Author: Nicolette Macleod & Graham Richardson

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A Podcast about the Scottish coast and the communities and conservation work
taking place along it. Each episode the hosts Nicolette Macleod and Graham Richardson
talk to a different guest about their experience of the sea.

Published by URSALUNA Studio
8 Episodes
A bonus episode with artists talking about what it was like to spend a week snorkelling in the Argyll Hope Spot. Last year Nicolette was one of several artists chosen to take part in the Argyll Coast and Islands Hope Spot Residency. In this bonus episode she captures some of that experience with excepts from interviews with her fellow artists and a bespoke soundtrack.
New Year special

New Year special


Nicolette and Graham talk about their highlights so far, personal reflections and what's in store for 2021. Nicolette shares an unreleased song inspired by Taynish National Nature reserve and we hear beautiful thoughts and memories about the sea from friends and family.
David Parnaby talks about living on Fair Isle, its many visiting birds, the role of the Fair Isle bird observatory and its close knit community on and off the island.
Have you ever found a nudibranch in a rockpool? Catherine has! Working for Marine Conservation Scotland brings her into contact with politicians, artists and local communities. In this episode we talk about the pressure facing Scotland's seas, how artists can inspire us to fight for our coastline, and why action needs to be taken yesterday. Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website for more info and more episodes:
Rewilding is all about letting nature take over to the benefit of ecosystems, inhabitants, and us. This is just as true in the sea as it is on the land. Seawilding is a group on the west coast of Scotland aiming to reestablish a viable native oyster population that could improve its local habitat for other species and provide a viable and sustainable fishery for the local community around Loch Craignish. Danny Renton, director of the project, joins us to discuss digestive biscuits, oyster hoisters and strange packages from the Royal Mail. You can find out more about Seawilding at Find the three mile limit petition here: Follow us on Twitter: @SeaGazingPod @nicolettemmusic @birdandsongs
One quarter of all whale, dolphin and porpoise species, collectively known as cetaceans, have been seen in Scottish waters. As Director of the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, Alison's job is to find out more more them: where they live, how many there are, and what needs to be done to protect them. In this episode we chat about watching cetaceans from the land, finding toxic killer whales, and why whales capture our imagination. To download the marine mammal atlas, visit: Follow us on Twitter: @SeaGazingPod @nicolettemmusic @birdandsongs @jedidiahcodes Visit our website for more info and more episodes:
The Coast of Arran Seabed Trust are a pioneering local group that created the first community led No Take Zone around Lamlash Bay on the Isle of Arran. This is an area where nothing can be taken from the water, seabed or sea shore and has become a model case study for marine conservation across the UK. Nicolette talks with Jenny Stark about all aspects of COAST's work and some of the amazing creatures you can find in the area. If you haven't heard of a sea lemon or sea mouse before, you are in for a treat. To find the Biodiversity Monitoring Handbook, follow this link: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website for more info and more episodes:
What do you think of when you picture the sea? This is a short introduction to the podcast, your hosts, and some of the guests you can expect to hear from in the first series. SeaGazing is a podcast about community and conservation on Scotland's coasts. Each week we talk to a new guest from a community or organisation who are directly involved with the marine environment. Created by Nicolette Macleod and Graham Richardson and published by URSALUNA Studio.