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Tired of boring business discussions fit for your out of touch boss? The Business Wingmen Show, brought to you by father and son duo Steve and Travis Smith, trade tales of corporate absurdity and career brilliance with an electric candor, one which isn’t scared to not be politically correct. Our show dives deep into the thinking, behaviors and actions professional people at the top of their game embody. From leadership and management challenges to climbing the corporate ladder or being a successful entrepreneur, Steve and Travis’ insights help their listeners put to practice REAL ideas and tactics that actually work in the business world.

Gain some new, thought-provoking perspective on how to lead your team and run a profitable, growing business- all in about 20 minutes.
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Marketing is a complicated and vast method of generating clients and revenue. So, are you using the right strategy for your business? If you run a professional services company, your best approach might be 'Authority based Marketing'. Rather than waste huge sums of cash and time 'selling' what you offer, train your clients to come to you! Listen in as father and son hosts Steve and Travis Smith dive into the concept of using authority to drive sales and build your brand.
You are getting back to normal only to get slammed with business! Why, because so many of your competitors are out of business or not ready for regular operations. Now your team is maxed out. How do you handle all the new business? In today's episode, your Business Wingmen hosts, father and son duo Steve and Travis Smith talk about ways to get around this dilemma so you can dominate your market while saving your team from burnout.
What do you do when a valuable employee resigns to take a better offer? Do you counter to keep them? The odds that this will end successfully are surprising. Should employees who have accepted another job, renig to stay with their current company for more money? Join Steve and Travis Smith and learn the ins and outs of making or accepting counter offers.
We know that too much authority creates dissension, where as not enough authority as a leader can produce less than mediocre results. Balancing these two isn't just important, it's VITAL to the success of anyone in a leadership role. Join father and son duo Steve and Travis N. Smith as they talk about the delicate act of balancing your authority when leading a team.
Teachable moments can show up frequently but surprisingly sometimes leaving the mentor unprepared and the student unreceptive. Harnessing the value of these moments requires a teachable mindset and a willingness on the part of the mentor to pursue this opportunity. Join Steve and Travis Smith and learn how to effectively coach your team on the fly.
When is it time to leave, or is it? Deciding to quit to pursue a new career opportunity or stay put may not always be within your control. So, what is the best way to leave if all the signs point in that direction. Join your Business Wingmen Steve & Travis Smith and learn from the experiences they have had in a variety of circumstances and career histories.
We're all susceptible to burnout. It comes from feeling defeated, being overwhelmed or being stressed all the time. Do you know the signs that show up before burnout hits? As a leader, can you identify someone who is entering the early stages of burnout? Today, your Business Wingmen hosts, Steve and Travis Smith discuss how to spot and deal with burnout on the job.
The world is full of people speaking out about all kinds of social, political and economic issues; some responsible and others not. As a company owner or senior leader in a business, when do you make your opinions known and should you even be opening your mouth! In today's Business Wingmen Show, Steve & Travis Smith debate situations and examples to try and cover the spectrum of reasons and problems associated with speaking out.
There's nothing worse than realizing that the people that work for you routinely discount or blow off your direction, ideas or input. Don't let this continue. Learn how to improve your communication style and engage your people at a deeper level.
In this special episode we interview gubernatorial candidate for California, Major Williams. Our talk focuses on today's business conditions and what the future holds. Major is an entrepreneur and small business owner with aspirations of becoming the next governor of California and changing the state's poorly rated business climate.
How motivated is your team to be their best and bring their A game to work each day? If motivation is an issue for you or the people you employ, join Business Wingmen Steve and Travis Smith for a lively, informative discussion on how best to motivate your employees so they will do their best.
Business Partnerships have the highest rate of failure of any business structure because the partners in question don't do enough to qualify their compatibility and shared visions for success. In today's show, Steve and Travis Smith discuss the importance of operating agreements, understanding your partner's priorities and making sure the partnership roles are clearly defined.
Is the customer always right or do you have the right to say No! If you can't or don't want to accommodate a customer request, what is the best way to decline without losing the customer. Today, your business Wingmen hosts, Steve and Travis Smith will debate the best ways to say no and still maintain the customer's respect.
Do you know someone in your workplace who exhibits bad behavior but doesn't realize it? What do you do? Do you tell them or stay out of it? Today, your Business Wingmen Steve Smith and Travis Smith debate the pros and cons of engaging people who interact inappropriately with others regardless of the damage it causes.
What do you do when someone you work with or works for you is someone you dislike or are uncomfortable being around? Happens all the time and it can lead to work flow issues or HR problems if it's not addressed. Join your Business Wingmen Steve Smith and Travis Smith and gain new insights about solving this common problem.
From the days of email and social media to our current video conferencing communications, operating in a digital world has behavioral best practices- Etiquette! It is not complicated but making some or all of these mistakes can make you look very unprofessional. Join Steve and Travis and learn the 'dos' and 'donts' of communicating virtually.
We all deal with things that take us off track and away from our responsibilities but the greatest distraction suffered by small business owners is Shiny Object Syndrome. This disorder makes it difficult to stay focused on your business long enough to be successful. In today's episode of the Business Wingmen, Steve and Travis debate why this happens and how to overcome it.
Companies who supply products and services to your business are an important part of your overall success. So, what is the best way to select and monitor your suppliers to insure you are getting the best for your business? In today's episode, Steve and Travis debate the essential strategies for picking the right supplier for you.
Today, it's possible to have as many as 5 generations represented in your business! The dominant ones remain millennials, then boomers with gen zs gaining speed. How do you insure that working relationships don't become an issue? Join Business Wingmen Steve and Travis and learn about the differences and the solutions to this challenging but very real situation.
How influenced are you by books? have you read books that really changed your career, your business or your life? Today's episode focuses on books that shape thinking, attitudes and new approaches to reach professional goals. Join Steve and Travis and get their list of the books they were most influenced by.
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