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Dr. Katrina “Kate” Brouwer, ICMDA Dental Ministry Manager of Canada, shares her vision for establishing dental ministry across Canada.  Check it out – eh?
George Courtney and Jamie Mijeski of CMDA’s Stewardship Department share practical advice on financial stewardship and serving God rather than mammon.
Steve Sartori, MD, the former Director of CMDA’s Center for Well-being, shares timeless wisdom to equip us for dealing with the inevitable stresses of our profession.
Dental students Tanner “TJ” Swanson and Caroline Miller share their vision of serving Christ through dentistry, which is developing along with their clinical skills.
Kevin L. Aduddell, DDS discusses his role in the Faith Prescriptions series.
Be inspired as you hear how Dianne Watterson has done it all as to the Lord during her extensive career in dentistry.
Be inspired as you hear how Dr. Gary Beaudreau, CMDA’s Northeast Regional Dental Coordinator, has impacted many students both domestically and internationally, during his extensive career in private practice.
Dr. Malieka Johnson, CMDA’s Western Regional Dental Coordinator, is passionate about treating her special needs patients.  When not providing dental care, she enjoys writing, singing, personal training and art.  Hear how God is at work through Malieka in the Western Region.
Lee Bridgeman discusses his role as CMDA’s Southern Regional Dental Coordinator while wearing many hats as a practicing dentist, a pastor, working with Texas A&M dental students, and now overseeing CDA’s southern region.
Katie Musser discusses her role as CMDA’s Midwest Regional Dental Coordinator and her journey through the CMDA Residency+ program to now serving as a faculty member in the same program.   .
Steve Cartin discusses the changes to Dentistry and how to maximize your impact for the Kingdom thru your practice.    
Allen Vicars discusses the CMDA Placement Service and how they bring like minded Dentists and Dental Practices together to further God's Kingdom through dental care, caring for the underserved, missions and more.    
Over the course of many GHO trips, Dr. Griffin has served hundreds of patients.  His desire was to minister to others, and in the process the Lord is transforming Greg to more resemble his Savior.    
How can a periodontal practice honor Christ? Listen to how the love of Christ motivates Dr. Bedichek to provide the best for his patients and staff.
Caren Abraham, DDS shares about the exciting and challenging task of creating a dental clinic in Kenya.
Bill Reichart discusses the role CMDA plays in the lives of Dental school students plus graduate dentists with community, support, prayer and fellowship.
Adam Algam shares about his journey to the Middle East as a dental missionary and what God has taught him along the way.
Michael O'Callaghan shares about the journey the Lord has taken him on as he has gone from dentist to missionary training pastors around the globe.
Learn what happens behind the scenes from CMDA Trustees Blake Westra and Tracy Liang, including some of the very cool non-dental ministries in which we share through our CMDA membership.
Hear how Dr. Van Haywood, the world recognized tooth whitening expert, has served CMDA members in multiple spheres over the years.
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