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Author: Ryan Kus, Alex Dinser, and Andrew Hinrichs

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As financial planners and business owners, we will discuss many topics. Our goal is to educate listeners on specific financial topics as well as conducting interviews of other business professionals. We hope you learn from their insight, stories, and experiences.Financial Advisor offering securities and advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, a broker/dealer, and a Registered Investment Adviser. Horizon Advisers is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by Cetera. Tax services are provided by Horizon Advisers. Cetera Advisor Networks does not provide tax services. Tax and accounting services provided by Horizon Advisers CPA. Cetera Advisor Networks does not provide tax nor accounting services. 5455 Corporate Dr. Suite 210 Troy, MI 48098
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# 98 - HSA's

# 98 - HSA's


Ryan, Alex and Andrew have a conversation about health savings accounts. These accounts can have many benefits now and in the future for your health care needs. There are tax advantages to using these types of accounts. To be eligible for this type of account you must have a proper high deductible health insurance plan. Listen in to see if an HSA account would be right for you and the benefits it offers.
Ryan, Alex, and Andrew discuss the article they found in Fox News. There are studies that show only 38% of Americans have discussed their aging parents’ finances. This can be a complex topic depending on how the family communicates. We believe having these conversations up front before something happens can lead to a better result. It also allows the aging parent’s wishes to be adhered to. Listen in to see how and what you may want to talk about.
Andrew and Ryan discuss hobbies and why they are important for your well-being. Do you have any hobbies? Independence is an important aspect of retirement. Hobbies occupy your time and provide a rewarding feeling of accomplishment, which may be able to fill the void that your job had in your life.
#95 - 10% Penalty

#95 - 10% Penalty


Ryan K., Andrew and Ryan H. discuss the IRS 10% penalty on early distributions from qualified retirement accounts. Is the rule unfair? Most Americans save majority of their retirement nest egg into these kinds of accounts. Understanding the consequences of distributing money from these accounts pre 59 ½ is very important. There are several exceptions to the rule that you should understand before making any sort of withdrawal. Listen in to learn more.
Ryan, Alex and Andrew discuss year-end planning. The calendar year has flown by! Have you accomplished your annual goals? Now that we are already at the beginning of the year, there are several financial items you may want to address as we wrap up 2022. 
Ryan and Andrew discuss the topic of control and money. It is a thought-provoking question that many people may never ask themselves or think about. We believe that if you're confident in your financial plan, you have a better shot at controlling your money and allowing it to work for you. Part of being in control of your money is the psychology behind it. You must act and think in a certain way.
Jody Hall started her career in the 1980s. At that time, there were approximately 10% women studying engineering and far less than 10% women practicing engineering. Fast forward to today and the numbers are a bit different, certainly overall the number of women in science fields has increased. However, there are many areas where there are curiously lower numbers, such as in metallurgy - a subfield in Materials Science & Engineering. When I retired in February 2020, I found I was still hearing too many stories about how women felt they had to work harder to achieve the same status as men. Although I’ve heard a lot of encouraging news about changes in the work environment, I feel sharing conversations with women who have had interesting career paths will help mentor and support others, especially in these areas where there aren’t a lot of role models or mentors . My focus is on why women choose these fields, what they can bring to the table, and why it is a good fit.
Ryan, Andrew, and Alex discuss what it means when feds raise interest rates. Why are they doing this? What does this mean for you? You will learn that this is a tool the government can use to fight inflation. We haven’t had much inflation for many years now. In addition, interest rates have been historically low. This could help or hurt you depending on your financial situation.
Ryan and Andrew talk with Jody Hall about her trip to New Zealand. Jody had a great career, as she retired, she and her husband planned a trip to New Zealand to celebrate. Does anyone know what happened in March 2020? They landed in Australia in March and hopped over to the Island a couple of days later, only to find out they were going into lock down. They ended up being out there for 100 days. Listen to her stories and how they got through the situation.
Ryan, Alex, and Andrew discuss the correlation between precious metals prices and inflation. Using the 3 charts, they explore the history of gold and silver prices. Then discuss what happened to those prices during inflationary periods of time. There is nothing wrong with owning precious metals, but we have to always be diversified.
Ryan, Alex, and Andrew discuss an article written by Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. about money stress. It is a well written article that discusses this topic and ends with 5 helpful tips when attempting to actively free yourself from these limiting attitudes. In the article it also discusses the “critical inner voice,” which is a powerful concept that you must pay attention too!
Andrew and Ryan discuss whether you should help your kids financially or not. When does the payroll stop? Is it a good decision for both your own retirement goals and the success of the child? We discuss specific points on how it can work both positively and negatively.
Veteran's Day Special! Ryan and Andrew interview Alex about his time serving in the Air Force. They dive into how he made the decision to serve and what the process was like from start to finish.
 Ryan, Alex, and Andrew discuss the importance of protecting your personal information. We live in a very connected world now, and our personal information can be all over the place.  They also discuss ways to help identify and protect against making mistakes online. You must take some time regularly to make sure you have covered your bases. Even though there really is no exclusive way to do this, you can take steps to put yourself in the best position. 
Ryan and Andrew discuss employee benefits and different types of plans. Employee education can lead to a better benefit experience. They discuss some contribution limits of these plans and which ones might be better based on size of company. 
Ryan and Alex discuss what Life Insurance Awareness Month is and the importance of life insurance. Many people have a hard time knowing how much insurance to have and what type. We think having the proper amount of life insurance for your situation is the most important thing. Most people buy life insurance to protect their family in case something happens. It is important to put some thought into these decisions. 
Ryan, Alex and Andrew have a conversation about the year ending. It was a great summer, but now we are entering the last three months of the year. This is a good time to pause and look at your goals for the year. Have you accomplished the things you set forth to do in January? Are you on track for your savings goals?  You have 3 more months to make an impact and get things done!
Ryan and Andrew talk about being on the same page. Whether it is with your spouse, significant other, business partner, or kids. It is important to have open communication about money and to be on the same page. If not, one may feel betrayed, restricted, or unhappy. Everyone has different personality types and ideologies. Having open discussions about goals and money can bring people closer together and work towards agreed upon goals.
Ryan and Andrew discuss the topic of liquidity. What is the importance of having a cash position? What is the right amount of cash to have? Cash can give people a sense of comfort or discomfort, depending on your situation. We go into a deep dive about setting a purpose behind this asset and how to manage proper levels.
Ryan, Alex, and Andrew discuss what you should think about if you have recently been laid off. It is a very emotional time and lots of decisions must be made in a small window of time. It is common to panic, but it is important to slow down and make the right decisions. Listen in to get a list of things you may need to consider.
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