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Author: Lee Miller and Simon Ellis

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Two friends Lee and Simon have serious conversations about silly things, and silly conversations about serious things. Together they dig into the pleasures, absurdities and imperfections of being human.
18 Episodes
Lee and Simon talk about bubble-bath ... not for the entire episode but probably more than is necessary. Then they talk about the nature of fandom (but only get there via Lee's undertaker friend).Get in touch with Lee and Simon at links (and necessary corrections):Matey bubble bath (for clean fun): Feet Under (TV show): Green Funeral Company: Mandlikova: Borg: Southgate played for England between 1995 and 2004: Blacks vs England 1995, Jonah Lomu try (it was Tony Underwood he walked over, not Rory): Jonah Lomu death from kidney problems (not liver) at the age of 40: boy: Marie Tran: Boyega's critique of Star Wars: bullet stuck in tree story a myth? times: Fort: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
Stuff. Lee and Simon talk about stuff, and then deviate towards discussing the way culture can be changed. Then, somehow they end up back at Armie Hammer. Bloody Armie Hammer! It all means they can no longer avoid talking about cancel culture and the divisions in our political and social worlds. Get in touch with Lee and Simon at links (and necessary corrections):The Story of Stuff animation: Story of Stuff wikipedia: backlash: Thwaites' toaster project at Royal College of Art: toasters: of seatbelts in the UK: legislation UK: window: P. Hartley's quote on the past being a different country: positivity: allyship: coordinator: Clark: watching: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
Lee and Simon respond to some listener questions, but definitely not their feedback. The show ends when Simon realises that he's not going to be a secret witch for much longer.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at links (and necessary corrections):object permanence: bit more on Armie Hammer: Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy on Westworld: Midlifing episode on feedback: attempting to stay curious: (Lee's deer joke): Kupferschmidt on twitter: Harford mentioning Kai Kupferschmidt about being critical of your own biases (01:39:00): Godden: Narcissus: Powell's Peeping Tom: Godden's A House with Four Rooms: Harford notice how you feel (01:43:00): dichotomy of control: Good Measure clothing: nipple: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
We need a bigger towel

We need a bigger towel


Simon and Lee attempt to tackle shame but get bowled over by Ted Lasso who suggests they meet people with curiosity.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at links (and necessary corrections):Something about embodiment: Ahead Bakery: for laminated dough: Konasana: Brown on shame vs guilt: between renaissance and reformation: turns 20: Onion's version of wikipedia turning 20: vs regimen: Lasso:, football, American football, etc: Lasso quotes Walt Whitman regarding curiosity: Paul – if you can't love yourself: if: to say sorry: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
A conversation about being out of control starts off all middle class, veers wildly out of control and Simon and Lee end up struggling past thirst tweets.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at links (and necessary corrections):How to pronounce stracciatella: Willie has a Sardinian accent in the Italian version of The Simpsons: Notebook is not a rom-com Simon: Northern Rock crisis timeline: Mae (not Fannie AND Mae): Williams does a bit of Martha Graham: verbs: Scoglio (dancer): story about dancing in Italian piazza: Hammer and cannibalism: shaming: tweets: Egerton (and not Daniel Radcliffe) learns about the word bussy: Me By Your Name: ---The Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
Lee and Simon talk about being heard and privilege. It gets beautifully messy and ends in shame, and then ice-cream.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:Stelarc's Ear on Arm: Smart shoe phone: Being heard and being loved (David Augsburger): parent episode (on feedback): Safari (review): McGarvey (Loki) (YouTube channel) - Not Gavin Simon!: Tedx Talk: sandwich: Derrida: and Trump: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
Simon and Lee sometimes publish episodes out of order and this is one of those times. They take you all the way back to the year 2020 (when this episode was actually recorded) in order to discuss their 2021 understanding of ambition and potential.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:Sign on door: of arborist at work at Simon's place: Come Dancing: to the Future "We don't need roads": to the Future "Marty": Smith: Bill: and PPE procurement: on ambition: and extrinsic motivation: dissonance: playing tennis as a 12 year old: Graham Ellis playing rugby: between drive, motivation and ambition: Midlifing episode about miscarriages: who can't do, teach: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
Happy Gregorian New Year faithful (and unfaithful) listeners! In this episode Lee describes a video of Simon's immanent obsolescence before they both dig into the nature of responsibility in the middle of a pandemic, or even just in normal times. Remember those halcyon days? Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:Brexit: Our Tune: Bates: Hunger Games Mockingjay Call: Dancing video (Do You Love Me?): Dancing, Do You Love Me?: bourrée en couru: coronavirus data: of Amazon and tax in the UK: Henderson interview: and non-attachment:, individualism, and society: Cummings drives to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight: Being; Krista Tippett interviews Michael Curry: discussion about margins of friendship and Lee wanting to push people under buses: to review and rate podcasts on Apple Podcasts: The Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
A double loss twice

