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Do you want to learn, grow, and elevate your life and career in I.T.? Du'An Lightfoot, creator of the #LabEveryday is here to help. As Du'An would say, "We focus on enjoying the experience of learning, growing, and helping others as we go", he is here to do just that in this episode. In this episode, Du'An talks about his background, his start in technology, his struggles and success, certification, cloud, networking, and many more. Let's get to it!  --- Show Links ---Connect with Du’An on LinkedIn: Follow Du’An on Twitter: LabEveryday Blogs: Meidum: LabEveryday YouTube Channel: Website: The Psychology of Money: The Sports Gene: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show
If you have even a slight interest in network automation, you must have heard of Ansible. Ansible is a modern, YAML-based automation tool built on top of the popular Python programming language. In this episode, we will be talking to James Freeman, co-author of Mastering Ansible, 4th Edition. James is an accomplished IT consultant with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry with many years spent solving real-world enterprise problems using Ansible. He is a frequent speaker and presenter on various topics on Ansible at numerous conferences, such as AnsibleFest, and many local meetups. James is here to share with us his experience in IT, lessons learned, latest Ansible technologies, and many more. Let's dive right in! --- Show Links ---Connect with James on LinkedIn: Follow James on Twitter: Mastering Ansible: Ansible London Meeting Presentation by James: AnsibleFest Presentation by James: Ansible Documentation: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show
Today on the show, we will be talking to Daniel Teycheney. Daniel is based out of Melbourne Australia and works as a network automation engineer. If you have been following Daniel on Twitter or his blog, you would be amazed at the amount of quality content he has been producing.  Besides all the written contents, the last time I checked out Daniel’s GitHub page, as an open-source project maintainer he had over 200+ commits and 242 PRs by mid-February in 2022. In this episode, Daniel will tell us about his content creation strategy, why he loves doing it, picking the right medium, and his workflow. I am excited to learn from him and will be applying some of the technics in my own workflow. Let's dive in!  --- Links ---Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn: Follow Daniel on Twitter: Daniel’s Blog: Daniel’s GitHub Page: Starting Your Network Automation Journey: on [Heavy Networking Ep. 554]: Daniel on [The Art of Network Engineering Ep. 21]: Hugo (Static Site Generator): Ansible x NAPALM - Multi Vendor Network Lifecycle Management: How to serve Batfish Data using FastAIP (YouTube): --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show ( the show
In this episode, I welcome back Stuart Clark to talk about this personal career journey which has taken from being a hairdresser for 14 years all the way to Senior Developer Advocate at Cisco. It is a story of lifelong learning, hard work, and a can-do attitude. On a personal note, Stu has been a big supporter of my own career. He was one of the first people I asked to be on the show because I find his story to be inspirational. I can't wait to share his story with you!  --- Links ---Connect with Stuart on LinkedIn: Follow Stuart on Twitter: Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show ( the show
Today on the show, we will be talking to Adam Byczkowski from Network to Code about code testing in network automation. This is an important topic that is often overlooked in Network Automation, especially if we are just getting our feet wet in the space. I was very happy to see Adam wrote about code testing in the network automation space via a 3-part blog series. I invited Adam on the show to talk about his journey, code testing, and testing in the network automation world. I know we will learn a lot from Adam. Let’s dive right in! --- Show Notes Links ---Connect with Adam on LinkedIn:  Pytest in the Networking World (Parts 1 - 3): NTC NetUtil (easy to understand tests): Read Network to Code Blogs: the Loop on Testing Network Changes: Testing with pytest by Brian Okken: pytest plugins: Other Resources: Pythontesting.netTest and Code Podcast: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show
Today on the show, we will be talking to Jason Belk. Jason is currently working as a Sr. Technical Advocate in the Learning and Certifications Team. Prior to that role, he worked as a Cisco NSO Developer Evangelist. He has always been passionate about customer experience, community growth, and drive awareness for network automation.  Jason and I will dive into his personal journey on network automation, NSO API, the NSO sandboxes, learning labs that we all come to love, and many more.Network Automation Delivery Model (NADM): DevNet NSO Dev Center: with Jason on LinkedIn: Follow Jason on Twitter: Read Jason’s Blogs: Jason at Network Field Day 23: Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show
Today on the show, we will be talking to Jason Gooley, technical evangelist, author, speaker, philanthropist, founder and host of Metal DevOps. Jason is also known as ‘The God Father of Network Automation’ within the Cisco circle. Besides all of the accomplishments, the most striking thing about Jason is his positive attitude and a strong bias for action. Jason is a prolific reader and I am somewhat of a bookworm myself. Today I have asked Jason if he can discuss a few non-technical books that he can recommend to our audience to help us build positive attitude, stay motivated, and ultimately achieve our goals, whatever that might be. LinksConnect with Jason on LinkedIn: Follow Jason on Twitter:  MetalDevOps Website: Jason on Instagram: MetalDevOps on Instagram: MetalDevOps on YouTube: MetalDevOps Origin story: Jason’s Facebook Page: The Tech Bookshelf on Facebook: @TheTechBookshelf Covenant House Sleep Out by Jason: Books by Jason: by Tim Ferris: Books by Stephen R. Covey: Books by Earl Nightingale:  --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show
