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The topic of Self-Improvement is one that cannot be overemphasized as to become a better continent, we need better people and to become better people we need to be intentional about self-improvement and personal development.

On the Afrocentrist, our goal is to help you think about areas where you need to improve to make you a well rounded African. Whether that is personal growth, business growth, career growth, health growth, financial growth, spiritual growth or even relational growth. The point is you need to be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. Support this podcast:
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In this episode, I shared about three important and rewarding relationships to seize in your life today. And they are;  1. The Watchmen  2. The Warriors  3. The Workmen  In your journey to self-improvement and development, your relationships are going to be a vital tool that will move you from your current level to the next level in the different areas of your life and you really want to pay attention to the types of relationships that you have in your life and I hope that you found today's episode helpful.  Listen to the episode and find out who these people are, if you have them in your life now and how you should leverage your relationship with them. Feel free to share your thoughts with me on any of our social media handles below. PS.  I made a special announcement and I am excited for next week. Also if you would like to become a part of the Narrators On Purpose - then hit this link to join the family, we will be happy to have you with us. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Hi Guys,  It’s another beautiful Friday and I am happy I could show up today.  On today’s episode I get the change to speak with Dr Stephen Akintayo who shared with us his top 3 personal development strategies that keeps him grounded.  Enjoy the episode, share your thoughts and tell a friend too.  Read about Dr Stephen on his website Follow some of his other works by visiting the links below Get your copy of his new book BILLIONAIRE HABITS by clicking the link below You can also connect with him on IG Thank you for listening / watching this podcast every week. I appreciate you. If you have specific feedback please reach us on  Connect with me on IG --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Happy Good Friday Fam.  I hope you are enjoying the new month already.  Today on the show I had the pleasure of hosting Raheema Odusote, a  recent amazon best selling author. Read more about her below     Raheemah Odusote is a trained Engineer and a Chartered Accountant.  However, her love and passion for reading and writing direct her to her dream job of becoming a Book Coach for clients worldwide.   When she's not writing fiction about family relationships, marriage,  friendship and love woven with Islamic ethos, you can find her painting,  solving crossword puzzles and taking personal development courses to continuously learn about herself, her Lord, her family and the world.  She enjoys cuddling with an interesting book in a quiet room with a cup of steaming green tea in her leisure time.  Raheemah presently lives in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. She's married with children.   I hope you enjoy the episode and her story too. Remember that your Self-improvement and Personal Development is our delight. Feel free to reach out to us by sending us an email to the  Below are links to get  the book    On Amazon -    For the hard copy:   For the pdf:    Connect with Raheemah on IG -    Follow us on socials    Connect with the host --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In today's episode, we take a look into what THE REFERRAL CODE is and how to activate it in your career, life and business. As part of being intentional about your personal development or self-improvement, you need to understand what The Referral Code is and as a matter of urgency activate it in your career to accelerate your career ladder climb. How to go about the activation and what to do and more is what we discuss in this episode. Pay attention and commit to taking corresponding action afterwards.  About my guest:   Ijeoma Miriam Nwakuche is the General Manager at Mars Maritime Services  Ltd. She has 15 years of multidisciplinary experience in the Nigerian  Oil and Gas industry, which cuts across Contracts and Procurement,  Logistics and Maritime Services. She has held several strategic and management positions in both Indigenous Service Companies and  Multinational upstream (Mainstream E&P) Companies. In her roles as a  Contracts and Procurement expert, she was an active participant with respect to the Implementation of Local Content strategies.   Due to her passion for the empowerment of young Nigerian professionals and women empowerment, she has served on various impact projects such as  “Class to Boardroom” (CR2BR), Genesis House of Freedom Foundation, SPE  projects etc. where she lends her voice, provides leadership, support and resources required to achieve the impact goals. Ijeoma is a proven leader, skilful communicator, and a seasoned professional, versed in the marine business, strategic planning, and business development. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of  Port-Harcourt and Management Credentials from Harvard Business School. She is married with three children.  