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Author: The Woody Show

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Ravey, Cameron, Randy, and Courtney break down weekly nerd news, nerd theories and speculation. We talk movies, tv, gaming, and anything Nerdy! Its a podcast for the truly nerdy at heart, from your friends at The Woody Show!

Some of our favorite topics include Marvel, the MCU, DC, Star Wars, Netflix, Streaming, Television, Video Games, Movies, and more!
246 Episodes
Fall TV Shows & Movies

Fall TV Shows & Movies


In this episode, the Nerdin Out crew breaks down everything coming our way this Fall. What are we most excited about, what we have to look forward to, and some stuff we forgot about!As always, send your thoughts, questions, or topic ideas to!
This week we're diving into Episode 6 of What If? What are your thoughts? What do you grade the episode? email us -
We're back from vacation and finally getting to our review of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings! What did you think of the movie? Hit us up on email!
This week we're pouring over Episode 5 of What If! What did you think of the episode? Send your thoughts and feelings over to!
Its that time of year! We're drafting our fantasy nerd teams! What are your picks? Send them over to!
Dang. What a dark episode! We're recovering emotionally and digging through it with you! Send your thoughts, feelings, suggestions, questions, and theories over to!
This week we're looking back on some of the cool (and not so cool) experiences we've had, meeting people in the world of entertainment. What's the coolest encounter you've had? Send it over to
This week we're pouring over What If? Episode 3! What did you think? As always, send your thoughts, questions, and theories to
The Nerdin Crew gives their thoughts on the Spiderman Leak, Free Guy and Season 1 of The Bad Batch
We're reacting, reviewing, and breaking down Episode 2 of What If on Disney Plus!
This week we're talking all about TV show pilots. What are some of OUR favorites, what most people consider good pilots, and more! Send your thoughts, questions, and more to
This week we're pouring over the first episode of Marvel's What If! Send your thoughts, questions, and theories over to
This week we're reviewing and recapping James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad"! What did you think of the movie? Are you excited for the Peacemaker show on HBO MAX? Send all your thoughts and feelings to us on social media or email us:
Damnit Cameron. Why did we have to revisit this one? This time around, we're re-watching and reviewing 2015's Fantastic Four. What went wrong? What kinda worked? Send your thoughts, theories, and questions over to
Actor and comedian Flula Borg joins us to discuss his role in "The Suicide Squad", PLUS we get to some Nerdy This or That questions that YOU submitted!
After watching Black Widow, Civil War has been on our minds so we thought it was the PERFECT time for a rewatch! What do you think of the movie? Does it hit any differently after watching Black Widow? As always, send all your thoughts and feelings over to
This week we're talking about our favorite Extinction Movies and TV shows. Which ones make your list? Send yours over to!
We had a week to think about it, now we're sharing our final thoughts on Season 1 of Loki and how this moves the MCU forward. Send your thoughts, feelings, and predictions over to!
The MCU Music Quiz!

The MCU Music Quiz!


This week we're seeing how well Randy and Cameron know the music from the MCU! Listen and play along at home. As always, send us your thoughts, questions, and ideas to!
How about that Season 1 Finale of Loki! What did you think? Send your thoughts, theories, and feelings to
Comments (6)

Brandon Rey

you guys should've played the them song from batman beyond. it's so epic!

Jul 5th

Anthony Nardelli

i love this podcast, its witty, funny as fuck, the hosts are very informed on the shows they review, Ravey is a great moderator of the discussions, its my go to podcast for all things nerdy, highly recommended

Jun 12th
Reply (1)

Karen Nicole Montiel

Baby in the stums!

May 13th

Hector Gomez

I love you guys! you guys are awesome! I'm a new listener and you have easily become one of my favorite pods. Now, about critics, I hate them, I think they are pointless and rude. They all seem like they have a big stick up their ass. I like to be my own critic. I NEVER make a decision on whether or not to watch a movie or show coming out based on a critics point of view, after all, opinions are like assholes...everyone has got one.

Feb 28th

Antidancer !

YES! finally downloadable 😃 thanks ravey and group.

Jun 4th
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