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Author, trance medium and philosopher Robert Goodwin gives his views on all aspects of life and spirituality including extracts from afterlife communications, interviews with deeper thinkers and comments on current global events and agendas.
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Another fascinating discourse, recorded on August 9th 2021 during which White Feather addresses a small online group based mainly in the USA. In his own inimitable style the spirit sage gives a talk followed by a Q&A session during which he once again demonstrates his versatility in tackling a diverse range of subjects raised by the online participants.For more information of how you can arrange a 'Small Group Sitting' of up to six people with the spirit guide, please visit the
Back in 2016 Robert did a podcast warning about the current global agenda that was largely ignored by all but a few awakened people. Recently he felt guided to search out the old audio file from his database and resurrect it - and it makes for interesting listening. As he has always said, 'All things are known' and his insights from five years ago go some way to proving that the fascist agenda which is now being imposed across the world was known about in advance. As a result, we are not alone in our current predicament and a solution is at hand if we but realise it. The human race is far more powerful than we can imagine and when each of us work from our expanded centre of love, rather than from the 5-sense reality to which we are conditioned, all possibility opens up to us. We have choices, but there really is only ONE choice that we can make - fascism or freedom. We came here to do this, so let's do it!
In this episode, local legend Mel Eves who played professional football for Wolverhampton Wanderers and England before an injury cut short his career, talks to Rob about his work as a healer, motivational speaker and author. Mel has a great ability to engage with people on all levels and shares his insights into working with energies that transform the way we respond mentally and physically to life's challenges. He is also a sports journalist and pundit, who up until recently was writing his own weekly sports column in the Birmingham based Sunday Mercury newspaper as well as being a regular contributor and match summariser on BBC Radio. He also appears on BBC TV and SKY TV.Mel also founded the Sports Parents Association (SPA) which was set up to provide impartial and informed advice regarding every aspect that a child could encounter throughout their sporting journey, with the well being of the child the overriding concern and if that’s not enough he has also been the Player/Manager of the Wolves All Stars Charity Football Team for the last 20 years which in the process has helped to raise over of half a million pounds for charities and good
"Who I am is unimportant. What matters is the message I bring and the truth that I impart."Taken from the recent online event recorded on 8th July 2021 - White Feather, speaking through the mediumship of Robert Goodwin, delivers an inspirational address followed by a fascinating Q&A session during which he once more demonstrates the wisdom and versatility for which he has become famous. With attendees from across the globe, this was a truly inspirational evening, ably assisted by Amanda Goodwin (Sunflower)For those who may be interested in connecting with White Feather, we are now offering small groups of up to 6 people the opportunity to do so online.* For more details click here.*Subject to availability and agreement with the guide.
Seven years after qualifying to become a spiritual healer, Sandy Edwards approached a consultant gastroenterologist at a city hospital and offered to give healing to his patients as a volunteer. She provided healing sessions alongside conventional medical treatments, documenting the effects in a scientific way, and the doctor was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive outcomes. In partnership with the University of Birmingham, as well as a national grant to fund the study, Sandy instigated the largest clinical research trial of spiritual healing in the world. Here, she discusses her work and her forthcoming book 'Spiritual Healing in Hospitals and Clinics' with Robert and Amanda Goodwin.Revealing the outstanding results of this two-year medical trial, which involved 200 chronically ill hospital patients, Sandy demonstrates that spiritual healing (energy medicine) can support the healing process of a patient, whether they are in pain, sick, stressed, or depressed. In many cases, these patients had been suffering for a long time with little hope of recovery. Yet they improved substantially in numerous ways after receiving just five 20-minute healing sessions.Illustrating how spiritual healing helps a patient from pain and distress through to recovery, Sandy shares intriguing evidence from case studies as well as other research projects that negate the myth that energy healing is only a placebo. She offers statements from medical professionals who have witnessed the results firsthand and also details a quick technique to relieve pain that readers can apply in their own lives.Showing how spiritual healing not only led to improved outcomes for patients, but also faster recovery times and thus less time spent in hospitals, Sandy moves us one step closer to widespread acceptance for spiritual healing and energy
UK spiritual healer Ed Pearson has been blessed to work with spirit guides Matthew, Father Francis, John, Joseph, Eduard and others to carry out healing for all kinds of physical, emotional and soul problems, often where conventional surgeons, doctors, psychotherapists or physiotherapists have done all they can to resolve them.  The work that his guides carry out is very gentle and clients will often feel a great sense of calm and tranquility during and after the session.  Ed's guides will work on multiple issues during the healing session, and they will know the order in which the conditions need to be resolved. Ed is sometimes referred to as a 'psychic surgeon' due to the way in which his guides sometimes perform 'operations' on the etheric body to remove blockages and treat other issues, but prefers the term 'spirit surgeon' to refer to his afterlife helpers, whilst recognising that he is only the channel through which they operate. Here in conversation with Robert, he discusses his healing work and shares some insights into the guidance given by his remarkable spirit team. Ed