Connect with IJ -    The Referral Code wait list - Connect with Host Ejiro -    Follow us on IG --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Hi Fam,   I hope you are having a swell Friday? So I am back again today with a new episode on The Afrocentrist Podcast (TAP). And in this episode, we are discussing how to manage your different roles as a woman. My guest Nita Hungu shared with us her own journey through this process of managing her different expressions. I hope that you find it valuable and enjoyable.     About my guest.   Nita Hungu is a community builder and founder at Binti, a multicultural movement that seeks to disciple, encourage, empower, and uplift women through the gospel's truth and the power of the Holy Spirit. She is also a researcher, having authored scholarly work in the field of leadership. She uses her background in Psychology, music, leadership studies, and her lived experiences to inspire women to live authentically from the inside out.  Originally from Kenya, she, her husband, and their daughter currently call Dubai home. You can connect with Nita via the links below Email - Instagram: Website: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this episode of Tap, the discussion covers how to monetize your  Knowledge. And my guest Grace Kalu who is a Software Engineer and a  Knowledge Monetization Coach, covered limiting mindsets stopping people from monetizing their knowledge, steps to monetizing your knowledge and how to price your product or service.     Grace has a large community of over 16,000 members where she trains and empowers 'knowledgeprenures' to reach their money goals.     You can connect with Grace via the following media    Have you got an inspiring story to share? Then reach out to me via Instagram    or send me an email to --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Hi guys, trust you are having a good day. So last week I told you that this episode is a masterclass and I am really hoping that you would enjoy this and learn as much as I did.     Your feedback will be highly appreciated whether by dropping them in the comment section or by sending me an email to   In this episode we talked about understanding what a business model is, deciding how to choose a model that works for you and then going over to work on a business model canvas.     You can download a copy of the business model canvas here -​   To connect with our guest use the links below --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Hi guys,  It's been two weeks since I've been gone. I've really missed you but I  am happy to be back. Please watch the full episode to find out why I   was away. But I shared a lot and promised a lot of links today so I'd just get to the links.       Access Freedym here -    Access PLR here -    Access EEA here -    Check out Edirin Edewor's Past Episode on Goal Setting here -    You can be a member of OPEN here -    Connect with me on socials --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
It's so good to be back again this week. And today on the podcast I had a conversation with a business strategist, coach and author who helps businesses to 10x their sales. He shared with us 5 vital steps to take to 10x our input that will inevitably lead to 10x results. Enjoy this episode and feel free to share with me what jumped at you the most.  About my Guest.  Dapo Onamusi @dapoonamusi is a Designer and Business Consultant from Lagos, Nigeria.  He helps Business Owners SELL REPEATEDLY by delivering practical strategies and tactics that must be deployed to help them achieve their Growth-Driven Goals.  Dapo delivers value through his Products (Books, Articles, Audibles, Photos, Videos etc).  He also delivers value through his Services (Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, Mentoring, Brands Strategy/Design and Packaging/Label Design).  Dapo Onamusi trained as a Mechanical Engineer in the University of Ibadan. Rather than practising, he applied his training and design skills to his all-time passion for creating solutions for challenges through media and marketing communications, which he has done for over 20 years. To polish his craft, he also enrolled in a number of courses at the School of Media and Communications, Pan-African University (now Pan-Atlantic University). Dapo worked actively in the Brands Management and Advertising Industry. Here, he learnt the business of Sales, Marketing and Customer Psychology as he developed winning campaigns for many local and global brands, including Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Pirelli Tyres, Coca Cola, Debonairs Pizza, LaCasera and Avon HMO.  Dapo left paid employment to reactivate DESIGN AND FIX, a Lagos based smart shop he had started at the beginning of his career. The company, also known as DAFIX COMPANY @dafixcompany delivers cool, clever and interactive solutions for businesses, from branding, advertising, consulting, training and much more. The consulting and training arm of the company focuses on Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Customer Psychology. Through his company and in a private capacity, Dapo has facilitated for different clients including  Resource Intermediaries Limited, Nitro 121 (formerly 141 Worldwide), Avon HMO, REALS Pharmaceuticals, KCMB Microfinance Bank, Daytona 24/7, Platform Branding Company and White Cleon Limited. He has also coached numerous business owners and employees in series of his flagship training - SELL MORE THRU THE BACK DOOR. He has also been invited to speak in churches and non-profit organizations. Dapo Onamusi is a polymath, exceptionally gifted as a writer, coach, design thinker, drone pilot, speaker, salesman, photographer, videographer, graphic artist and then some. He is the author of a series of books titled - THE SELLING MINDSET. His latest work in the series is a book titled HOW TO BOOST YOUR SALES VALUE. As a friend of God, Dapo is always work in progress, ministering in his local assembly (Protocol Directorate, House On The Rock). Dapo is driven by values of Excellence and Integrity, which helps him to continually look for ways to do things better, without compromising on what is right. One day, he hopes to take as many people as possible with him from developing nations out of mental and material poverty. Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel Here  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
