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Tips Appreciated is a podcast experience for all foodies. We'll focus on travel and food tips, well researched topics, latest bite-sized news and most importantly, the stories and people behind the food. If you’re a fan of food, casual, candid and fun conversations, Tips Appreciated is for you. Hosted by Nomtrips Inc. co-founders Vic and Eddie.
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January 13, 2021 – In this episode of Food in the news, we discuss Shake Shack’s Korean-inspired menu. Available now until April 5, 2021.  The menu features a chicken sandwich with gochujang sauce and kimchi slaw. The kimchi is made by Choi’s Kimchi Co., a company based out of the Pacific Northwest in the United States.  We encourage you to try the slaw as we learned it’s founder, Matt Choi, lost his life saving his girlfriend in October of 2020.  Let us know what you think of Shake Shack’s Korean-inspired menu. --------  👍 Connect with us!  Visit our website: Follow us on Instagram:  🎶 You can also listen to this episode on:   Apple Podcasts Spotify: Google Podcasts:
In today’s episode, we wrap up season 1 of Tips Appreciated Podcast! We discuss what we’ve learned, what was most surprising, and where we’re headed. Since November 18th, we’ve released 8 full episodes and 10 short Food in the news where we talk about food, travel, and limited releases/collabs like Hot Ones and Reebok.  What will season 2 bring? Well, make sure to tune in and subscribe as we’ll talk to some great marketers, small business owners, and people who have great stories that inspire us. Last but not least, thank you to our family and friends for all the support. We’re truly excited to see where Nomtrips and Tips Appreciated is headed. Timestamp  0:00 Intro 1:17 Favourite Episode 3:52 Top Ah Ha Moment 5:50 Most Viewed/Listened to Episode 7:03 What’s to come in Season 2 Videos mentioned Vic’s Favourite Episode Our 3 food conspiracy theories. Fact or fiction. Eddie’s Favourite Episode FITN: Excitement over Hot Ones x Reebok Collab - Most Viewed/Listened Episode Disneyland vs Disney World - Our candid thoughts - Talking Japan, Jiro Dreams of Sushi with Anthony. Was It WORTH IT? - ------- 👍 Connect with us!  Visit our website: https://www.nomtrips.comFollow us on Instagram:
January 6, 2020 - In this episode of Food in the news, we discuss McDonald’s U.K. Curry Chicken McNuggets! We're truly excited for this Japanese inspired limited-edition menu item.  Available for 6 weeks after December 30, 2020 launch. Instead of the crispy coating, the Katsu McNuggets uses panko crumbs and is served with a side of Sweet Curry Sauce. Let us know what you think of this limited-edition item from McDonald's!
In today’s episode, Anthony is back! Today he shares his McDonald’s experiences from around the world. Ever been to a “fancy” sit down McDonald’s? Well, there’s one in Hong Kong. He shares his experiences from multiple McDonald’s including Egypt, Japan, and Australia. Remember Pokemon Happy Meal toys? Well, Anthony has some cool stories around his quests for McDonald’s merch. Do you have McDonald’s stories to share? Tell us! Timestamp 0:00 Introduction 1:36 McDonald’s in Hong Kong 3:34 McDonald’s in Japan 5:18 McDonald’s in Egypt 8:41 Eddie’s experience in Hawaii’s McDonald’s 9:02 McDonald’s in Australia 10:50 Cool McDonald’s Merch 15:38 Items we miss from McDonald’s 19:48 Make your own burger 22:13 What is our go-to at McDonald’s? 27:07 Triple Filet o’ fish 28:51 Vic Remembering Big Mac had a paper ring holding the burger 33:15 Anthony running around McDonald’s finding the Pokemon toys 35:00 Nomtip: What should travellers looks for at other McDonald’s
December 30, 2020 - In this episode of Food in the news, we discuss McDonald’s China odd combination. Spam and Oreos. That’s right, bringing together two of the world’s most famous foods into the limited time Oreo and Spam burger. Imagine, two buns and in between two slices of spam, crumbled up Oreos and mayonnaise! What does it taste like, watch today’s episode on YouTube as we react to a few fans who have already had it. Would you try the Oreo and Spam Burger from McDonald’s? Eddie would.