Roy Allen is an Australian-based, but well travelled and highly regarded Trance Medium whose two main spirit guides are former Psychic News Editor and instrument for Silver Birch, Maurice Barbanell and world famous medium Estelle Roberts. Along with 'Henry' they deliver spiritual teachings and philosophy that enthral audiences far and wide.  Roy is also a channel for spiritual healing and he and his wife hold a weekly home circle and trance healing circle through which their guides have helped many people
In this edition of the podcast Rob speaks with popular UK clairvoyant medium and spiritual healer Rod Beech who hails from the famous 'Black Country' area of the Midlands.  Rod shares some of his knowledge and experiences as well as a little of the philosophy imparted to him from his spirit guides, including White Hawk. Listeners are sure to find his guidance, wisdom and natural humour of great interest.Rod Beech Clairvoyant Mediumwww.whitefeatherspirit.comThe Rob Goodwin Podcast
Continuing on from the previous podcast, this episode features the Q&A segment from the recent online trance evening with White Feather during which participants put their questions and concerns to the spirit guide. The session features many direct answers concerning the current global situation as the sage gives a spirit-world perspective of the issues facing humanity, combining spiritual wisdom with pure common sense in his own unique and eloquent
On February 11th 2021 White Feather spoke through trance medium Robert Goodwin during an online Zoom event. This episode, the first of a double-header, includes the spirit guide's initial address, followed by the start of the question & answer segment of the evening. The talk features the sage discussing aspects of the current global situation and the cause of it and will be of interest to all who are seeking comfort and support during these difficult times. Part-two, featuring the remainder of the Q&A session, with the teacher responding to many direct questions in typically straightforward style will feature in the next episode of the
Reginald Lewis is an internationally acclaimed expert intuitive, psychic medium, conscious channel, visionary, mystic, soul coach and healer. Known for his compassion, sincerity, integrity, a high degree of accuracy, insight, and wisdom, Reginald has become a personal reader and advisor for many celebrities and has been a regularly featured guest on the daytime talk show “STEVE”. He has also been featured on VH1, BET, Vibe, WE tv, Billboard, and many other popular entertainment sites, publications, blogs, and hosted his own online radio talk show, “Enlightenment for Your Soul”.As an avid student of philosophy, psychology, theology and the healing arts, Reginald has a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona and is ordained as a minister under the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM). He is also a member of the IMM Counselling Psychology Association and is a trained and certified healer in the Japanese traditional Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. He has studied Integrative Medicine and Chinese Medical Qigong at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Currently, Reginald is a doctoral candidate at the University of Metaphysics.Serving as a catalyst between the physical and the spirit world, Reginald’s clientele ranges from high-profile figures, celebrities to CEOs, healthcare professionals, psychologists, law enforcement officers, investors, homemakers, college students and people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds all over the world.Reginald’s mission is to use his God-given gifts to inspire, educate, and empower people, helping humanity to evolve through his work with individuals, the masses, and the media. His commitment is to the expansion of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, personal and planetary
James McQuitty was born in Putney, London in 1950, and worked there for many years before moving to Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK in 1992.He began to seriously study spiritual philosophy in 1981, and at this time he also began to regularly attend demonstrations by the renowned medium Jessie Nason.Since then he has had many personal experiences and seen spirit visitors on numerous occasions, as well as receiving a great number of spirit communications via other mediums. These include a trance communication message that led to him becoming an author, with the release of his first book in 1994.In his books he shares an understanding of our true status in this universe, which is that of immortal souls, and much, much more. He is also a qualified spiritual healer.His writing style is easy to read and understand, enabling even those who are new to the subjects covered to finish highly informed and greatly inspired.James McQuitty at Amazon
Elaine Thorpe is a trance medium whose guide Jonathan Hunter has been working through her since 2005. When in trance there is a notable change in her voice, from female to male as the spirit guide delivers his teachings and guidance to a very high standard and as with White Feather and Robert, the language and phraseology used are beyond that of the medium.In this fascinating interview Elaine speaks about her development, her work with the spirit world and her aims for the future which hopefully will include a book. In addition to her trance work Elaine also produces inspirational spirit art and offers private online consultations and demonstrations.
