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Author: Frank X. Gallagher

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Meet Frank X. Gallagher, the legendary live sound engineer, and host of Soundman Confidential in conversation with some of the biggest names in the music world and beyond. Check out to see the show's stellar Guest List. Show drops weekly on Wednesdays. Plug In!
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Buddy Guy is a giant in music. His influence is massive. Born in 1936 in Louisiana, Buddy moved north to Chicago to become part of the Chicago Blues sound playing with Muddy Waters and Junior Wells. Buddy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005 and played at the White House for President Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama, in 2012. I worked with Buddy in the 1990's as his tour manager and sound engineer. This is a must listen episode. Plug in to hear my chat with the amazing Buddy Guy. And check out for my upcoming guests. 
Kate Pierson ~ the B-52's

Kate Pierson ~ the B-52's


It's a great pleasure to have the amazing Kate Pierson as my guest on this episode. Before Covid pulled the plug on live music, I was mixing the live sound for the B-52's. I've known the band since their early days playing the Mudd Club in New York City, when they would drive from Athens, Georgia to get to the gig. The B's are a fantastic band to mix and work with.  In a future episode, you can listen to my chat with Kate's bandmate, Fred Schneider. Thanks to all of you for plugging in over the last couple of months. I really appreciate it. I have an amazing line-up of guests for you coming up in 2021. Visit to see the guest list,  and drop me a note, I'd love to hear from you.Roll on 2021 and hopefully getting back to going to shows.Stay safe. Happy holidays.Frank X. 
Jerry Harrison completes the Talking Heads quartet on Soundman Confidential. Jerry takes us through his time playing with Modern Lovers, and on to joining Talking Heads. If Talking Heads is one of your favorite bands, you're going to love this episode, as will those listeners who know the importance of Jonathan Richman and Modern Lovers, and their influence on punk and New Wave. Make sure to check out my interviews with the other Talking Heads; David Byrne, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz in previous episodes. The Name of This Band is Talking Heads. Plug in! Listen here to past shows with Talking Heads.
Drummer, and one of the best ~ I met Chris Frantz, founding member of Talking Heads, in 1977, on the first leg of the Ramones/Talking Heads tour in Europe. He laid the foundation for the band's live sound with Tina Weymouth, his wife, on bass. He made the air move. He hit the skins hard. I had the pleasure of working with him and Tina on Tom Tom Club's live shows too.And now an author ~ check out Chris's recently published book, Remain In Love, one of the top music books of the year. Plug in every Wednesday to Soundman Confidential for interviews with some of the top names in music.  Subscribe now!
I met David Byrne in 1977 on the Ramones/Talking Heads tour of Europe that kicked off in Zurich, Switzerland. I moved to NYC in 1978 to work with the band during the time they were making Fear of Music, one of my favorite albums. Brilliant record, check it! So, break out the shortbread, get yourself a cup of tea, and sit back and enjoy my conversation with David Byrne on Soundman Confidential. Check out for my upcoming guests. And if you feel inclined to support the show, consider buying us a soundcheck.  A million thanks. Plug in! 
Listen to Frank's conversation with Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club. It's a good one. Turn your eyes to Frank's story on how he came to be the live sound engineer for Talking Heads in 1977 in Switzerland as the band kicked off a European tour with the Ramones. And you can check out the upcoming guest list at the website. Plug In! 
It's time for soundcheck!Frank X. Gallagher toured as the live sound engineer with Simple Minds in the early 1980's. Listen in to his conversation with the band's lead singer, Jim Kerr, in Episode One. Don't forget to check out to support the show, and for the amazing Guest List on Season One. Plug In! 
Meet legendary live sound engineer, Frank X. Gallagher, host of Soundman Confidential, introducing highlights from Season One, featuring a stellar line up of guests from the music world. Check out for All Access to the complete Guest List. Follow us on Instagram - soundmanconfidential. Shows drop weekly on Wednesdays. Plug In! 
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