In today’s episode, we discuss one of our favourite drinks, bubble tea! Also known as boba, we look at the history behind this popular drink. Where did it come from? How was it created? What does the bubble actually mean? Sit back and relax as we chat through all these questions over our own favourite bubble tea drinks. If you want to go ahead and get your favorite drink, please do. Also, guess how many times Vic visited Boba Guys in one day? HINT: She LOVES Boba Guys. 0:00 - Intro 1:00 - What’s Bubble Tea/Boba? 2:00 - Boba Guys 2:32 - When was Bubble Tea invented 2:55 - Traditional Tea Houses in Taiwan 4:52 - How was Boba discovered? 8:28 - Customizing Boba 9:47 - Vic’s Love for Boba Guys 11:06 - What does Bubble mean in Bubble Tea? 12:38 - When did Boba move to North America? 13:16 - What are the Tapioca balls? 15:52 - Is Boba Healthy? -----------  👍 Connect with us! Visit our website: Follow us on Instagram:  🎶 You can also listen to this episode on:  Apple Podcasts Spotify: Google Podcasts:
December 23, 2020 - CNN recently published an article on fast-food breakfast winners and losers. In today’s Food in the news, we give our own opinion on whether we agree with the article and share our favourite places to eat. Is McDonald's still the ultimate winner? How does Tim Horton's compare to quality and value? Also, we didn't realize Wendy's served breakfast.  Watch or listen to the full episode and let us know your own winners and losers!  
In episode 6, we look at one of Eddie’s favourite places to visit, Hawaii! Vic asks Eddie about the best places to eat and do. Eddie talks about Waikiki, favourite places to eat on the North Shore, and some hidden local favourites in Helena’s Hawaiian food! Hawaiian short ribs, yes, please. 0:00 - Intro 0:43 - How many times has Eddie been to Hawaii 1:26 - Which Cities did Eddie go visit 2:08 - Favourite City in Hawaii 2:45 - City for first-timers to go to 3:00 - The best time to go 5:13 - Top 3 Places to Eat 5:23 - Shrimp Truck - Giovannis 6:17 - Matsumoto Shave Ice 7:24 - Leonard's Bakery 8:43 - What food should first-timers try 9:53 - Try different types of Spam in Hawaii 10:28 - Great Hawaiian breakfast 11:05 - Fun Group Activity to do in Hawaii 12:35 - Hike up Diamond Head 13:26 - How long should you stay? 14:32 - Should people island-hop? 15:21 - Accommodation in Hawaii 15:59 - Aston at the Waikiki Banyan 16:34 - Getting Around Hawaii 17:26 - Any local secrets - Hidden gems 17:45 - Spam Musubi 18:43 - Short ribs at Helena's Hawaiian Food 20:51 - What would you do if you didn’t have the kids with you?
December 16, 2020 - On November 2, 2020 McDonald’s tweeted “remember when we sold McPizza” The tweet generated over 2,500 comments from people who remember, people who wished they had it in their hometown and memories of bringing back the McRib. In today’s Food in the news, we share our own experience with the McPizza, including memories, how it tasted and the different sizes. Eddie argues it came in a family size, while Vic only remembers the individual size. Listeners, and viewers, would YOU want the McPizza back? Imagine a McPizza and McRib combo in 2020. Add a coffee for $1 and you have yourself a meal.
