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Your Mental Health Minute

Author: Dr. Jinnie Cristerna, Rh.D., LCSW, CHt.

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Your Mental Health Minute the podcast is where you get practical mental health tips, education, and explanations that you can use in your everyday life.
3 Episodes
On the latest episode of Your Mental Health Minute, the Podcast, Dr. Jinnie Cristerna shares how to practice self-respect so you can find peace and joy in your life. She also gives insight into the do's and don'ts of how to let others treat you so you can step into your power.Support the show (
Are you tired of being anxious or afraid and want something that you can do now to help yourself? Then this podcast is right up your alley! Dr. Cristerna will share four things you can do to reduce the anxiety in your body which can help you think more clearly and become more present in the moment. Check it out now!Support the show (
What do you do when a pandemic is raging out of control and people are trying to force you to wear masks to save the lives of others? What if you don't really care about others and believe that you will be fine? How can you think about wearing a mask for reasons that make sense to you and benefit your personal interests?Dr. Cristerna talks about the other side of COVID 19 and the real reason to wear a mask. This podcast is intended to speak to those who do not want to wear a mask and adds an additional beneficial reason to wear a mask for those who already do. Support the show (
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