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2020 has been a year of change. From the pandemic to the presidential election, it’s clear that the world will never be the same after this year – and neither will all of us who experienced it. In the season finale, Bill and Rashida explore how progress hinges on society’s ability to evolve, how our view of the world shifts as we get older, and whether it’s actually possible to change someone’s mind. Then they’re joined by two people who are using their positions as artists to change the world for the better: Bono and Kerry Washington.
Climate change is the most daunting challenge of our time. Tackling it will require unprecedented amounts of innovation, investment, and global cooperation. Are we actually making progress yet? Can we really stop the worst effects of climate change? In this week’s episode, Bill and Rashida take on perhaps their biggest question yet with an assist from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Kolbert. 
Honesty is a core value in most cultures. But humanity has always been obsessed with untruths, from little white lies to vast conspiracy theories. Bill and Rashida are joined by Sapiens author and historian Yuval Noah Harari to talk about why we’re so willing to believe falsehoods and what these lies tell us about ourselves—both as individuals and as a society.
2020 has brought to light a lot of issues, including growing inequality in the United States. We're seeing huge gaps in income, access to healthcare, and quality of education across the country. Economist Raj Chetty joins the podcast to talk about his groundbreaking research on opportunity in America. Then Mayor Aja Brown joins the conversation to talk about how she’s leveling the playing field in Compton.
Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve heard the same refrain: we need to get back to normal. But what does “normal” even mean after such a history-changing event? Bill and Rashida discuss how COVID-19 will forever change our workplaces, our schools, and even our social lives. They also get real with NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci about what we can expect in the months ahead.
Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions pairs Bill Gates with actress and writer Rashida Jones to tackle some of the biggest questions facing us today: Is it too late to solve climate change? Does everybody lie? Is inequality inevitable? Join them for deep dives into these questions and even a few answers.
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Saeed Heshmati

Is there a plan to continue in 2021?!

Feb 26th

Kian keykha


Feb 21st

Tari Ogounga

Bill my man

Jan 15th

Sydney Bales

I wonder how many 11 year olds listen to this.

Jan 12th

Aysan sabaei

I really enjoy listening to you both There are many learnings for me and it’s an opportunity to hear your ideas Many many thanks

Dec 29th


3 days ago, USA finally started making plans for its own Nuclear Fusion based Power Plant.

Dec 14th

Jake Henry Christian

Frustrated that she didn't push harder on free college conversation

Dec 13th
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Chinmaya Dave

This podcast has made me buy "Sapiens" - the book.

Dec 7th
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Jason Hastings

that intro song was a great decision

Dec 4th

Hamid R. Sarabadani

The idea that humans are enslaved with their thought creations is a very delicate issue. Despite the fact that people understanding from phenomena is highly dependent on their perception filters there must exist an independent truth.

Dec 2nd

Hamid R. Sarabadani

Inequality is the direct result of lack of opportunities for public members.

Nov 24th


I enjoyed that.

Nov 22nd

David Johnson

She's a Harvard Graduate and he's a Harvard dropout. I think she's a perfect co-host.

Nov 20th

masoumeh rahmani

there isn't subtitle??!

Nov 18th
Reply (4)

Ana Egri

I thought Rashida was an incredibly random choice of person to do a podcast with Bill Gates but she impressed me!

Nov 17th
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