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Joining me this week is Nicolas Cole.Nicolas Cole is 1/3 of Category Pirates - together with Eddie Yoon and Christopher Lochhead. This trio is pioneering the work around the concept of Category Design. The part that really intrigued me about Category Design is that by creating a category, you can go about credibly marketing the category as opposed to your business, which for many business owners feels more than a little bit uncomfortable. In contrast, talking about the category or the passion that drives the business could be something you do endlessly.In this conversation with Nicolas, we are able to break apart what it means to create a category, and how to go about category design. If you have any interest in understanding how the likes of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have created massive value as inventors of new products, then this is the episode for you.Please sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Nicolas Cole.👉Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week is Jack Murray.Jack is the CEO of MediaHQ, a media contacts and press release distribution platform. Jack started his career as a political and media adviser to a political party in Ireland. He released an incredible book called, The Magic Slice: How to Master the Art of Storytelling for Business. You'll realize from listening to this conversation just how powerful it is to reframe what the mission of the company is in that way.In this episode, we talk through the six steps in the framework for The Magic Slice, which is the intersection between the mission for your company, and what your audience is interested in.We also spend a lot of time talking about practicing creativity, how creativity is not something that you are born with - it is a discipline, it is a way of doing things. One of the great things he says in the episode is how creativity is about putting yourself in a position where you're forced to do the things that you want to be good at.Whether you have a company or you're working in a company, you're going to learn a lot from listening to Jack, and you'll learn even more from getting his book.Please sit back and enjoy my episode with Jack Murray.👉Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week is Harpreet Sahota.Harpreet is a data scientist at the Machine Learning company, Comet. He's also the host of a podcast called The Artists of Data Science, which has an extraordinary guest list. He's also a data science mentor for Data Science Dream Job, an interactive online course, and we talk a lot about mentorship in this episode. What I learned is that Data Science or Data Analytics is an umbrella term for a lot of different roles and a lot of different components within the field of Data. While you may think that Data Science is not something that you may need right now - you'll learn that the ability to interpret data and tell meaningful stories with data is actually critical to your job or your business.Harpreet’s interests are many - he is as much a data scientist as he is a content creator, online writer, avid reader, and philosopher - with all of those interests reflected in this incredibly insightful discussion.Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Harpreet.👉Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week is Nadine Kelly.Nadine is the founder of NPK Health Integration. She graduated from the University of Chicago and studied Medicine, became a Pathologist, and she worked in the study of disease for many years. Until a quite terrifying experience made her realize that that path was not meant for her. She then got into Taekwondo, and she also went down the path of learning about yoga. She now takes this incredible background and experience and teaches mature women how to integrate health.I think all of us have that feeling of "who am I to have the audacity to be bigger?" at some point. I know, I'm going through that right now. And when faced with the reckoning of what kind of impact you can have on the world - taking the path of bigger things often leads to the most enjoyable outcome.Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Nadine Kelly.👉Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
The first guest joining me for this conversation is Paul Millerd. Paul is a former consultant at both McKinsey and BCG. He is now a committed solopreneur having left the traditional path. He teaches people about strategy and consultation at StrategyU, and is best known for making friends on the internet and hosting hundreds of Curiosity Conversations.My second guest is Steve Schlafman. Schlaf is a professional certified coach, facilitator, speaker, angel investor, former operator and recovering venture capitalist. He currently operates High Output.This conversation originated on Twitter, where Schlaf announced that he was shutting down the fund he was about to launch. Paul jumped into this conversation and said “I am whatever the opposite of this is.” At first, it seemed true that these two guys have fundamentally different outlooks on work and life. But the more this conversation evolved, the more we found common ground, and lessons that were applicable to anyone, no matter what path you take - whether it's solo, or working with others.Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Paul Millerd and Steve Schlafman.👉Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week are the guests from the podcast's past.I am very excited to present a mash-up episode as a way to give thanks to the masterminds who’ve been on the show and offer something special back to the community.This one is themed around the topic of mentors. I'm super excited to dive in here, I think you're going to learn a lot from my selection of 13 previous guests. In the spirit of thanks - given that it’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States when this has been recorded and released - I would really appreciate it if you could give thanks for any enjoyment that you've had from this podcast, by liking, subscribing, or following the show.To celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m excited to announce a special competition. If you leave a review, take a screenshot of it and send it to I'll be sending one lucky listener a book of their choice from a selection of my favorite books of this year. So please leave a review, take a screenshot and send it to without further ado, let's learn about mentors.