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Today, we unpack the misconceptions around discipleship and land on what it actually means...www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
In this moment, many feel discouraged and frustrated, but this is a call to remember our great commission.Join us for a great episode on The Fearless Ones PodcastSupport the show
On this week's episode, Kevin challenges us to slow down and consider the concept of what it truly means to "be like Jesus" and why it's often unseen in our culture.www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
Do you truly expect the goodness of God?Perhaps it's because you've never truly experienced Jesus through the people around you.On this week's Fearless Ones Podcast, Kevin and Matt discuss this and more.www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
Is your hand stuck in God's cookie jar?Find out what that means and more on this week's Fearless Ones Podcastwww.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
Join Kevin and Matt for an in-depth conversation about true purpose on this week's Fearless Ones Podcast.Support the show
Are you more concerned with being good "for" God, or good "to" God?What's the difference, and why does it matter?On this week's broadcast, Kevin teaches us the importance of words like "Dreaming" and "Desire" and "Memory" and why they were given to us by God as a way to honor Him.www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
Join Kevin and Matt as they break down how Fearless helps you answer this question in your own life.Support the show
Join Kevin and Matt for an in-depth dive into the "ways" of God and what it means to feast on the Bread of Support the show
Today, Kevin and Matt discuss what the "church" is and what it isn't through the lens of a listener question.Then, they discuss how to uncover the gift God has placed in you and how to bring it that none would have need.Support the show
As we continue to walk through a conversation regarding fear, today we address the Fear of the Opinions of Others.On this week's show, we unpack how the fear of other's opinions can stall your God-given purpose.Support the show
On this week's show, Kevin and Matt discuss the ripple effect our life has on the world around us -- an whether that ripple effect is from a fearless life, or a fearful one.www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
Many people are "looking for their 'why'". Today, Kevin and Matt break down the process on how to discover it in your own life.www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
Join us this week as we unpack the idea of the "Language of God".Does God have a language? Does He speak our language? How can we learn to communicate with Him?Leave a comment and let us know what you think.www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
This week we unpack a challenging question to spark an essential conversation for those who call themselves a "Christian".www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
While "waiting on the Lord" is a Biblical truth, today, Kevin and Matt break down what that actually means and why they believe we're in a season where God is waiting on us -- His sons and daughters -- to take the next faith Support the show
This is a really heart-felt conversation between Kevin and Matt about saying "Yes" to God.Connect with us at www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
As followers of Jesus, our direction is certain: we are disciples and we make disciples for Him.So, are you a fool for Him, or a fool for the world?Join Kevin and Matt on this week's episode.www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
On this week's episode we discuss the concept of consistency as it applies to an authentic faith and a couple of the pitfalls we need to be on guard against.www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
In this monumental moment, are you rising to the occasion, running from it, or have you missed it?www.fearlesstradingcompany.comSupport the show
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