In episode 5, we look at one of Vic’s favourite cities, New York! Eddie asks Vic about the best places to eat and do. Vic talks about her top 3 eats, adventures and shares some great tips and advice for the first-time visitor. Bonus content includes her hilarious experience attending the Sleep No More show. Final question: If you had 1 hour to visit NY, where would you eat? Check out Vic’s full answer in this episode. 0:00 Intro 1:09 Vic’s top 3 places to eat 1:18 #1 Ippudo NYC 1:27 Tip: Go to Ippudo at lunchtime 2:25 Tip: Go line up before the restaurant opens to get a seat 4:07 #2 Shake Shack 5:59 #3 Halal Guys 6:27 Which Halal Guys cart to go to 6:44 Tip: Ask for the red and white sauce 7:40 Vic’s top activities to do in New York City 7:47 Broadway in New York City 8:47 Tip: Buy Broadway tickets in advance 9:32 World of Nintendo 10:32 Top of the Rock for the best views of the city 10:47 Tip: Reserve your spot ahead of time 11:19 One thing you wished you’ve done but never did 12:20 What is the one thing you wish you haven’t done 14:25 Dollar Pizza at 2 Bro Pizza 15:06 Where should you stay 15:34 Herald Square 16:23 If you only had one hour in New York, where would you eat? 18:00 Family Activities 18:08 Natural History Museum 18:48 Transportation 19:31 When is the best time to go 20:17 Which airport to go to? 20:56 How long should you stay 21:16 Accomplice the show 22:57 Sleep No More Places Vic Mentioned Ippudo NYC: Shake Shack: Halal Guys: World of Nintendo: Top of the Rock: 2 Bro Pizza: Natural History Museum: Accomplice the show: Sleep No More:
December 10, 2020 - In this episode of Food in the News, Eddie reacts to the mini-movie “A Recipe for Seduction” - KFC and Lifetime’s collab! Show Notes: Well, 2020 has definitely been unexpected. Perhaps a nice break from the craziness of it all, Lifetime and KFC is releasing a mini-movie this Sunday, December 13, 2020, at Noon ET. That’s right, a movie about Colonel Sanders himself but with some drama! The premise is that an heiress falls in love with a head chef, Sanders (played by Mario Lopez), and during this journey, it unravels some twists and turns. Will his 11 herbs and spices win over? A must watch in our opinion. When does A Recipe for Seduction air? Sunday, December 13, 2020. Only on Lifetime.
We’re excited to welcome the newest member of our team, Anthony - @saieii! He’s been to over 22 countries, loves to explore and try new things. A genuinely cool person. On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we chat with Anthony, our newest member of the @nomtrips team. We talk in detail about his trip to Japan with useful advice and tips along the way. Remember @netflix Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Well, he ate there and told us all about it including how to make reservations, the total cost, and of course, about the sushi. Was it worth it? Also, he talks about Piss Alley, pork vagina, and whale. Tune in as he takes us on this epic 1-month vacation in Japan. Text: 0:16 - Meet Anthony, our Brand Ambassador. @saieii 3:08 - Anthony has been to 22 countries 6:10 - Pick up an IC card - prepaid card to pay for public transportation 7:23 - Use Google Translate to help with the language barrier 8:14 - Look for data plan or pocket wifi to help you stay connected 9:41 - There are 2 major airports in Japan 11:53 - 7-Eleven sushi is pretty darn good in Japan 12:22 - Piss Alley 12:50 - Some unique food in Piss Alley, including pork vagina 15:30 - Theme restaurants are popular in Japan 17:55 - Japan is a pretty safe country for families 19:07 – It’s actually 47 Tokyo Neighborhoods 19:40 – Closing hours range from 11pm – 1am depending on the train 21:21 - Jiro Dreams of Sushi 23:32 - 25:13 – Takashi Ono 30:33 - Arcades are awesome in Japan 31:25 – Akihabara, shopping central for electronics, small retailers to department stores 41:06 - Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask for advice 42:49: Connect with @saieii 43:40 – This is the Lafarge Exshaw Cement Plant
Food conspiracies - real or fake? We all love a good conspiracy theory, especially here on Tips Appreciated. On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we take a look at 3 well-known conspiracy theories from Starbucks, McDonald’s and Chuck E Cheese. Does Starbucks purposely misname your drinks? Are McDonald’s ice cream and smoothie machines really “broken” and does Chuck E Cheese recycle their pizza? We take a fun dive into these 3 questions. Tune in as Eddie shares his support for Mr Cheese himself (hint: he WAS Mr Cheese) and Vic discovers the funniest versions of her name on a Starbucks cup. Episode Timeline: [0:00] Intro [0:52] Conspiracy 1: Starbucks - Do they misname your drinks on purpose? [4:17]  Are they doing this for marketing? Tell us your opinion. [8:21]  Conspiracy 2: McDonald’s - Are their ice cream or smoothie machines really “broken”? [12:23]  Does it really take 3 hours to clean? Let us know! [13:54] Conspiracy 3: Chuck E Cheese - Do they recycle their pizza? [16:59]  But why is the shape of the pizza so messed up? What’s your take? [24:11] Tell us your Chuck E Cheese experiences below! [25:37] Closing tip: Reviews aren’t everything. Go experience it for yourself.
