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Happy 100th episode to us! How did we get here?! This week we celebrate our 100th episode with a Throwback Thursday to ECW Hardcore TV’s match of Cactus Jack vs Sabu!
This week it is proven that any one can be a princess. Thank you Max the Impaler and Heidi Howitzer for the reminder as they take on the previously reigning Princess champs Saki Akai and Yuki Arai from Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling!!
98: Game Night!

98: Game Night!


Join us this week for a GAME NIGHT!!! We play our own little version of heads up with wrestlers! This episode gets real chaotic, so grab a diet coke and play along!!
97: Prestige Vendetta

97: Prestige Vendetta


Join us for our field trip to see one of our favorite promotions Prestige Wrestling! We end up having a few Vendettas of our own!
Ashley & Amanda enjoy themselves this week with some Enjoy Wrestling and a late night recording! Enjoy Wrestling’s Odyssey - season 7 episode 1 : specifically Allie Katch v Lee Moriarty. Ashley & Amanda we’re katching feelings while Allie & Lee caught hands.
95: Shut Up and Fish!

95: Shut Up and Fish!


A guppy of an episode where we talk about 5 dudes who wrestled some fish in a ring and then shoot the shit about wrestling news! It's two weeks in to January and the chaos has begun!!
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, at GCW - Americaz Most Wanted. Get ready for some dislike and some horny talk. Sorry for the delay on this review, but like holidays and being sick.
New venue, New Japan!This week Ashley and Amanda venture to LA to catch New Japan Strong live! Fun was had, bathroom selfies were taken, grown men were hit in the ding ding (as stated by someone in the crowd) and Amanda won a free shirt!
92: Slay Santa, Slay!

92: Slay Santa, Slay!


Missed our movie reviews, well we sure did! Happy Holidays from Goldberg himself! Join us on the lovely adventure through the 2005 horror comedy Santa’s Slay!
91: Hayter Nation!!

91: Hayter Nation!!


We are back after the holiday and talking about Full Gear baby!! Ashley tries to get Amanda to join Hayter Nation, Amanda's feelings about a certain wrestler change, and we finally bring back 10 outta 10!!
After a much needed break, Amanda and Ashley are back with what ended up being Ashley's hardest match to pick someone to root for. We are talking Orange Cassidy vs Shibata!! Join us as we get the hang of this thing all over again!!
It's October!!! Time for horror movies and wrestling? Wrestlers in horror movies?! YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! This week we are talking about CM PUNK and the film "Girl on the Third Floor." It has everything; ghost ladies, shitty husbands, and so many marbles!
88: Slam Dunk Daddy!

88: Slam Dunk Daddy!


This week we welcome back Ally from Notable Nostalgia and DNDecades to review another precious cinematic gift … an episode of Walker Texas Ranger featuring the most watered down Hulk Hogan you’re ever gonna see. Join us while we cackle our way through the episode.
The girls made the last minute (VERY LAST MINUTE) decision to make the trek out to LA and brought a friend along as well! The lesson we learned this week is never judge a show by its card or you might miss out on some really amazing wrestling!!
Ashley managed to pump enough sugar into Amanda to get her to Prestige wrestling this past weekend for the best 21 year anniversary ever! Great looking men, fierce as hell women, and all around bad ass wrestling. Here’s the hot take!!
Everyone loves a fun sized candy so here are your favorite two gals in a very fun size episode talking about how the world of wrestling is imploding!! Have a fun 10 minute little banger of an episode and come back next week for a supersized review of "Amanda & Ashley go to Prestige!!"
Questions and answers part two. More laughs, more learning about each other, and more wrestling related content for ya!
We take a breather from watching wrestling to answer your wrestling and non-wrestling related questions. Let the hilarity ensue!
It's been 277 days and finally.... HE'S BACK BAYBEE!! Kenny Omega is finally back and Ashley has a lot of things to say about it. So wipe that drool from the corner of your mouth and let's talk about all things Omega and the AEW Trios Tournament! 
This week we took an adventure over to Los Angeles and enjoyed some Brain Slam Wrestling: New Noise!! With a stacked card of nothing but bangers we gladly stayed out late on a school night for this show! 
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