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How much can we plan? How much risk can we tolerate? Who should we protect? How can we understand each other?Guests:Wu Xiao
What conversations have we been waiting to have? How can we help each other? How do we look for answers? What do we wish we could say to each other? Does anyone like being interviewed? Guests:Wu Xiao
What's down those internet wormholes? If we try everything, what will stick? How can we build healthy habits? What would happen if we lowered expectations for ourselves? Guests:Lindsay Carson
Why do we find ourselves revisiting the same topics over and over again? How to we pinpoint the language for our feelings? How do we integrate pain as part of the recovery process? How do we hold other people responsible? How do we choose our responses in the moment?
What do secrets do to us? Is everything I believe true? What I feel when I hear my own life come out of other people's lives? How can we see the beauty of our own nervous system? Is it my job to please everyone? What is the value of self-doubt? How do we get in touch with our own skills? How do we integrate the different facets? What am I trying to prove to others?Guests:Christina Pearson @hasacademyProcess video: info:
How do we set boundaries? How do we practice them? How can we know when they are stepped on? What do we do when they are?Guests:Jo Elizalde, boundary setterEric Callison
Why do we let the paints sit in the basement? What has a mind of its own? Why is it important to have colour in our life? How can we find our voice? How can we practice imperfection? What keeps you present?Featured guest: Allison Dawrant, @artbyalimac
Why do I know so much about wigs? What value am I putting on my body? Where is this negative self talk coming from? How have I held myself back?Guests:Joyce Tran @pullyoselftogetherBarbara Lally @thetrichsterdiaries
Who is the pilot? Who is at fault? What can replace shame? What is more satisfying than a BFRB? How do we organize ourselves? When am I allowed to pull?Featured guest: Ellen Crupi, Director of Awareness at Habit AwareWatch this 4min video to learn how the Habit Aware bracelet works 10% off your order with the promo code FIDGET at
Ep 15. Lean on me

Ep 15. Lean on me


Did I know what I was doing? Why am I sharing my story? What version of myself do I get to know now?Guests:Barbara Lally @thetrichsterdiariesEric Maniloff @techgripesLauren McKeaney @pickingmefdnGordon
What are the underlying conditions of our BFRBs? How do you meet yourself with compassion? What we use as reminders? What does pain push us to do?Featured guest: Aneela Idnani, cofounder of Habit AwareWatch this 4min video to learn how the Habit Aware bracelet works 10% off your order with the promo code FIDGET at
What are the roots of my BFRB? Why do I make things so hard for myself? Is my list going to end? Why do I not know how to ask for help?Featured guests: Saharra Dixon @dramatichealtheducatorAlli Dwyer @allidwyMishel Andrashuna ​@skinstorieswithmishGordonMegan Hunt @mhmeganhuntEric Callison
How do parents perceive BFRBs? How we self-soothe? How we appreciate things? How do we police our emotions? How do we set boundaries?Featured Guest: Susan, the heart-shaped rock collector
When in a relationship do you bring up your mental health? How do we let mental health define us? What have been our experiences with medication? How does our mental health get in the way?Featured guest: Lucas Frost
A Fidget experiment, and this time there are professionals! Why is it hard to go to counselling? Why is counselling hard? What are some ideas to make counselling more successful?Featured guests: Pam Katz, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Atkinson, Registered Clinical Counsellor - Shawn Reynolds, Psychologist -
Ep 9. The palm reader

Ep 9. The palm reader


At what point does a behaviour become a BFRB? What did we do to cover up our BFRBs? What causes us to engage in our BFRB? How do people know what their feelings are? What happens when we don't catch ourselves? What hurts the most? What is this telling me? Featured guest: Tyler Costello, member of the TLC Foundation for BFRBs community
Ep 8. What are we?

Ep 8. What are we?


Why did Adele leave the dance program? What are we? How do we help others while setting boundaries? What is psychotherapy? Guest: Allison Cassidy, Psychotherapist.
Ep 7. The Spark

Ep 7. The Spark


What sparked the creation of Fidget? Chest voices First dates. Umbrella terms. Mosquitoes. So much work to do. A reason to meet up every week. Guest episode from The Piercer (
How do we deal with burnout? What is it like to be a parent with a BFRB? How has our understanding changed over time? Are we treated differently because we have a BFRB? What can we get through? What are all those what ifs? What is the love/hate relationship with our BFRBs?Featured guest: Sera, New York-based creator of thebodyfocusedmama Instagram page



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