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Horizon Advisers Unleashed Podcast

Author: Ryan Kus, Alex Dinser, and Andrew Hinrichs

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As financial planners and business owners, we will discuss many topics. Our goal is to educate listeners on specific financial topics as well as conducting interviews of other business professionals. We hope you learn from their insight, stories, and experiences.Financial Advisor offering securities and advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, a broker/dealer, and a Registered Investment Adviser. Horizon Advisers is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by Cetera. Tax services are provided by Horizon Advisers. Cetera Advisor Networks does not provide tax services. Tax and accounting services provided by Horizon Advisers CPA. Cetera Advisor Networks does not provide tax nor accounting services. 5455 Corporate Dr. Suite 306 Troy, MI 48098

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Ryan and Andrew on "Horizon Advisers Unleashed" podcast as they dive deep into the insightful book "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel. In this special book review episode, Ryan and Andrew unpack the key principles and thought-provoking concepts from Housel's exploration of the complex relationship between psychology and finance. Through engaging discussions and real-world examples, they illuminate the behavioral biases that influence financial decisions and share practical strategies ...
Andrew and Ryan provide valuable insights and strategies for protecting investments during inflationary periods, offering practical advice on managing risk and maximizing returns. From understanding the impact of inflation on various asset classes to expert analysis of market predictions and economic policies, this podcast equips listeners with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in uncertain times.
Some people who “make it” going bankrupt. What causes this to happen? Many believe it has to do with the people you surround yourself with. Andrew and Ryan discuss these theories while relating them to certain celebrity financial stories. and Alex speak on the recent investments by billionaires into Detroit and how it is positively effecting the city.
Welcome to the Horizon Advisers Unleashed Podcast, where hostsRyan Kus and Andrew Hinrichs provide essential insights for business owners andHR professionals on their options for retirement plans. There are variousretirement plan options available to companies, including SEP IRAs, SIMPLEIRAs, 401(k)s, and defined contribution plans. Understanding the unique limits,costs, and benefits of each plan is crucial as your company grows.Tune in to learn how to select the best retirement plan to meety...
Ryan and Alex, seasoned financial advisors with a passion for education, delve into the fundamental principles of financial literacy and explore innovative strategies for instilling these values in the younger generation. From budgeting basics to understanding the power of saving and investing, they cover it all with clarity, enthusiasm, and a touch of humor.Whether you're a parent seeking practical guidance on raising financially savvy kids or an educator looking for effective teaching metho...
Join hosts Andrew and Ryan on the "Horizon AdviserUnleashed" podcast as they dive into the intricacies of achievingfinancial success through teamwork with your spouse. In this episode, Andrewand Ryan, seasoned financial advisors, unlock the secrets to harnessing thepower of collaboration within marriage to build a stable financial future.Discover practical strategies and actionable insights as Andrewand Ryan explore the dynamics of working as a team with your partner tonavigate financial chal...
Andrew and Alex discuss both the financial and emotional sides of planning a wedding. Getting married is an exciting time in your life, but it is also expensive! The guys share some advice for going through the wedding process based on their own experiences.
#156 - The Masters

#156 - The Masters


Join hosts Ryan and Andrew as they dive into the ultimate golf pilgrimage, recounting their unforgettable journey to the iconic Masters Tournament in Augusta. From the lush green fairways to the electric atmosphere, they share their firsthand experiences, insider tips, and memorable encounters. Whether you're a die-hard golf fan or just curious about the allure of this prestigious event, tune in for a captivating conversation filled with passion, camaraderie, and the magic of Augusta.https://...
Join Ryan and Andrew on the latest episode of "HorizonAdvisers Unleashed" as they delve into the pivotal topic of retirementsavings. In this episode, they dissect an article, offering listeners astraightforward method to gauge their retirement readiness at pivotal ages: 30,40, and 50.At Horizon Advisers, we champion the importance of crafting acomprehensive financial plan tailored to your unique lifestyle aspirations.After all, happiness is deeply personal, and your financial strategy shouldr...
Ryan and Alex discuss some of the project’s HA has been working on when it comes to education. We have invested in a studio in our Plymouth office. Here we will be producing a variety of video content that will be accessible on our YouTube channel. This will be short content available on a broad range of financial subjects. We have also started to record video for our podcasts to give another option. Later this year we will also begin to do webinars on a variety of topics. These will be live ...
Ryan and Andrew discuss the importance of being in control of your finances. In a world where financial uncertainty is rampant, it's crucial to seize control of your finances. Whether you're drowning in debt, struggling to save, or simply seeking to optimize yourfinancial health, this podcast is tailored to your needs.
Alex and Ryan review some practical insights from Marc Milstein, PHD. Dr. Marc Milstein is a leading scientific researcher on neuroscience, health, and happiness. His insights provide science-based solutions to keep the brain healthy, lower the risk of dementia, boost productivity and maximize longevity. He earned both his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry and his Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from UCLA. Dr. Milstein’s new book “The Age-Proof Brain” has bee...
Welcome to the Horizon Advisers Unleashed podcast with Ryan andAndrew! In this episode, we're taking you on a virtual journey to thecaptivating island of Jamaica. From its stunning landscapes to its vibrantculture, Jamaica has something for every traveler.Join us as we share our experiences exploring this Caribbeangem, discussing everything from the bustling capital of Kingston to thetranquil shores of its world-renowned resorts. We'll dive into the heart ofJamaica, exploring its rich history...
Andrew interviews their friend Liz Casselman. Liz is a Real estate attorney and partner at her family's law firm Halabu, P.C. She is also owner and Chief Operating Officer of Birmingham Title Agency and American Title Agency of Lenawee. She Earned her designation as a Certified Land Title Professional through the Michigan Land Title Association in 2023. Liz is also a licensed title producer agent in Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.In addition to her work as a title agent, she founded Birmingham ...
Welcome to Horizon Advisers Unleashed, where we explore the intersection of mental and physical health to empower your lifestyle. Join us as we delve into practical strategies and expert insights to cultivate holistic well-being. From mindfulness practices to fitness routines, we uncover the secrets to maintaining optimal health in today's fast-paced world. Tune in to unlock the keys to a balanced life on Horizon Advisers Unleashed.
Ryan interviews a good friend, Terry Conway, from National Home Lending. Terry is an expert in mortgages and has been in the business for decades. He shares some insight into where things have been in the current environment. They discuss the different types of mortgages and how to best prepare to get one. There is a lot involved in buying a house and working with a team may help you eliminate common mistakes.
Andrew and Ryan discuss some of the important items to consider as you plan for international travel.Prepare for Your International Trip with These Financial Tips (
Ryan and Andrew discuss an article found on CNN Business. “So make just one financial New Year’s resolution for 2024: Figure out what financial well-being means for you. It will be a highly personal endeavor. Then pick one or two steps to improve it.”
Ryan and Alex discuss an article found in USA Today. They review the article touching on key findings: America’s financial goals, how Americans feel about the economy, and how Americans feel about their financial health. Listen in to take their take on these topics.