My goodness!     If you are a startup or a business owner or you know someone who is,  then this is a must-watch/ Listen depending on your preference.     On this Episode Just Ibe, the President of TAAS (The association of  African Startups) breaks down what you gain to be part of the  association as well as shared deep insights about rebuilding Africa  leveraging on your IMPORTANT role as a small business or start-up  business.    Are you aware that no matter how little you make as profit as a business  in Africa you contribute to the GDP of the continent? And when you  start to see your business in that light, you are empowered to start to  think big, think scaling and think global.     So much goodness to unpack on this episode so just dive in and enjoy.  And should you have any questions for Just Ibe you can reach her via  these channels.     1. Become a member of TAAS - Register here -    2. Follow Just Ibe's work -    3. Send an email -    4. Take the African Continental Free Trade Area course here - (AFCFTA)    I'd like to connect with you too     And please do connect with the podcast WATCH THE EPISODE ON YOUTUBE - --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
How do you perceive other cultures? How do you see people who are from a different background and culture? How do you treat them? How do you appreciate the differences that exist among us as humans. Dive into this discussion with Chenoa, who's experienced has helped her appreciate life, people and cultures and she shares and spread the word and love through her works. ABOUT MY GUEST Author, Speaker, Performer and HUMANitarian Chenoa hARTherapy Murray liaises with cultures and diverse people, showing them how to overcome harmful cultural paradigms and realize their wildest dreams.    Her passion for community engagement led her to live and work in places near and far including  Mexico, Costa Rica and, most recently, South Africa.  She served in the  U.S. Peace Corps as an HIV/AIDS Health Education Specialist in rural  KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (2015-2017).    Upon returning to the U.S.,  Chenoa published her inaugural poetry book, "Whites Only", inspired by her time with the lovely Zulu community she served.  She has performed her poetry in venues including Atlanta's historic Apache Cafe, Divinity  Church International, the Social Security Administration Atlanta  Regional Office, the Velvet Note, the I Am Free Music Festival, the  International Centre for Women Playwrights, Fringe Benefits Theatre,  Bushfire Festival (Mbabane, eSwatini [formerly known as Swaziland]),  Great Bingo (Emnambithi/Ladysmith, South Africa), and Mama's Jus'  Jazzin' (eThekwini/Durban, South Africa). A portion of book proceeds goes towards Limehill, South Africa, the rural Zulu village where she spent her two-year assignment.  A "Whites Only" spoken word poetry album,  produced by Patrick Gregory Daniels, is slated for release in 2021.   Chenoa's latest endeavours include establishing a Dream Centre in  Limehill, South Africa. As a proud graduate of Paine College and Morehouse School of  Medicine Master of Public Health Program, Chenoa is a staunch advocate of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) education.  She absolutely believes that God has blessed her to be a blessing to millions of people around the world.  What would make her happy,  however, is if you would stop reading about her life and go out there and live out your wildest dreams too! "Live while you are yet LIVING!"  --Chenoa hARTherapy Murray To connect with Chenoa please tap any of the links below GET THE BOOK HERE WHITES ONLY --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Welcome to season two of the Afrocentrist podcast. On this first episode, I go solo and I share with you lesson from a class I attended at  TAAS check them out here This was a session facilitated by my dearest coach Debola Deji-Kurunmi you can check her out here The 5 habits for accelerated results are 1. Practice Introspection 2. Daily Knowledge quest 3. Strong Action bias 4. Regular appraisal 5. Break the Silos. I hope that you find it helpful. Do follow us across social media. Have a great weekend. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
