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For Episode 7 of Cybba: On Display, we sit down with John Vuong - founder and president of Local SEO Search, an SEO company based out of Canada that offers its' services to small businesses, especially family-owned traditional businesses that aren't well-versed in the digital marketing space. John speaks on his professional journey in ad sales, his introduction to digital marketing, and how his experience working with thousands of local businesses during his time at the Yellow Pages inspired him to start his own SEO company to help their growth. 
For Episode 6 of Cybba: On Display, we sit down with Megan Hayes and Kimberly Reilly - friends, neighbors, and Co-Founders of Everybody Water. Everybody Water aka “water with a heart” is a socially-conscious business, focused on commitment to compassion, particularly towards people’s most basic need: water.With this in mind, Everybody Water donates 3% of their annual gross revenues to support clean water and sanitation infrastructure projects that bring running water, sinks, showers and toilets directly into homes for the first time.Megan and Kim join us to discuss their inspiration behind starting this new venture together, how they painstakingly designed their packaging, and how they were able to gain traction and success without one paid ad. 
"Never before have we consumed as much content, in as many forms, and in as many places as we do now. This means marketers, creators, and anyone who communicates with an audience is under more pressure than ever to deliver unique content, consistently."Melanie, Director of Content at Foundation and best-selling author of The Content Fuel Framework, joins us to discuss the inspiration behind her book, how her journalism background has shaped the way she thinks of content, and the effective strategies all marketers should be employing.
Just starting your business? Don't have a large marketing budget? Or any marketing budget? Not to worry! When starting out, it's important to not only define and understand your audience, but to interact with them. Reach out - start a dialogue - know where your product belongs in the market. It's important to set up these early relationships with loyal, early customers before finding new ones. 
When setting up a campaign, interets are much more valuable than demographics. Send your message to the right audience at the right time, rather than cast a wide net. Rand Fishkin joins us to talk about his latest venture, SparkToro, and how their platform recognizes these modern marketing trends to help advertisers perform better. 
From Facebook and Instagram, to Quora and LinkedIn, data has never been more easily available to marketers. But not all data is equal in value! Are you taking advantage of these insights to target more efficiently? 
Understanding and growing your audience can be overwhelming. For our latest episode, we sit down with Rand Fishkin to talk about his newest venture - SparkToro - an online platform that can help you quickly and accurately identify where their audience spends time and pays attention, so marketing efforts can be better targeted and more effective. 
Think like a customer, not a business owner! Focus on the benefits rather than the features and allow your ideal customer base to understand what your product will provide for them.
Podcast Marketing Tips

Podcast Marketing Tips


Understanding your ideal audience and what they want to hear is much harder than you may think. It's important to provide useful information without overselling  - and at the same time - keep the conversation interesting.
With so many marketing and advertising agencies around, finding ways to stand out can be a real obstacle. Michael Norris, CMO of Youtech,  joins us to discuss the challenges of marketing a marketing agency, how he manages his team and content strategies, and why you should never be afraid of taking risks. 
And if so, what sort of audience should you be targeting? What kind of personality should you collaborate with? And what about brand collaboration? All of these - plus more - get answered in this clip featuring Beau Schmitt from Sunday Scaries.
The best way to grow your audience is consistent, thoughtful content. But make no mistake, this is no easy task.  Listen for some easy tips on creating new and exciting content to keep your followers engaged.
Whether you're just starting out or you're a veteran in the CBD world, how your source your raw product should be a top priority. Hear how and why Sunday Scaries still sources their hemp from US based growers. 
Beau Schmitt wears many hats as the co-founder of Sunday Scaries - one of the most successful CBD companies today. Learn how he and his business partner Mike Sill formed their brand based off a brand mission, not the product itself, and won over the Millennial generation. 
Black Friday is less than 2 weeks away, is your brand doing everything possible to capture your audience's attention? Don't let your competitors win those sales! It's time to utilize every channel possible and remain top of mind for your customers.
Finding loyal customers is hard. Finding loyal customers with no budget is nearly impossible. Listen as we discuss ways to expand your reach as a new brand and fine-tune your top-of-funnel efforts.
For our first episode, we sit down with Nancy Berger - a digital marketing consultant for fashion brands - to discuss how to properly utilize social media to grow your brand both organically and with paid ads, the smart way. 
Hi and welcome to Cybba: On Display. This podcast is dedicated in bringing you exclusive insights and tips from some of the top marketing experts so you can grow your business. Each month, we'll be chatting with business owners, CMOs, Marketing Directors, and more to discover how they grew their brand so you can use those same strategies ASAP. Interested in accelerating your online growth? Contact Cybba today to learn more. 
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