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Author: Dr Samantha Hardy

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This podcast is about how to influence policy at all levels of government. I deconstruct high impact policy change campaigns with the people who lead them. Each episode is a practical tutorial from highly effective "agents of policy change". I explore their mindsets and strategies, and what they would do if they had their time again. If you are a seasoned campaigner, these insights will help you hone your game. If you are a funder, you will learn how to spot winning campaigns and what to invest in next. And if you care about an issue but don’t know “how to make a difference”, let these amazing leaders inspire you. [This podcast is produced by the brilliant Dale Willis, founder of]
3 Episodes
This is an extra “out take” episode from my interview with Lyndon Schneiders.  At the end of our conversation, we started talking about one particular campaign that Lyndon was involved with at the Wilderness Society. This is the campaign to keep big oil out of the Great Australian Bight. Lyndon explains the thinking behind the campaign's initial success to keep BP from starting drilling. When we recorded the interview, we talked about the latest phase of the campaign which was focused on stopping the Norwegian state owned company Equinor from its exploration attempts. The great news is that Equinor has pulled out, after the Wilderness Society, together with its alliance partners, mounted court proceedings to challenge the company’s approval to drill in the Bight. This was such a big win for nature.  [This episode was produced by the brilliant Dale Willis, founder of]  
This is the second of two amazing episodes in conversation with Lyndon Schneiders. Lyndon has 25 years of campaigning experience and is responsible for a long list of wins for nature. He is one of Australia's most highly respected environmental advocates. In this second episode, we delve deeper into campaigning strategy and tactics, exploring:The most important phases of a campaignWhy political advocacy is so important The realities of working in Canberra How to get a meeting with a senior political leader and how to approach the lobby meeting when you get oneHow to write a briefing paper that will actually get readWhat the practical steps tend to be, with Lyndon’s take on where to put most thought and considerationWe also delve more deeply into Australia's climate and fossil fuel campaigns and the strategies being deployed. And we talk about the weaknesses of our current federal environmental laws and the Black Summer bushfire policy response. And finally, we end the episode with a conversation about the role that funders play. Lyndon gives his expert advice on the funding opportunities that he sees now and into the future. [This episode was produced by the brilliant Dale Willis, founder of]  
Lyndon Schneiders has 25 years of campaigning experience and is regarded by Australia's progressive political leaders as one of our most experienced and successful environmental advocates.  Earlier this year, he retired from his role as National Campaigns Director of The Wilderness Society, where he led teams that delivered a long list of wins for nature. In this first episode of the Agents of Policy Change Podcast, we are going to be drawing on Lyndon’s experience to answer these broad questions: - Can we really make a positive difference in our increasingly polarised world?- How do we generate sustainable policy change as a result of the campaigns we run?- What makes a good campaign strategy? - What do we need to think about when we are first considering a campaign? - What can we learn from the 2019 Australian Federal Election's shock outcome, where the Australian Labor Party lost despite polling suggesting otherwise?I have known Lyndon for almost 10 years. He is one of the best campaigners I know. It was a pure pleasure to spend time talking to him about his career and how he achieved what he did. And I think he is still just warming up. Enjoy :)[This episode was produced by the brilliant Dale Willis, founder of]  
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