👉Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week is Scott Jeffrey Miller.Scott is an entrepreneur and also a Senior Advisor in Thought Leadership for Franklin Covey, a world leader in consulting and training, enabling individuals and organizations to achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior. It's a fascinating role and seeing Scott's day-to-day covers a lot of the topics we've talked about on this podcast.He says that no one can call themselves a “Thought Leader”, many do but those are the people you should avoid - it has to be bestowed upon you. His recent years have been dedicated to building out what it means to be recognized as a Thought Leader.One of the key takeaways, which we talked about in this episode, is how there aren't really any new ideas out there; and how we all have permission to twist existing ideas into new ones. This conversation moves between all of the different transformational insights that Scott has gleaned from his years interviewing incredible personalities for his book, Master Mentors. In fact, one of the topics we discuss in depth is how important it is to protect your brain - to literally be aware of the shock and trauma that our actual brains go through. I guarantee there is something in this episode for you.Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Scott Jeffrey Miller.👉Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week is the tea expert, Nicole Wilson.She has been exploring the world of tea and writing about what she learned on her blog Tea for Me Please since 2008. For the last 13 years she’s been following a passion, following her curiosity, learning everything she can about the topic, building a community, and sharing thoughts, ideas, and value for people.  She’s been navigating the quintessential creative path. What makes it especially fascinating is that it’s in such a specific niche, which made for a very interesting and unique conversation.If you didn't know anything about tea or thought maybe you weren't that interested in tea, I guarantee you'll find something of interest in this conversation with Nicole.So please sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy my conversation with Nicole Wilson.👉Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
My conversation today is with Akira the Don.He is a musician, artist, creator, and one-man record label, who has created a style of music that he calls Meaningwave.He takes meaningful lyrics from people like Jocko Willink, Jordan Peterson, Alan Watts, and David Foster Wallace; mixing these lyrics to music that is emotional and melodic. He uses some lo-fi hip hop, to create what he calls psychotechnology - a way to share meaningful ideas with people in a delivery mechanism that is frictionless, enjoyable, and fun to listen to. We discuss how important being a consistent producer of content is, regardless of what it is that you're creating.A lot of the lessons that he's drawn in his life and a lot of our discussion is centered around the ideas that he shares in the music that he puts out.If you are interested in the world of ideas, the creative process, or how this all comes together to make the world a better place, you're going to love this episode.👉 Continue the conversation with me:💌 Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Andrea is a communication coach. She's an expert in Consumer Psychology, and word of mouth. She has an insatiable obsession with understanding - “Why you said whatever you just said.” Andrea created Talk about Talk, which is a learning platform to help others boost their confidence and improve their communication skills. In our conversation, we specifically unpack the topic of personal brands. Whether you are running your own business or you’re working in a job, hoping for a promotion, many decisions that impact your success are made without your presence in the room. Having a personal brand means owning the narrative of what others say about you when you're not physically present - and my conversation with Andrea unpacks how to go about owning yours.Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Andrea Wojnicki.👉 Continue the conversation with me:💌 Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me for our 50th episode is Sharon Salzberg!Sharon is among the most prominent teachers of meditation in the world. She’s the author of 11 books, including the New York Times bestseller, Real Happiness. Her writing has been featured on Medium, the Huffington Post and she was a contributing editor of Oprah’s O Magazine for several years.Sharon is also the host of her own podcast The Metta Hour, which brings Buddhist wisdom to everyday life in a practical, common sense vernacular. Please enjoy my conversation with Sharon Salzberg.👉 Continue the conversation with me:💌 Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
My guest this week is Gwyn Wansbrough.Gwyn is an independent facilitator, learning experience designer, and course creator. She focuses on empowering educators and team leaders with the skills to make learning more creative. Her focus is human-centered learning, with an emphasis on group learning.Her extensive experience has taught her that the best group experiences combine world-class content, with engagement and connection. But it's the engagement and connection that are often ignored or left behind. Facilitation is the key solution to address this issue. With more people learning and working online, facilitation is quickly becoming a leadership super skill for the future.Gwyn has a number of useful exercises, activities, and tools you can use to create better group experiences - whether that's an online course, a team meeting, or even your next Christmas gathering. So next time you're in a group of people gathering online, think back to this conversation with Gwyn - and bring your best facilitation skills to the fore.Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Gwyn Wansbrough.👉 Continue the conversation with me:💌 Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week from Amsterdam is Gilbert Eijkelenboom.Gilbert helps turn analytical thinkers into compelling communicators. He focuses mainly on data professionals, data scientists, data analysts, and works with many of them through training events and public speaking. He's also the author of the book People Skills for Analytical Thinkers, a guide on how to boost your communication skills and advance your career. In this episode, you'll learn about:How emotions give us information.How journaling every day can help you unlock that information.How to use empathy to co-create.Why beginning with the end in mind, is the best way to go about creation.Gilbert's three C's for communicating analytical concepts: Connection, Curiosity, and Clarity.Please sit back, and enjoy my conversation with Gilbert Eijkelenboom.👉 Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week is Nathan Barry.Nathan is a creator, author, speaker, designer, and founder of ConvertKit, an email marketing platform. Nathan has been cutting his teeth since 2010 by blogging online and selling various digital products to his growing online audience. He has become an authority on audience building and email marketing. This episode is a treasure trove for anybody thinking of building an online audience, establishing themselves as an authority, and packaging their knowledge as information products. If you've ever wondered what it means to have an email list, Nathan's description in this episode is absolutely brilliant. I challenge you to listen to this without wanting to create your own!So please sit back and enjoy my episode with Nathan Barry.