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Author: Michelle Terrill

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Join Michelle Terrill as we explore different paths toward wellness, enjoying conversations with wellness professionals from all over the world with a wide range of specialities and modalities.
17 Episodes
In this episode, Michelle chats with Angela Chambers, founder of Alpine Angel and Meridian Flow Yoga.  Angela is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Yoga teacher and Integrative Nutrition Coach.    Highlights:  Angela's story 3:40 Integrative Chinese Medicine 6:55 Balance method acupuncture 9:30 Essential oils and acupuncture/acupressure 13:15 Meridian Flow yoga 15:25 How have your travels influenced your perspective?  18:58   Essential oils and spring in TCM 21:41 Integrative Chinese Methods for beauty and skincare 26:53 Acupressure 30:39 Acupressure for children 33:10 How patients have inspired you 37:37 How to find Angela 41:05  Resources:  Angela's website:  The Five Elements Course IG @alpineangel
Holly Padove is a clinical Ayurveda specialist, yoga teacher and Qi Gong instructor.  She is the founder of Balanced Living Ayurveda in Arroyo Grande, CA.  She offers yoga and Qi Gong classes as well as Ayurveda consultation both in person and online.  Michelle chats with Holly about Ayurveda, Qi Gong, and Yoga Nidra.   Highlights: Holly’s story 2:00 Ayurveda 8:20 Five senses therapy 9:20 Bio-individuality 14:40 Seasonal eating 18:10 Home cooked food 24:45 Client stories 28:00 Qi Gong 33:00 Qi Gong vs Tai Chi 36:17 Yoga Nidra 39:37 Practical takeaways 43:25 How to connect with Holly 46:52 Resources: Balanced Living Ayurveda IG: @Holly_Padove Welvil: Holly Padove Handbook for Higher Consciousness Autobiography of a Yogi
Cordon Bleu chef, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Iyengar Ayurtherapist and herbalist Jeff Perlman tells the story of how he went from professional chef and restauranteur to holistic health practitioner.  He shares his deep knowledge about Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Marma, herbs, and more. Highlights: Jeff's story 1:30 Iyengar yoga 5:06 Finding Ayurveda through Iyengar 11:28 Energetic and elemental significance of the 6 tastes 12:37 Ayurvedic constitutions and doshas 15:40 Eating with the Ayurvedic seasons 19:44 Herbalism 21:48 How Ayurveda changes your relationships 34:24 The Vedas and history of Ayurveda 37:50 Traveling to India 38:40 What is Panchakarma? 42:10 How Jeff supports clients in Panchakarma 47:49 Marma therapy in person and distance 49:22 What an initial Ayurveda evaluation looks like 54:09 How to find Jeff 1:00:43 Resources: Three Seasons Ayurveda Facebook @jeffperlman Welvil Original Music by Benjamin Plumpton
Alchemist, Freedom Ciavarello, talks about plant alchemy, being a highly sensitive person and moving through struggles with disordered eating.  She also shares her take on somatic practices and how cacao has made a hugely positive impact in her life. Highlights: Freedom's story 2:02 Disordered eating patterns 3:15 What is energy? 11:08 Plant alchemy 14:15 Scarcity vs. abundance 19:26 Disembodiment 20:45 Somatic practices 21:44 Cacao ceremony 36:00 How to find Freedom 46:20 Resources: IG: @moonbeam_daydream TikTok: @moonbeamdaydream Moonbeam Moments Podcast The Actor by Don Miguel Ruiz Tiffany Carole Aviva Rohm All original music by Benjamin Plumpton
Pharmacist Bela Patel, better known as The Wholistic Pharmacist, talks about her own experience healing her chronic health condition through holistic methods and shares tips she now uses with her clients.  After working for almost 2 decades as a pharmacist in nursing homes, she transitioned into a pharmacist health coach. She draws on this experience, along with extensive nutrition training,  to support her clients in building life-long health and wellness habits. Highlights: Beginning to heal asthma through holistic shifts 8:08 Bela's client stories of sustainable shifts, weight loss and self care 13:54 Creating sustainable growth and positive shifts 17:10 Practical Takeaways 19:50 Getting your kids to eat real food 24:45 Stress management/Longer exhale breathing 27:25 Scheduling movement into your day 29:29 Bela's offerings 31:24 Resources: The Wholistic Pharmacist site Instagram: @wholisticpharmacist Credits: All original music by Benjamin Plumpton
Finance Coach and founder of In the Life of zen, Jennifer Griffith, shares her tips on how to go from debt to abundance, using strategies and tools she learned through her own experiences.  Jennifer tells her inspiring and authentic story and explains how she helps others on their own journey to financial health and well-being. Highlights: Jennifer's story 4:36 Starting to revers debt and lack mentality 7:50 Working as a team with your spouse, friends, and/or other outside resources 10:20 What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your financial journey? 15:00 Tips for saving money (even on a limited budget!) 23:13 Scarcity vs Prosperity mindset 29:14 First steps to paying off debt 34:27 Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball method 37:30 Money is energy and attracting abundance 39:30 Resources: Free income/expense tool: IG: @inthelifeofzen
Fertility and parent coach Elizabeth King takes us along on her fertility journey and shares about how she helps other women and couples on their own paths. She addresses the heartbreak of miscarriage and moving forward, and how to thrive as a new parent. Highlights: Elizabeth's story 1:40 What do you wish you knew when you were starting out on your fertility journey? 7:00 Supporting families after miscarriage 9:35 Building fertility health 14:53 Holistic fertility health 16:40 Focusing in on fertility coaching 21:30 Resources: IG: @elizabethking_coaching
