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If the second Elizabethan era drew to a close on the 8 September, the second Carol or Carolean age began on Saturday 10 September with the accession of Charles III. Prior to that we – or more accurately our ancestors – have lived through Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian times to name but a few of the various ‘ages’ in England, branded by the sovereign at the time.What will this new Carolean age be like?
The sexual revolution

The sexual revolution


The sexual revolution was a disaster, and the main losers in the aftermath of it in todays world are women. Beryl and Pete discuss.Please comment below.
Radio is very popular and far from dying out it is by some metrics the most popularly consumed audio content. Beryl and Pete take a victory lap.
The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II showed a lot about duty and public service: it also provided an opportunity to preach the Gospel. Beryl and Pete grade the Archbishop's sermon.
Beryl and Pete broadcast Christian comment on the world of news each week from the Flame Radio Studios in Wirral, UK. But what exactly makes this dynamic duo tick? To ask Beryl and Pete questions, as happens in this episode, send your question in a comment at
Queen Elizabeth II was a great Queen should she be known as Elizabeth the Great? Beryl and Pete alway pay attention to the monarchy and royal stories and here give a retrospective of the Queens life from a Christian worldview point of view. King Charles III, her son and heir, is now monarch. How will he do? Let's pray...
Live Music from visiting musicians from the USA, including rock band, country and rap visited stage on the ground next to the Seacombe Social Club (Five Bars Rest Pub) near Pete's church. Christian music reaching out. For more info - See less
Marvel movies are as woke as they come but sometimes there is a good message, take Thor: Love and Thunder for example...
With challenges from the UK governments misguided diasterous response to the perceived threat of Covid and the proxy war with Vladimir Putin’s Russia in Ukraine, families and businesses are feeling the impact across the United Kingdom. What will Liz Truss who is now Tory leader and will be installed as UK Priminister do?
LIZ TRUSS and Rishi Sunak have been going head-to-head in hustings across the country all summer, the last of which taking place in London today, as they vie to become Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister. But who so we think should win?
God and thinking

God and thinking


Is Christianity the most rational way of thinking? How can the incredible of Christianity its first few hundred years be explained?
Justin Welby the esteemed Archbishop of Canterbury reveals his favourite quote, and it's quite revealing... and this might have ramifications for the future of the Church of England.John 15:16 -You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.
Christian nationalism is the belief that the American nation is defined by Christianity, and that the government should take active steps to implement Bible led policies. Is this a good thing?
Should our political leadership be Christian? Here on Beryl and Pete we believe that Christians need to be involved because we believe in a God who cares passionately about his world and his creation, and consequently how it is run. What does this mean for the selection of the next Prime Minister for the UK?
Has Justin Welby met his match in Sandi Toksvig? The entertainer has sent an open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, complaining about his attempts to compromise with African bishops and avoid a showdown at the Lambeth Conference on the issue of same-sex marriage. The gist of it is: ‘Even though I don’t believe in God, I’m rarely going to attend my local church again’.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has told a gathering of bishops that church members have “disagreed without hatred” this week over same-sex marriage decisions. It comes after the archbishop reaffirmed a 1998 Anglican declaration rejecting same-sex marriage, sparking a controversy over the church’s relationships with the LGBTQ+ community.
Conservatism has an inherent respect for institutions; a biblically infused respect for authorities (Rom 13:1-5) and historically for the monarchy. As Burke said, “We fear God, we look up with awe to kings; with affection to parliaments; with duty to magistrates.” Conservatives should be big on the value of trust. As we know from the very beginning, we are designed and called to be good stewards (Gen 1:26-31), holding all creation in trust from God under ordained authorities. Indeed marriage and the family (Gen 2:24, Heb 13:4, Eph 5:25) is the key institution at the heart of Conservatism, supporting values of trust, sacrifice and service within and between generations.
The vast majority of UK churches are declining, with Anglican, ... Elim is one of the fastest growing church movements in the UK. Here's why.
Megan for President

Megan for President


Hollywood brought her fame, the royal family brought her notoriety, and now politics is set to bring Meghan Markle a really large white house. New reports say the Duchess of Sussex has set her sights on becoming the next US President, as she gives politically savvy interviews around legislature and voting.
More than 650 Anglican bishops are meeting in Canterbury for almost two weeks of prayer and discussion that will highlight divisions within the church, broadly between the global north and south.The 15th Lambeth conference – postponed twice before finally convened recently, and formally opening on Friday – is likely to descend into acrimony over polarised views on same-sex marriage and relationships. Even before the conference began, a furious row over a draft declaration forced Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury and conference president, into a U-turn.
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