👉 Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me today is Karthik Puvvada, better known as KP.KP is a no-code builder, community leader, writer, podcast host, angel investor, and growth advisor for startups. In the last five years, he's built an audience of 20,000 people on the internet while shipping more than 10 no-code projects. He's gained accidental popularity as the “Build In Public” expert. He has published thousands of tweets on the topic to help founders and creators leverage this framework and build an audience on the internet.Our conversation moves from philosophy all the way to practical application, in an incredibly rich exploration around this concept of building in public. There isn't anybody out there that I've met who understands and can talk about these ideas so eloquently.You'll learn:How he used the idea of building in public to land his dream job.What his favorite side projects were in getting that exposure.How to play the infinite game.How to play the iteration gameAnd what it means to get on the path of learning.KP packages his years of experience into useful lessons for those getting started and those exploring this world of building in public. This episode delivers on what you expect and gives you so much more.So please sit back and enjoy my episode with KP.👉 Continue the conversation with me:💌 Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
Joining me this week is Caroline Goyder. Caroline has an international reputation for her work as an expert speaker and voice coach. She's worked with many prestigious clients; including news anchors, reporters, actors, CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, TV magicians, and even a monarch. She is also an accomplished writer, having authored three books, namely: Find Your Voice, Star Qualities, and Gravitas - the topic of which is one of the core things we talk about in today's episode.Her 2014 TEDx talk on the Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence has been viewed over seven and a half million times. In our conversation, we go deep into the idea of Gravitas - finding and harnessing the power of your diaphragm and understanding the central, almost inspirational role that your breath plays when speaking with confidence. This is a skill, a practice, and a way of life that can be applied to so many different things.So if you've ever wanted to understand more about how to speak, how your voice works, and how you can connect with your inner stillness and confidence - then this is the conversation for you.Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Caroline Goyder.👉 Continue the conversation with me:💌Get my 2-week email course on creating your own online course:
My guest this week was Jeff Gothelf. Jeff helps organizations build better products. He's the co-author of the award-winning book, Lean UX, and the creator of the methodology that goes into Lean UX, which has gone on to inform the way hundreds of companies approach software design and product design.He helps companies bridge the gap between business agility, digital transformation, product management, and human-centered design. He's written numerous books since Lean UX, selling upwards of a million copies across his collection of writings.In this conversation, we spend most of our time focused on his most recent book, Forever Employable. The book chronicles Jeff's transition from employee to agency owner to an independent operator. It teaches you how to stop looking for work, and how to let your next job find you.Jeff has a refreshingly simple way of thinking about what many of us want to be able to do; which is to secure our own financial freedom by becoming a thought leader or respected expert on the thing that we're good at. To learn more about Jeff's work, check out his website, which we've included in the show notes, to find courses, books, and other media to help you along your journey. That journey starts now.So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Jeff Gothelf.
My guest this week is Justin Mikolay. Justin is a senior writer and the host of a podcast for Gumroad, an online platform that facilitates the sale of products by creators directly to consumers. He's also the creator and instructor of the online course, 10x Creator, an intense three-week experience that teaches you how to launch successful online products. Beyond this, he maintains a never-ending list of side projects that he constantly works on.In this episode, we break down the process of going from selling time to storing effort in digital assets. This was probably one of the most actionable episodes I've ever recorded. I took copious amounts of notes and will be going over it again myself for ideas in the next couple of days.. This was probably also one of the best descriptions I've ever heard of how to go from consumption to creation.So please, sit back, and enjoy my episode with Justin Mikolay.
Joining me this week is Kaya Yurieff. Kaya is a reporter for The Information, a subscription-based technology publication. She writes a daily newsletter speaking on the “Creator Economy”, breaking ground on new developments and insights within this exciting emerging space. Before joining The Information, she covered business for The Street, a financial news and literacy website. Following this, she worked for CNN on the Creator Economy beat. If you have any interest whatsoever in the Creator Economy, Kaya is all-knowing and all-seeing, spending every day of the week researching and writing about this exciting new space.Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Kaya Yurieff.👉 Are you an expert? Want to create your own online course?💌 Start right here with my 2-week actionable email course:
Joining me this week is Luba Yudasina. Luba is a content creator with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. She's an entrepreneur, an opera singer, and a serial learner. Having started a business that connects US-based companies with Eastern European tech talents, her journey unfolds as a series of pivots as she follows the scent of a new epiphany. This episode is a lesson in just getting started. If you're curious about the creative economy, this conversation with Luba will open up your eyes to the emotional and mindset aspects of building a business and forging your own creative path.Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Luba Yudasina.👉 Are you an expert? Want to create your own online course?💌 Start right here with my 2-week actionable email course:
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Great episode! Really insightful discussion and had me smiling a couple of times! Keep up the good work guys!!

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This podcast is so exciting and has taught me so much already! I'm eager to learn more!

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