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In this podcast I want to entertain, educate, and inform. I want my show to inspire and motivate you. I want to share my wisdom and what I know about life it might be a little or it might be a lot who knows. Most importantly I want to be able to make you smile and laugh. Y no se preocupe mi gente Latina que yo tambien ablo Español y en algunos segmentos estera hablando con ustedes. I’ll try to keep you updated with all the latest news on your favorite sports, los deportes.I will also be talking about pop culture. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on current events. Domestic or worldwide.This podcast is mainly about me having real and honest conversations and I’ll be talking about many things. Im a Gemini. I talk from the heart I’m real. I care for this world and humanity. I just want to have fun and I want you to have fun too. I want to give out good vibes and a positive attitude. To my Dreamers out there I’m with you, you have a friend in me. To all my short fellas who feel ugly and insecure I feel the same way too. This podcast is for everyone who felt they didn’t belong in this world. I want to make you believe you can do anything you want, and at the same time I want to make you smile and laugh.
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Good News

Good News


Borregin Borregon is here to stay.That show must go on.Borrego wants to be your host. Good news for marijuana smokers.Los Angeles Lakers new roster.Great news for all Dreamers.Support the Show.
Borrego talks about his fights against his insecurities.Will he win or loose? He talks about some of his struggles as a teenager. He hates his insecurities they wont leave Borrego alone. Support the Show.
Borrego likes collecting action figures.Support the Show.
Borrego talks about his dreams of becoming a actor, but those dream are now gone. What can he do next?Support the Show.
Borrego talks about how and why he fell in love with sports.He also talks about why he loves the Los Angeles Lakers. Support the Show.
Im a Dreamer

Im a Dreamer


Support the DACA!Support the Show.