We all know how saving is the lowest commitment on your journey to becoming wealthy. Yet, a lot of us struggle to save. How then can we go on to the real deal; investing if we find it difficult to save? In this episode, to help us improve on this area of personal finance, we talk to our guest Aniekan who is an accountant by profession and a personal finance enthusiast.  We talked briefly about how to start saving by cutting down on spending to allow space for extra funds that can then be saved. It is a short and simple discussion with a lesson or two to go away with. Remember that your personal development or self-improvement contributes to the growth of the African continent and we are here to remind you and help you take corresponding actions to your journey to self-improvement.  Connect with us on social media. Connect with the host See you next week.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Welcome to today's episode of The Afrocentrist Podcast. As announced last week, this month of October we would be having discussions around personal finance and today we talk about Personal Budgeting, why you need to keep one and the benefits it offers you. Remember that having a robust financial condition will help on your self-improvement journey as you are able to upgrade your knowledge base as well as your network. And especially as an African, you can't be caught resting your laurels. My guests today are Imade Bibowei-Osuobeni and Olaolu James. You can connect with them via social media with the links below.  Connect with Imade - Connect with Olaolu James - Also remember to follow us on any of our social media platforms.  On Instagram - On Twitter - On Facebook - On YouTube - Have a fantastic weekend and see you next week.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Today we choose to celebrate the five remarkable Africans who made the Time100 most influential people in the world for 2020. In no particular order, they are  1. Tomi Adeyemi 2. Tunji Funsho 3. Abubaccar Tambadou 4. Dr Jean Jacques Muyembe Tamfum 5. Tony Elumelu We hope that by looking at these amazing people and the positive impacts they are creating in the world that we are going to keep shinning our lights and upholding the excellence of Africa. We hope that we will be reminded that the journey to the top begins with you being intentional about your personal/self-improvement.  A special shout out to our brand support @taasafrica  We are now available across social media platforms. Do well to connect with us on any of our handles.  Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Gratitude Notes

Gratitude Notes


A very Merry Christmas to you!  I am grateful for the gift of you and I just hope that this season brings with it good tidings for you and yours. I also wish you an amazing 2021. Thank you for staying with us.  See you next year.  Connect with us via social media  Twitter  Instagram  Facebook  YouTube --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Whoop Whoop!!!  We've got just 13days till the end of 2020. Are you excited or what? So, Christmas this year won't be as we know it, that we can all agree on yea? So I thought to share a few ideas on how you can spend it with family, friends or alone and still make it a memorable one.  Plus, the next episode is going to be our last for the year, yeeeeha! Thank you for coming along with me on this journey and I look forward to serving you better in the coming year. So, let's end with a lot of gratitude, shall we? Send me your gratitude voice note to or follow us on Social media and send us a DM. I am counting on you and can't wait to hear and share your lovely voice. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. Background Music credit - --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Hi guys,  And the second week of December is upon us. How has it been so far? How is preparation coming for 2021? Have you started thinking about your goals for the new year and areas where you want to be more intentional?  On today's episode, I reckon that having better relationships in 2021 will be a game-changer for most people which is why we talked about repositioning your mind for better relationships. And I love the insights shared by my guest and I hope you love and find them useful too.  Have you got any feedback for me? Feel free to send me an email to I would also love to read from you, areas that you would like me to touch on in subsequent episodes of The Afrocentrist Podcast (TAP).  Till I read from you or talk to you next week. Remain amazing and enjoy your weekend.  Connect on Instagram --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Oh well, as much as we are gearing up to enjoy the festivity that comes with this time of year, it is also that time when people start to take stock of how the year has gone, what worked and what didn't as well as set goals for the coming year.  So today on the show we are looking at simple but important hacks to setting achievable goals and my guest Edirin Edewor did an amazing job of breaking down what effective goal setting is and how to achieve it.  About my Guest Edirin Edewor is a Multiple Amazon Bestselling Author, an award-winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Coach, Principal Consultant and Founder at Edagho Solutions with footprints across Africa and the UAE. Continue reading  She is putting together a goal setting workshop on the 20th of December 2020 and I bet you don't want to miss it. She is awesome at what she does and she's got amazing proof to show for it. And guess what? She is giving us 50% discount from today till 10th of December. You really don't want to miss it! Hurry now and SIGN UP HERE. Join here community of over 30,000 writers, authors, entrepreneurs and freelancers who are smashing it in their fields and get the change to network with amazing goal-getters. JOIN NOW! I look forward to you sharing your thoughts on this episode. I'll talk to you next week.  Cheers.  Connect with me on IG @ejiroosakede --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Source for today's content  Thank you for listening. I'll talk to you next week.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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