A double loss twice


In this special New Year's minisode Lee and Simon respond to a listener's question about the boom of knowing when you are properly grown-up. They nearly treat the question entirely earnestly but, as you would expect, get ever so slightly derailed. Happy New Year!Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:grief:'s society: of English-language euphemisms for death: speaking anxiety: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
One thing Simon and Lee haven't talked about over the last fourteen years: deflection, friendship and a quiet and long withdrawal. Mourning something that has never been.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:miscarriage: function: Markle The Losses We Share: lira: "Bob" Whalley (2014), The unborn undead. Studies in Theatre and Performance Volume 34(3): 260-166. or missed miscarriage: deflection: see you shiver with anticipation:'s part in the conversation, referring to Episode 4: shields: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
On circlusion

On circlusion


A Christmas Day minisode from Lee and Simon, and it's all about – well, mostly about – circlusion. Merry Christmas!Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:noise-cancelling headphones: WH1000XM2 Over Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones (unboxing video): COVID-19 colour zones: temperature colours: shaming: and the Revolution – Kiss:'s friend's ejaculation-while-watching-horror story from Episode 1: and pleasure: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
Simon and Lee talk about legacy and how we want to be remembered. Simon crosses a line.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:bequeath: rot (Simon was wrong about this; it does have to do with reading and writing of physical storage devices): vs materialism: Man and His Shoes (review): killed for their Air Jordans: values "consumer lives": O'Brien quote about changing our minds: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
There comes a time in anyone's life when preparing food for worms is a warning that things are about to go bad. Lee and Simon tackle feedback and Lee confesses that he cuts out the good bits. Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:Stollen: composting:'s finger: to use a chef's knife: (film): (TV show): Choreographic Centre: in tongues: White prays for Trump's re-election: Midlifing logo is adapted from an original image by H.L.I.T: (CC BY 2.0)
Lee and Simon fall into a hole caused by a crisis of faith and end up getting stuck. If you don't know how to talk about something at least talk about it together. People mentioned: Jesus Christ, Gabrielle Eastwood-Ellis, Simon's former tennis coach Simon, Bill Gates, Philip K. Dick, Sean Connery, Indiana Jones, Norman Miller, Bono and Irene Miller.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links:belief systems: fits: shower (bath): shower:, 5G, Covid-19 and conspiracy theories: K. Dick and reality: Jones' leap of faith: and anti-semitism: method: Denzin said "true stories are stories that are believed in" (Interpretive Biography, 1989, p.25)shitshow: meditation retreats:
Lee owns up to being an enthusiastic toddler, Jef is still a dalmation, and Simon takes way too long for the penny to drop. Things go literally bananas while discussing a conversation gone wrong, and the ride involves oat milk that may or may not froth, leaving Facebook, cultural products, triplets and not showering enough. Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links and References:Using the word literally figuratively: does language change over time?: cool is still cool: it too early in the day to have an alcoholic drink? for oat milk: milk froths: and Glutenin in bread: leaving Facebook: Covey on judging ourselves: products: as a metaphor: to tell if someone likes you: party: fisting: fisting: often should we shower?:
You know when you're talking about ethical shopping, climate change and GDP, but then end up being confused for Chris Martin at a service station? Precisely. Lee and Simon talk about buying services not things, investing in the body or the face, lingering glances, self-expectations, overnight contextual changes, lunch 'with' Gwyneth and Chris, delusion and self-judgment, and Darth Vader.Get in touch with Lee and Simon at Links and References:Paynter Jacket Co: https://paynterjacket.comCorrection: Simon mentions a book by Richard Sennett but it's actually a book by Richard Denniss called Curing affluenza: how to buy less stuff and save the world. Here's an extract: and climate change:, mirrors and body image: medialis: VMO and cycling: on piece of rubber to improve jawline: de deux: Martin and ashtanga yoga: Cafe: Oliver on being discovered at River Cafe: Paltrow's Goop: self-judgments: Vader breathing: of Bane from Batman: 
The pitfalls of not recording high-impact yoga jump-cuts into an inevitable conversation about perceptions of mid-life, being distant from young people, mid-life crises, mortality, sleeping in the same room as dead people, when dogs die, making software work like drills, and feeling the body in decline.Send Lee and Simon feedback at Links and References:Yoga with Adriene (and Benji): https://yogawithadriene.comMid-life crisis: Brakes: for death: Your Relationship With Your Parents Changes As You Age: aging: between corpse and cadaver: with your pet's death: Dalmations: to Watch Star Wars If You’ve Never Seen It Before: pets to sleep: Me By Your Name: in dance: noticeable difference and difference limen:
A memory of a tennis match starts a conversation about pornography, furniture, prostate examinations and ... hamsters.Please note that this episode includes a brief conversation about sexual grooming.Send Lee and Simon feedback at links:Chris Lewis vs Kevin Curran (1983): Magazine: test: Rectal Examination: Cancer: Biopsy: Receptors: Statistics: of the Clitoris: Objectification: Mandalorian: Yoda:
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