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Scared to Death

Author: ParaReality

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Scared to Death features the best of vintage radio horror, sci-fi and mystery radioplays.
4 Episodes
STD Episode 4

STD Episode 4


This is it! Monique and Emily are Petri Ivan’s Captives as he calls upon VHLORKAS- the Ghoul Lord! Can Carl trust Lilith? Will Carl be able to save Chicago and possibly the very the earth from DOOM??? Tune in for the climax to this mini-series and keep a light on!
Kolchak and Tony Vincenzo have the irons clamped on them by Police Captain Siska, while Monique and Emily decide to do some investigating of their own; but what of Petri Ivan, Rita Rollingston, and Gordy? Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!
This nights tale: A Playground for Evil- Episode 2.Will Kolchak survive Lilith Codescu and how is she tied in with Petri Ivan?
This nights tale: A Playground for Evil- Episode 1, in which vampirism comes to the Windy City.My name is Carl Kolchak, former reporter for INS, Chicago’s very own independent news service. In all my years of investigative journalism I’ve seen some pretty strange things. Today you’d simply look at them as amusing fodder for the national tabloids, but hear me out when I tell you…that they’re real. The Vampires, androids, ghosts, swamp creatures, monkeymen, and even Jack the Ripper; yes–every last one! Rather than jeopardize my former editor’s sanity with such sensational tales I simply left out the details for public consumption. Oh, I kept the real transcripts — conveniently tucked away from curious eyes in a file under the innocuous name: All Saints Archive. But now, happily retired, I believe I can finally release the full accounts…as I actually experienced them. Prepare yourself now for one of many cases from the All Saints Archive, or as I call them ‘The Night Stalker Incidents.’”
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