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Hear life changing testimonies, how businesses began, and the origins of ministries within our church. Find out how a small congregation in McAllen, TX began to reach the world one soul at a time. Designed to edify, encourage, and inspire the local church with a world-wide vision. Part of The Door McAllen C.F.M.
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The Door McAllen Podcast debuts November 2020.
Alex is an army veteran, serving for over 27 years. He was respected amongst his fellow soldiers holding the rank of Staff Sergeant. Alex however, was battling his own personal demons that no one knew about. His internal struggles were so severe that they eventually led to the end of his military career. PTSD, prescription medications, alcohol and drug abuse; listen to how one broken man was restored by a real© 2020 The Door McAllen Podcast
Rejects, outcasts, freaks - those were the people Genaro gravitated to because he himself was one. Hatred towards his father ran through his veins, and his escape was drugs and alcohol. It wasn't until a certain question was present to him that he began to question the direction of his life. A question that haunted him; one he could not let go. A reject, an outcast, a freak, a broken man; listen to the story of Genaro© 2020 The Door McAllen Podcast
Barbara had a religious upbringing but ultimately ended up living a life that wanted nothing to do with religion.  Everything she tried did not satisfy her, nothing but the love and grace of God. She discovered this in her early adult life, but she eventually chose to leave the small congregation that she had become a part of. This is Part 1 of a two part series on the life of Barbara© 2020 The Door McAllen Podcast
An abusive relationship, crippling anxiety, and yet Barbara was faithful in her relationship with God. However, the lure of this world began to pull her away from the church. This is the second half of Barbara's incredible life story. If you have not listened to the first half of her story, check that out first.© 2020 The Door McAllen Podcast
Battling rejection, depression and abuse, George did not live an easy life. He was abandoned by his parents, put in the foster care system, and lived between Mexico and the States. It seems like every time something good happened to him it was short lived, and life would get worse! This week you'll hear the first half of the unbelievable story of George Diaz. Stay tuned for Part© 2020 The Door McAllen Podcast
Today we'll discover the second half of George's life story. Before you give this episode a listen, go check out Part 1 if you haven't already. From being taken from his parents to living with suicidal thoughts, George lived a very harsh life. He endured the foster care system and eventually experienced the love of his heavenly Father. Let's hear what happens to a man who went from being broken to becoming© 2020 The Door McAllen Podcast
Daniel lived a pretty normal life up until he began selling drugs at the age of 17. Having been kicked out of his house, he felt like he had something to prove by doing things on his own. Selling drugs led to abusing drugs, and eventually that led him to hit rock bottom. Having been stripped of everything, and having no place to turn, hope came in the form of a relative and a nursing home. This is the story of Daniel© 2020 The Door McAllen Podcast
Imagine working part-time as a line cook one year to becoming a sales manager the next year. Imagine working for a multi-million dollar distributing company and having a revelation-all of this and God still has more for me! This revelation helped Robert realize that God had greater plans for his life than he thought. Listen to how one man went from a part-time job to owning multiple successful businesses. This is the story of Robert© 2020 The Door McAllen Podcast
As a child in a broken home, Emmanuel had to learn to grow up fast taking responsibility at a young age. Trying to find his place in life was difficult without a father in the home. It wasn't until he was a teenager that Emmanuel discovered his true purpose in life. Listen to how Emmanuel found Christ and lived a life on fire for© 2021 The Door McAllen Podcast
Both parents in the home, three siblings, living a modest lifestyle would all come to an end when Rene's parents divorced in his pre-teen years. After that event, his life would never be the same. What would you do if your father helped you commit your first crime, or if your friend offered you alcohol at an early age? This is the first half of a two-part series on Rene's© 2021 The Door McAllen Podcast
No matter where Rene tried going, God had a way of leading him right back to His house. You've heard how Rene grew up, became a criminal, and eventually found Christ. That's just the beginning of an incredible conversion story that you'll discover today! This is Part 2 of Rene's testimony, thanks for© 2021 The Door McAllen Podcast
Annais lived a relatively happy life, living modestly with her parents and older brother. All that changed when she was fifteen and her parents ended up divorcing. She ended up suppressing the rejection she felt with a not so common coping method. She tried doing things her way to prove everyone wrong, but quickly realized her ways weren't working. Annais was broken and rejected, but was embraced by the love of God and a church who© 2021 The Door McAllen Podcast
Abandoned by her mother, having a drug-addicted father, and not believing a god existed, Felicia vividly remembers the hardship she was brought up in. The story you're about to hear is almost unbelievable! Although she faced so much difficulty growing up, God was orchestrating something all along. This week you'll hear how Felicia lived before and after giving her life to Christ. Everything changed for her when she heard that there was a God who could give her a second chance at© 2021 The Door McAllen Podcast
The Door Church in McAllen, TX is celebrating its 30th Year Anniversary. Established in 1990, a once small congregation had a vision to one day reach the world. Today you'll listen to two long standing members of our church, Angel and Dalila Chapa. This is the first part where you'll discover the earlier years of the Chapa family's salvation and growth in Christ. For the next four weeks you'll hear genuine people who love Christ, have remained faithful, and have a vision for the© 2021 The Door McAllen Podcast
The Door Church in McAllen, TX is celebrating its 30th Year Anniversary. Established in 1990, a once small congregation had a vision to one day reach the world. This is the second half of our conversation with the Chapa family.  There's definitely some nuggets of wisdom in today's episode. Here's what 28 years of faithfulness has to© 2021 The Door McAllen Podcast
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