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Author: Peter Timothy Cooper

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We talk about faith, events in the news and give a hard hitting thought provoking commentary. Broadcast on Flame Radio ( 1521MW in NW UK). Presenters: Beryl Polden and Peter Cooper (Pete). Editor: Normal Polden Copyright: Wirral Christian Media.
Podcast available every Wednesday.
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Beginning with street interview Pete has been asking the controversial all important question for years: what does #jesus mean to you?
The #LSE has stated that the academic session names #Michaelmas Term, Lent Term and Summer Term will be amended to Autumn Term, Winter Term and Spring Term, respectively. Additionally, Christmas break has been changed to Winter break, while Easter Break has been renamed to Spring Break. This decision was made by the School Management Committee following consultations and discussions which took place last term. Is this the beginning of a slippery slope?
The martyrs of Small Heath, a football story,
A #sermon that made an impact, controversial indeed.
In this advanced technology era, social media is fast becoming a prominent part of everyone's life especially young adults. Many of these individuals spend vast amounts of time on various platforms which exposes them to various vices. How can we fight back against the pernicious and pervasive influence of social media?
In the midst of a cold snap this winter where are the much vaunted effects of CO2 carbon dioxide emissions and #globalwarming when you need them?
It's Advent

It's Advent


Advent is a Christian season of preparation for the Nativity of Christ at Christmas. It is the beginning of the liturgical year in Western Christianity. The name was adopted from Latin adventus "coming; arrival", translating Greek #parousia. In the New Testament, this is the term used for the Second Coming of Christ. But it begins by not thinking about Christmas at all - weird but strangely satisfying.
What's all this about praying for the dead? That's not Christian surely? Beryl and Pete investigate.
When governments lean towards socialism they end up evil. Discuss.
A sudden big freeze could be on its way to the UK before Christmas and it could catch Brits off-guard and unprepared after one of the mildest Autumns ever recorded. What is the Christian response?
The Festival is a commemorative event dedicated to all those that have served and sacrificed from Britain and the Commonwealth. This years event was broadcast on TV - it seemed to be more about poetry and inclusiveness than the Gospel - how Christian was it and how Christian should it be?
The ex-archbishop Roawan Williams opined recently that the church needed to be edgy on climate change. But is that right, should the church be edgy?
The era of Charles III, ie now, is looking to be historic. Lets set it in context.
The Church of England leadership are encourging local churches to discuss the book Living in Love and Faith. It is on same sex relationships, is ‘Living in Love and Faith’ just a way to force compromise?
One of the main tenets of Christianity is that people are encouraged to join: to become Christians? But what exactly does that entail? Does it involve baptism? How about being filled with the Spirit? And how does the sinner's prayer fit into it? Beryl and Pete delve deep into this important topic.
There is growing evidence that parts of Islam's holy book are derived from pre-existing Christian Aramaic texts that were misinterpreted by later Islamic scholars who prepared the editions of the Koran commonly read today. Was all of Islam originally Christian? Join the conversation and leave a comment below.
Met Police apologises to Christian preacher Hatun Tash an ex muslim and pays £10,000 in damages after she was wrongly arrested at Speakers' Corner having been subject threats and physical intimidation by Islam enthusiasts. Who is in the right?
Its war ever justified? The just war theory is a largely Christian philosophy that attempts to reconcile three things: taking human life is seriously wrong. states have a duty to defend their citizens, and defend justice. It has been adapted into a modern concept of just war in United Nations documents.Zelensky and Putin are both leading countries into war, but is it a just war?„Believe me, nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won: the bravery of my troops hitherto saved me from the greater evil; but to win such a battle as this of Waterloo, at the expens of so many gallant friends, could only be termed a heavy misfortune but for the result to the public.“ — Was Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, right?
The question of how "The Crown" Netflix series is to depict the fatal Paris car crash that killed Princess Diana and her boyfriend, maybe fiancé, Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla)may finally be getting answered. “The exact moment of the crash impact will not be shown,” a Netflix spokesperson told The Sun this week. But is any depiction of her death a step to far, is Britain still mooring? And what of her sons?
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