Today on the show, we will be talking to my friend Rick Donato. Rick is a big community contributor in the area of network automation. After several years of working in the industry, Rick went on to found a network automation education start-up, Packt Coders. Packet Coders is a place where people can learn network automation through code, labs, and community. As you can tell, Network Automation is in Rick’s blood. We both share a passion for network automation, except he does it much cooler. In this episode, I would be talking to Rick about his personal journey, network automation technologies, founding of Packt Coders, and everything in-between. Let's dive right in! Follow Rick on Twitter:  Connect with Rick on LinkedIn: Packet Coders: Coders Membership:  Packet Coders Newsletter: Sizieq’s Time Machine: Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show
Python has one of the most open, inclusive, diverse, and welcoming communities you can find. In this episode, we will be talking to two of the top community organizers, Don Sheu and Brian Ray. Don was the co-founder of Pudget Sound Programming Python (PuPPY) and PyCascade (Regional Python conference in the Pacific Northwest) and Entrepreneur. Brian was founder of ChiPy (Chicago Python User Group) and business leader. In this episode, Brian and Don discuss their philosophy in leadership, growth, technology, and bootstrapping user groups. They shared interesting stories about not their success but also the process and effort behind such endeavors. Chicago Python User Group: with Don on LinkedIn: Follow Don on Twitter: Connect with Brian on LinkedIn: Follow Brian on Twitter: AI Podcast: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show (
In this episode, we talk to Jonathan Carter (, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, about one of the coolest feature of Visual Studio Code, Live Share.Visual Studio Live Share enables multiple engineers to quickly collaborate with a friend, colleague, or customer on the same code base without needing a complex set up or copy-paste the code to an external site.  I am joined by my co-host John Capobiano and Danny Wade to talk to Jon about the reason behind Live Share, the developer experience with Live Share, motivation for the project, security implication, and different application with Live Share. Come join us and learn about this killer feature that will help you in your developer journey! Follow Jon on Twitter:  Check out Jon’s GitHub projects: Live Share Extension Pack: Live Share Documentation: Live Share Session from the Browser: Live Share Security: Live Share Connectivity: Live Share Common Use Cases: VSCode Live Share:  VSCode Remote SSH: VSCode Remote WSL: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: John on Twitter: Follow Danny on Twitter: Support the show (
In this episode, we will be talking to Anton Karneliuk (Team Karneiuk) about the work he has done in network engineering, book authoring, network development, network automation, and his interesting journey into computers. Anton is an IT and Network Expert and Entrepreneur. He is 2x CCIE (#49412 R&S, SP), co-author of Cisco Press book Network Programmability and Automation Fundamentals, and founder of Team Karneliuk who specializes in Network Development and Automation. I sat down virtually with Anton to discuss his mindset, passion, and the challenges he faced in his career. I am happy Anton is able to share all of his with all of us in this episode, I hope you enjoy this episode! Connect with Anton LinkedIn:  Follow Anton on Twitter:  Visit Team Karneliuk: Training from Anton: Programmability and Automation Fundamentals: 5 Years on Air: pygnmi: Hawk: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (  --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Follow Eric on Twitter: the show (
In this episode, we welcome Tushar Gupta, Senior Book Producer from Packt Publishing. Tushar and I aggregated questions from social media about technical book publishing and answered them in this Q&A live stream session on LinkedIn Live and YouTube. We converted this episode to a podcast format and delivered it right to your earbuds for your listening pleasure. I had a lot of fun talking about a subject I am passionate about. I hope by sharing the experience from Tushar and I, you can also share your technical knowledge in a book format some day in the future. If you do, please do drop me a line, I will be excited to hear about it! --- Links ---YouTube Live Link: Packt Publishing:  Connect with Tushar on LinkedIn: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Follow Eric on Twitter: the show (
In this episode, we talked to Jason Edelman, founder and CTO of Network to Code, about his journey in network engineering, network automation, computer networking, and the startup founder experience. Back in 2014, Jason founded one of the hottest and most successful network automation startup, Network to Code ( They have been helping companies transform the way their networks are deployed, managed, and consumed by leveraging network automation and DevOps practices. It has been and continues to be an amazing journey, and I am excited to bring Jason's insights to the Network Automation Nerds Podcast audience. Let's hop right in!  LinksConnect with Jason on LinkedIn: Follow Jason on Twitter: Network to Code: Network to Code Blog: TI-84 Calculator with Python: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show (