Back to the Future

Back to the Future


Twenty years ago in 2001, Robert & Amanda Goodwin undertook a trance evening in Sutton Coldfield UK, during which White Feather spoke through his medium and answered questions put to him from the audience in his own inimitable style. Looking back from where we are now in 2021 it is interesting to both hear and compare not only the consistency of the guide's teaching across the decades, but also the veiled warning that difficult times lay ahead for us all unless there was a change in attitude and awareness - something that is being proven true as each day passes. Yet, we should draw strength from what the guide spoke of because as Robert has often said, 'all things are known', suggesting that some in the afterlife not only know in advance what will unfold in linear time, but also its eventual
This fourth episode in the current series sees Robert chatting with author, healer and spiritual thinker Gloria Prema, whose pioneering book, 'It's All Light: The Morphic Resonance of Light: A Unified Theory' has  taken the scientific world by storm. Gloria reveals her background and some of the research that lead up to her groundbreaking theory that explains how the universe creates form from sound, using lightwaves as its clay and that this principle is consistent through all dimensions, from the seen to the unseen, from the wave/particle duality of light in the physical world to the tunnel of light commonly seen during near-death experiences. She explains that sound and light are the same things; sound is slow light and light is fast sound. This fascinating interview is sure to delight all deeper thinkers and those seeking to understand the true nature of life. Gloria is also the author of 'How to be spiritual', 'How to attract; using the law of resonance' and several books for young children in her 'Values Friends'
For this third episode in the new season Robert speaks with renowned medium Sandy Ingham about her work as a spirit artist  and also about the current global crisis. Sandy's main spirit guide Leo, who was himself a well-known artist in his time, is able to work through her, using her hands to draw strikingly accurate images of communicators from the afterlife. As Sandy herself says, "I don’t see the faces of those that I am drawing, and can only explain that your loved ones sit not for me, but for my artist in spirit, as their pictures take shape."Her gift is that which allows her to connect to the spirit realm, to help people deal with grief, and to comfort those who have lost a loved one and she conducts tours all over the world, imparting her gift to those that seek it, in private and on stage. Sandy is also an author and her books 'Drawing on the passed' and 'The mediumship and psychic art of Sandy Ingham' can be found on her website along with examples of her work and many testimonials to her accuracy and evidence that our loved ones never
In this second episode of the new season we feature the concluding part of the recent online  demonstration featuring White Feather speaking through trance medium Robert Goodwin on October 21st 2020. Here, the spirit guide answers questions put to him from the online participants covering a range of topics, including the current global crisis. Robert's wife, Amanda (also  affectionately named Sunflower by the sage) helps to knit everything together with her intelligent prompting and direction of the online guests and her interaction with the guide ensuring that the entire event runs smoothly. 
In this first episode of the new Rob Goodwin Podcast series, we present the first of a two-part 'double header' featuring spirit guide White Feather speaking through his medium during an online Zoom evening recorded on 21st October 2020. The guide first gives an address followed by the start of a lengthy question and answer session with many of those present online. Part two of the Q&A session will be featured in episode two.
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