December 2, 2020 - In this episode of Food in the news, we discuss In-N-Out’s Colorado opening, how long we’ll wait for food and Eddie discovers that Vic has never had Popeyes new chicken sandwich. Whether you’re an In-N-Out or Shake Shack loyalist, if you don’t have a location where you live, it can be pure torture. For those Californians who now live in Colorado, you’ve been waiting patiently for a while to get your Double Double Animal Style, or extra crispy fries at your convenience. Well on Friday November 20, 2020, this became a reality. The only catch? Drive thru wait was nearly 14 hours. That’s right 14 full hours! As expected, hangry fans became a little irritated and a fight even broke out. The good news? It gives you lots of time to decide what you want, including items from their not-so-secret, secret menu. Would you wait 14 hours for that In-N-Out fix?
In today’s episode, we highlight our top 12 favourite Canadian treats and snacks! From ketchup chips, coffee crisp, to Kinder Surprise and the iconic Hawkins Cheezies, we sample them all..  We also discuss the infamous hot pink Cream Soda and the demand for them across the border. Included are tips on where to find them at the best price and just the right size so you can sample them all yourself. Don’t forget to tune into Youtube and watch the full experience What’s your favourite Canadian snack? Timestamp [1:48] 1. Crush Cream Soda (hot pink version) [4:38] Tip: You can get it for $1 at the Dollar Store [5:20]  Nomtip: Add vanilla ice cream to make a float [7:51]  2. Coffee Crisp [9:12]  3. Smarties [10:25] 4. Aero bars [11:04] Nomtip: Aero bars are perfect for making S’mores [11:25] 5. Mars bars [14:04] 6. Caramilk [14:54] 7. Wunderbar [16:28] 8. Kinder Surprise [22:35] 9. Ruffles - All Dressed [26:57] 10. Ketchup chips [29:49] 11. Hickory Sticks [30:50] 12. Cheezies Watch this episode on our Youtube Channel
November 25, 2020 - Well Arby’s might have won the turkey merch war. In today’s episode of Food in the news, we hilariously take a look at Arby’s Turkey Pillow. That’s right, a turkey shaped pillow that you literally stuff your head into and have a nap right after your Thanksgiving dinner. Is the Arby’s Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow real? Yes this is real and not a joke. Second, absolute genius marketing by Arby’s to introduce their turkey line of sandwiches (they’re known for their roast beef sandwiches). How do I order one? Unfortunately, this has sold out. However, you can get the full details on their site and virtually try one one using Instagram and Snapchat filters. We tried it, and it’s super fun. You should too and tag us on IG #nomtrips so we can see. For those lucky enough to get one, shipping starts November 26, 2020. Happy (US) Thanksgiving everyone! Canadian Thanksgiving is in October.