Health coach Kari and foundational nutritionist Kristine talk about how professional women and mothers can find health and life balance through small shifts and accountability.   Kristine's story 2:26  Kari's story 5:00  Focus on supporting professional women and mothers 6:32  What do you wish you knew when you were starting out on your journey? 7:30  Getting the most out of your relationship with your doctor and building your personal wellness team 8:55  Supplements, homeopathy, and herbs 13:05  How Kari and Kristine help professional women 18:05  Supplemental testing 21:15  Neurotransmitters 24:24  Success stories and inspiration 25:17  Resources:   Kari's Welvil profile Kari and Kristine's website:
Child advocate Geraldine Kenneally is a mother of 2 daughters. One of her daughters, Katie, is on the Autism Spectrum and Geraldine takes us on her journey from devastating diagnosis to thriving child.  She shares the traditional and holistic therapies she found to be transformational for Katie, as well as her tips for dealing with her own emotional dips. Of course, every child is unique and every journey is different, but Geraldine's wish is that her story can bring hope and inspiration to other parents.  Autism Spectrum Signs in Katie 1:35 Katie's Diagnosis 5:10 Moving Forward After Diagnosis/Traditional Therapies 10:50 Behavior Modifications 19:36 Diet 22:36 More Holistic Therapies 28:25 Essential Oils 33:40 Wilbarger Brushing Protocol  35:20 Resources: (contain affiliate links that support this podcast :) The Autism Book by Dr. Robert W. Sears, MD FAAP The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum: Overcoming the Challenges and Celebrating the Gifts by Eileen Riley-Hall All About IEPs by Wrightslaw
Dancing through life's ups and downs with Porscia Eve.   We discuss energy, postpartum, music, dance, yoga, social media and more.  Postpartum 13:00 Healing with Grace 19:00 Generational Trauma/Addiction 20:00 Yoga 26:00 Porscia's Offerings 31:00 Creating a Healing Community 33:00 Mindful Social Media 35:40 Tips for Balancing Work and Life 41:50 Music and Kirtan 47:07 Himalayan Kundalini 53:52 Taking Lessons from the Past into the Future 56:50  Resources:   Porscia Eve  IG & TikTok @foreverelectric   Mentioned in this episode: @gabbybernstein @alpineangel @ajeetmusic @jaijagdeesh @krishnadasmusic @mcyogi All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton
Alana Weinberg is a yoga teacher, author, reiki master and chakra coach. After healing herself from debilitating disease, she has gone on to help others heal themselves physically, emotionally, and energetically.  In this episode she shares her inspiring story, as well as breathing practices and energetic tools. Resources: Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life Alana's Website IG: @healwithalana All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton
Meditation and yoga teacher Lauren Brokop talks energy and tells her inspiring story of finding peace through tough times.  She offers us a short powerful meditation  to start tapping into our own energy and shares tips for tuning into our intuition. Meditation: 13:30 Resources: Instagram: @lbrokop All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton
This episode introduces Michelle Terrill, host of Road to Welvil and founder of Welvil.  Michelle tells her story of how she has found wellness intuitively, through personal learning and working with holistic health practitioners, and how Welvil came to be. RESOURCES: All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton
Natasha Ganes is a tapping coach, writer, and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the blog In the Life of Zen and the online arts magazine Treehouse Arts.  She also co-hosts the In the Life of Zen podcast.   All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton
Holistic Faith Lifestyle founder Rachel Mayew introduces us to Holistic Faith. Rachel's mission is to share ways to tend the mind, body, spirit connection in a way that honors God and all that is divinely created. Resources: Enneagrams All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton
Spiritual Teacher Courtney Eileen talks about energy and how it affects all aspects of our lives. Courtney's mission is to share her teachings and to help guide others through life’s journey by having a conscious relationship with our Higher Self, our great Earth and the healing gift's that nature offers us. Resources: All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton
Metabolic health coach Raluca Schachter gives us a peek into the world of metabolic health. Raluca Schachter is a metabolic health coach, writer, blogger, podcaster, and founder of Metabolic Energy.  She works with children and adults to find the root causes of health issues and design a holistic plan to heal.  She is the author of "Antiviral Kit ~ top herbal antivirals, nutrients and actions to help you stay healthy during the season’s “Viral Attack”~" and "Autoimmune Hashimoto Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism: Handbook for a Natural, Integrative and Functional Approach To Healing." Resources Raluca's podcast: Raluca's website: All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton
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