on personal empowerment with an overarching objective of self-mastery through awareness and insight.
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What's Your Brand?

What's Your Brand?


Your Brand is important.Each and every one of us has a brand. It's important to be aware of it because it affects everything we do and represent. A brand is a promise that incorporates more than tangible products and services. It is the essence of what connects us to the people that can benefit from the products and services we intend to convey to the masses.In this episode of G-Life! Magazine, Gary pulls back the curtain on the importance of your brand and offers some ways for you to consider adjusting your brand for peak performance and maximum effect.Support the show
Determined Practice

Determined Practice


Determined practice is practice with a purpose.If you refuse to be discouraged by what it will take to go from ordinary to extraordinary, then you will most certainly succeed. Don’t allow the appearance of hard work to dissuade or frustrate you because it is through determined practice that you learn and grow. In this episode of G-Life! Magazine, Gary will show you four steps to determined practice that'll virtually assure you of certain success. The only variable is whether or not YOU choose to put it into practice. Support the show
Finish What You Start!

Finish What You Start!


The predominant question I hear, no matter where I go is..."What's the ONE thing I can DO to achieve my goals?"My response is profoundly simple: Finish what you start! Completion is a key component of life. If you're looking for more in life - no matter how you define that term - then finishing tasks is an essential element to your system of accomplishing that goal. Finishing tasks leads to so many amazing breakthroughs and opportunities. It instills confidence, increases comprehension rates, shortens learning curves, and creates unstoppable momentum!So if you're looking for the ONE thing that'll accelerate your aspiration to Your Best Life, then simply Finish What You Start!Here's to Your Best Life!Support the show
What's preventing you from making your next move on the path of your life? You know you deserve love, prosperity, abundance, and the rewards that accompany your best life, and yet, you continue to experience the frustrations of doubt, insufficiency, and discontent. In this episode of the G-Life! Magazine podcast, join your host, Gary Westfal as he shows you how to reframe the narrative and reset the way you see fear to live your best life.Life on the other side of fear is different. It is transformational. And it's NOT reserved for a select few. Learn in ten minutes what others may never learn. Embrace a new mindset that exposes fear so you can re-claim the kind of life you so rightfully deserve. Here's to Your Best Life!Support the show
Looking for ways to double your productivity (and your income, and your happiness) but not sure where to start? Then tap into the quickest lesson on productivity right here, with your host, Gary Westfal.In this episode, Gary reveals SEVEN ways to leverage your 24-hour day to maximum productivity and personal achievement. This isn't a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Instead, it's SEVEN principles you can tailor to your own life and ambitions for maximum return and results! It's the same principles he has used to write five books, coach and mentor people from all over the world, and garner accolades from some of the most influential people in industry, politics, sports, and philanthropy.Are you ready to DOUBLE your productivity? Then push PLAY right now!Support the show
Here's an inside tip to mastering the achievement process. It's so simple that it only takes six minutes to explain it. It's simple, but it's profound. Once you know this very simple perspective, you'll know how successful people reach their goals and objectives and why you may be falling short. The only thing you'll need to do at that point will be to implement it. Support the show
You don't need motivation. You need discipline!Discipline is one of the most significant traits you must master to produce results. The issue most people face when they approach discipline is to get past the assumptions they've created. When most people think of discipline they automatically associate the word with "difficulty, sacrifice, or risk".  And, while some of these factors may be a part of the process, developing discipline doesn't have to be difficult. Take a few minutes to discover just how easy it is to develop a disciplined mindset.  It could actually be just the thing you need to get from where you are to where you want to be.In this episode of the G-Life! Magazine Podcast, Gary will provide you with ten tips to develop your self-discipline. You already have the motivation. Once you understand the difference between motivation and discipline, you'll be in a position to leverage your self-discipline to produce the results you desire!Support the show
Discover how to change your mindset for a fantastic year ahead by listening to this quick 8-minute message. A simple shift in mindset is all it takes to change everything.  In this episode of the G-Life! Magazine Podcast, Gary explains how to see the world more clearly by changing the lens from which you view the world. Start your day (and your entire year) off right by spending a few minutes listening to this powerfully insightful message. You'll be glad you did.  Support the show
Creating wealth shouldn't be complicated. Discover the powerful principles that will reset the way you think about money so you can begin creating the kind of financial security you rightfully deserve. Support the show
The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice


Join Best-selling author Gary Westfal as he describes the details behind the greatest power you have - your power of choice.  Your ability to respond to the various situations and circumstances life throws at you has everything to do with the current state of your life. If you like your life, keep making the choices and decisions you've been making. If you don't, it's time to consider the alternative choices that you can make. Let Gary show you WHY you keep making the choices you've been making and HOW to change the course of your life by making new choices. Doing so can help you to...Live Your Best Life!Support the show
Ten minutes to your next breakthrough! Discover a powerfully simple approach that'll lead you to your next breakthrough. Join Best-selling author and master storyteller, Gary Westfal on a visual journey that'll tap into your visual faculties to WAKE UP the achiever in you! The story is one that most of us can relate to. The irony is how most of the stories we already have, hold the answers to the challenges we face in life. Spend ten minutes with Gary on this powerful journey. It's a journey that could in fact lead to Your Best Life!Support the show
Best-selling author, Gary Westfal, provides a glimpse into the principles and philosophies of achievement through effective goal setting - the same principles and philosophies he lays out in his new book, GOAL MIND. Find out what's keeping you from achieving your hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations. Discover how you can begin to shift your thinking and start achieving every goal you set in this episode of G-Life! Magazine. ------------------MUSIC ATTRIBUTES:Track: "Take it" by LiQWYD Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Download / Stream: Support the show
This episode of G-Life! Magazine presents an interesting take on how art is a lot like life itself. Artists are a peculiar breed. They tend to have active imaginations. And, they have a knack for leveraging their imagination to get their desired results. We can learn a lot about life from artists by the way they approach the creative process to come up with a finished product. I believe there's a bit of an artist in all of us. We all have the power of imagination. It's the reason I ventured into this interesting comparative contrast. Allow your creative imagination to follow along on this 7-minute journey to a better life!Intro/Outro music provided by: Track: "Take it" by LiQWYD Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Download / Stream: Support the show
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