YouTube videos are a great way to help plan for your travel. Famous foodie YouTubers give practical advice and tips that focus on local experiences. YouTube videos are a great way to help plan for your travel. Famous foodie YouTubers give practical advice and tips that focus on local experiences. On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we take a look at our favorite YouTubers in Mark Wiens (Migrationology) and Mikey Chen (Strictly Dumpling). They’ve both inspired us in different ways with their enthusiasm for food, family and travel.  We take a look at our favorite episodes for each one and do a few reactions to their eating adventures including getting the best Japanese food from 7-Eleven. Exciting merch will also be shown off as our co-host Vic got a hold of a few goodies, including the infamous Dumpling Plushie. Tune in to experience these great foodies and inspire your travel planning and dream eating destinations. Episode Timeline: [00:00] Intro Skip to: 01:33 Mark Wiens (Migrationology) is my favorite Skip to: 04:38 Tip: Get the giant rib at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix Skip to: 05:15 Tip: Don’t forget about the journey and experience Skip to: 05:53 Tip: Check out his Thailand videos Skip to: 16:59 Tip: Videos are helpful in planning a trip Skip to: 17:31 Mikey Chen (Strictly Dumpling) is my favorite Skip to: 19:06 Tip: A great way to support is to buy merchandise (or merch) Skip to: 20:21 Nomtip: 7-Eleven's in Japan is a great way to try local food Skip to: 32:44 Closing Tip: Don’t be afraid to try new places or things. Skip to: 33:43 Closing Tip: Enjoy the moments. Connect with us! Visit our website: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Connect with us on Facebook: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Go to channel Episodes mentioned: Thai Street Food - EXTREME BBQ MEAT TOUR in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand | Thai Sausage and Laap! Trying NEW ITEMS at JAPAN 7-ELEVEN! 24 Hour Eating Only 7-Eleven in Tokyo Japan  Follow Mark Wiens: Follow Mikey Chen:
November 20, 2020 - Earlier this month, Japan kicked off it’s mandarin orange season and a crate of 100 mandarin oranges sold for 1 million yen, or $9,600. Yes, that’s $96 a mandarin.  "Fruit purchase and consumption are tied to social and cultural practices. It is not only an important part of their diet, but, perhaps more importantly, fruit is considered a luxury item and plays an important and elaborate ritual part in Japan's extensive gift-giving practices,"  Soyeon Shim, via interview with CNN  What’s so special about these mandarins?   Culture  Fruit plays a special role in asian cultures. They are often gifted by family members as a sign of respect, appreciation and gratitude. It holds special meaning.  Rarity Only about 100 farmers produce these special mandarin oranges (also called mikan) in the Japanese region of Nishiuwa.   Process  The process is truly a special one. During the growth period of the mikans, the sun hits it in 3 different ways - the sun itself, the reflection off stone walls and reflection off the sea resulting in a juicy, easy to peel mandarin. Pretty amazing.   Who bought the crate of oranges?  It is currently unknown who purchased these special mikans. In the past, it was a grocery store that used it for marketing purposes.    Tell us, would you buy one of these oranges for $96?
November 19, 2020 – About 2 weeks ago, Burger King UK did something a bit unexpected. They asked people to go eat at their competitors including McDonalds, Subway and KFC. Tune in to today’s Food in the news to hear our thoughts. Is it a marketing tactic? Sure, but we genuinely believe they’ve done a good thing.   Why might you ask?   Let’s face it, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit economies hard. Businesses are often forced to downsize or even shut down. Lockdowns along with stricter restrictions have become the norm for cities and countries, especially England.  Knowing this, Burger King UK asked people to support ANY business including their competitors to keep people employed. Pretty commendable.    Good job Burger King UK.
In this episode of Food in the News, we share our thoughts and excitement on the collab between Hot Ones and Reebok. The Hot Ones x Reebok collection includes 3 shoes (Club C, Classic Leather and Shaqnosis) and 2 shirts. The collection drops on November 19, 2020. Show Notes: Hot Ones and Reebok has done the ultimate Scoville level sneaker/t-shirt collab and it’s hot. Releasing November 19, 2020, the drop will include 3 unisex sneakers and 2 t-shirts. Highlights: Sneaker 1: Club C - Scoville level 1,985. Considered mild with classic styling colorway. This clean design is for the minimalist collector that likes subtle hints of the collab colors and logos. Note: In our podcast, we kept calling it the “Classic C”. To be fair, it does look like their classic sneaker. Let’s not get picky. Sneaker 2: Classic Leather - Scoville level 198,300. Moving up a level, the classic leather goes into the hot range. With images of chicken wings on the sole, indeed this has become our favorite out of the three. Sneaker 3: Shaqnosis - Scoville level 1,995,000. This is the ultimate on hotness scale of the 3 sneakers. Like Shaq, you have to go big and this shoe goes definitely goes big. We might has as well call this “The Big Hotness”. Notes: Here’s the Shaq one chip challenge we talked about aired on TNT. The shirts come in black and orange with the collab logo. HOT! Source:
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