Have you thought about learning Python for network automation? Do you wonder what are some of the Python learning resources out there available for learning? In this episode, we modified the YouTube Live Streaming session between myself and Carl Montanari, long-time network automation practitioner and creator of Scrapli, on different resources available for learning Python for Network Automation. I hope you find this episode helpful! [Note] Due to the internet connection quality during the streaming, some of the voice quality is a bit choppy, sorry about that.  Connect with Carl on LinkedIn: Follow Carl on Twitter:  Carl's GitHub Repository: Official Python Tutorial: ​​ Automate the Boring Stuff with Python 2nd Edition: Learn Python 3 The Hard Way: Kirk Byers classes: Network Programmability and Automation: Mastering Python Networking: Your Network: Network Engineer Communities: Network Automation Hangout: of Network Engineering: to Code Slack Channel: Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTSupport the show (
In this episode, we welcome a fellow content creator and prolific community contributor, Julio Perez!  Julio is an active community contributor, always willing to lend a helping hand. Recently he completed a six part blog series about his experience in building a network continuous integration / continuous deployment, or CI/CD, pipeline. In this episode, we will be diving deep into the CI/CD pipeline, his experience in tech, and being vulnerable as a content creator.  I hope you can join me and Julio on his journey down the technology fast lane!Connect with Julio on LinkedIn: Follow Julio on Twitter:  Read Julio’s Blog: a Network CI/CD Pipeline Part 1:  Building a Network CI/CD Pipeline Part 2: a Network CI/CD Pipeline Part 3: a Network CI/CD Pipeline Part 4 : Building a Network CI/CD Pipeline Part 5: Building a Network CI/CD Pipeline Part 6: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: the show (
In this episode, I had a great time talking with Matyáš Prokop, Principal Architect at Natilik. Matyas had a very interesting journey in engineering and business, from co-founding a business as a teenager to working for Google, and now working as Principal Architect at a VAR in the competitive United Kingdom market in London. Hop into this episode as we take a trip down memory lane with Matyàš and learn about his experience and how we can bring value to a Value Added Reseller! Connect with Matyas on LinkedIn: Follow Matyas on Twitter: Steve Jobs “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Follow Eric on Twitter: the show (
Ever since Cisco DevNet announced its certification track, the excitement just continued one after another. From "DevNet 500" to "Class of 2020", the Network DevOps scene had never been the same. At DevNet Create 2021, the Cisco DevNet team announced its long awaited Expert level exam, Cisco Certified DevNet Expert. In this episode, Hank sat down with me on the YouTube stream to answer some of the questions we collected over social media. You wouldn't want to miss this episode if you are remotely thinking about the DevNet certification track. Even if you are not the certification type, there is also insights to be gained from Hank and team's experience in developing an expert level exam. See you on the other side! Follow Hank on Twitter: Subscribe to Hank’s YouTube channel: DevNet Certifications: Cisco Certified DevNet Expert: Certified DevNet Expert (1.0) Equipment and Software List: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Follow Eric on Twitter: the show (
Today on the podcast we will be talking to John Capobianco. John is a senior IT professional, author,  social media influencer, and big community contributor. If you just listen to John for 5 minutes you will be amazed at his infectious energy and passion for open source technologies and networking.  In this episode, John will take us through his professional journey from IT administrator at an insurance agency, to teach networking at a local college, and now modernizing the networks at the House of Commons in Ottawa, Ontario.  He also shares with us about where he sees the industry is moving toward and how to get started with open source projects and network automation.Links from the show: Subscribe to John’s YouTube channel: Follow John on Twitter: Automate Your Network Website: DevNet Create 2021: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Eric on Twitter: Support the show (
In this episode I am talking with Nick Russo (@nickrusso42518), Technical Leader, CCDE, CCIEx2, author, teacher, USMC, OEF veteran, and successful business owner. In this episode, we discussed Nick's path into technology, the challenges he faced and overcome in the US Marine Corps, and studying for CCIE / CCDE.    We also talked about habit building, how he built a successful online business by being authentic, choosing the right area to compete, tools he used, and his thoughts on doing business ethically. Honestly, you would not want to miss this episode. Links from the show: Follow Nick on Twitter: Connect with Nick on LinkedIn: Nick’s Podcast appearances: Nick’s publications: Nick’s website: Booden CCDE Training: Clear 3-2-1: Jason Edelman, Network to Code: Network Chuck YouTube: David Bombal YouTube: Gary Vaynerchuk: Daniel’s Networking Blog: Kanban Boards: Patrick Lencioni Amazon author page: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube: Follow Eric on Twitter: Support the show (
Have you ever want to learn about network automation but don't know where to start? Maybe you have heard about Cisco DevNet but not sure how they can help you? In this episode, we talk to Stuart Clark, Senior Technical Leader Developer Advocate at Cisco DevNet, about what DevNet is and the resources it offers to help you. Stuart and I will discuss code exchange, sandbox, learning labs, and many more.  Let's dive in!  Links from the show: Stuart Twitter: Stuart LinkedIn: Cisco DevNet: Cisco DevNet Create 2021: DevNet Code Exchange: Cisco DevNet Sandbox: Cisco DevNet Learning Labs: --- Stay in Touch with Us ---Subscribe on YouTube:  Follow Eric on Twitter: Support the show (
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