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Author: Sarah-Jayne Gratton and Dean Anthony Gratton

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An innovation show hosted by tech power couple Sarah-Jayne and Dean Anthony Gratton, also known as @grattonboy and @grattongirl on Twitter. Each unmissable episode looks at what's coming next in technology and features lively discussion and inspirational interviews.

37 Episodes
This time, we're joined by our good friend, the one and only 'Singing Scientist,' Dr Rocks, to talk about the future of energy.It's an episode packed full of insightful revelations about technological advancements in energy harvesting and utilisation.  Jonny explains how the science behind this is great news for us and great news for the planet.From travel, to healthcare and beyond, this is an episode that will leave you feeling positive about the future.We all need a little good news right now - so enjoy!Until next time, stay safe and well,SJ & D 
In this first episode of Season Two we take a look at the future of the fresh produce industry and explore how effective digitization will secure its growth and evolution.  We talk to William Hill the founder of FruPro - a ground-breaking new app for the fresh produce industry,  about the ways that the sector has changed over the years and adapted to the many challenges presented by both Brexit and the pandemic. Will explains the importance of education and community in driving forward the next generation of businesses across the entire fresh produce supply chain and provides numerous insights into where we are headed. For more information go to
Yes, we're back and what a testing few months it's been!Sarah's had Covid and also major dental surgery so she doesn't sound her normal self but things are slowly returning to normal.We're back from MWC in Barcelona, where we shot a TV mini-series and we had the chance to catch up with some old friends whilst making new ones during the filming.We hope you enjoy this catch up and thanks for sticking with us!Big hugs, Sarah and Dean.
We're so excited to launch our first episode and thought we'd take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit more about the show.If you like innovation and want to know what's coming next in the world of technology then this is the show for you.  Join us as we start our 'Tech Uncorked' journey!Click here to email us.Click here to find out more about Dean's books.Click here to find out more about Sarah's books.
What supply chain challenges are currently faced by industry and  how can we find solutions that work long-term?  From noodling (don't ask, just listen!) to AI, Blockchain, and the IoT, we explore the ways in which technology is helping to overcome these challenges  with this week's expert, Helen Mackenzie, and ask, "where's the human being in this picture?"Here's some more information about our special guest:Helen Mackenzie is the Principal Advisor at Procurious, the world’s largest on-line network for procurement and supply chain professionals.  She was a senior leader in the UK public procurement for over decade. She has authored a number of publications about procurement and technology and has also published many articles online.​Helen has received international recognition for her pioneering work combining public procurement with community empowerment and her teams have demonstrated award winning performance at Scottish and UK level.  She currently serves on the Board of the Scottish Public Pensions Agenda where she chairs the Audit and Risk Committee.If you'd like to contact Helen, here are the best ways to do so:Email: Twitter: @SuperstarHelenLinkedIn:
In this episode, we take a look at smart home technology and discuss what's needed and what's not, whilst considering what we now take for granted.  We look at the ways technology, including AI and IoT, can assist us and play a valuable role in the fields of healthcare and agriculture.We hope you enjoy listening and, if you have any views on what you consider to be useful or nonsense technology, we'd love to hear them.  Just email us here.Until next time!
In this episode, sponsored by PSA Certified, we talk with David Maidment, Director of Secure Devices Ecosystem within the Architecture & Technology Group at Arm, about the evolution of our digitally transformed world and how increasingly important it is to protect our devices from hackers.With new hacks making headlines every week, consumers are understandably apprehensive. There's no denying that insecurity poses a risk of delaying the deployment of IoT, especially as increasing reports have an adverse effect on adoption rates.Government concerns about the security threats of poorly designed connected devices drive investments in new standards, requirements and regulation. Products that don’t meet these requirements don’t go to market.PSA Certified maps products to government-backed baseline requirements, standards and emerging law.The PSA Certified founding members include renowned security experts who specialize in security evaluation. They created the PSA Certified program methodically using IoT threat models, security goals and industry best practices to provide free access to world-leading security expertise.PSA Certified hides the underlying complexity of security from software providers, device makers and service providers through an easy-to-use, high-level software API. For the chip maker who designs-in a Root of Trust with security functions such as cryptography, secure storage and attestation, PSA Certified resources allow you to focus more on product differentiation.PSA Certified helps you keep your development process in check and create an audit trail to showcase your efforts. It’s actively moving the industry from a verbal “Trust Me” to one that can rely on independent testing. Protect your invested development time and money. Design security into your product from the start and avoid a costly hack.Find out more here.
Cloud technology has become a saviour for many businesses in 2020, affording new opportunities for growth and connectivity - even during the most challenging of circumstances.  In this insightful episode we speak to Cloud expert, Ian Moyse, about the key stages of 'realisation' experienced by businesses since the start of the pandemic, we also learn how to build resilience into our businesses by embracing change and adopting a cloud-focused 'People, Process, Technology' way of working.Find out more about Ian Moyse here.
In this episode we discuss how technology is being used to provide companionship for the lonely (especially relevant this year) and look at how Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) like Alexa are fulfilling a need for company in the absence of friends and family contact.  We also discuss the need for clarity on what is perhaps mistakenly labelled Artificial Intelligence (AI).  We ask will there ever be a truly conscious intelligence within a machine and, if so, will this be a good or bad thing for the future of humanity?Oh, and there's also the 'conversation with Sybil the chihuahua' bit!Enjoy listening and stay safe everyone!
From 5G to  a new world of working.  Plus,  how our essential supply chains are being affected by Brexit.  In this, the first episode of 2021, Dean and Sarah-Jayne Gratton take a look at what we can expect to see happening  this year in terms of technology evolution and innovation.
In this episode we take a look at the rise of touchless technology and how it is helping to keep us all safe and well.  From virtual touchscreens to UV robots, we explore the innovations we can expect to see in 2021 along with those that we already know and love.For more information about the robots we discussed in the show click here.
You're your own brand!

You're your own brand!


This week we're joined by 'Mr Influence' himself, Gordon Glenister, to discuss the evolution of influencer marketing and its impact on business.  We'll be exploring the effects of Covid on Trade Association membership, ecommerce growth, the rise of hybrid events and how, in this day and age, we have all become our own brands.Find out more about Gordon's book and his events at:
It's been a while and, like so many, it's been an especially difficult time, as we've experienced the loss of a loved one.  This week we want to thank you for all your messages of love and support - they mean so much and have  kept us going.We're back with a new episode focusing on energy and looking at the ways it can be collected, stored and distributed in-line with the government's sustainability and carbon zero goals.We discuss everything from solar panels and smart meters to electric vehicles and the future of travel, so join us and don't forget to contact us with any comments or thoughts you have regarding the episode.  We love to hear from you!Sarah-Jayne and Dean
This time we talk about Artificial Intelligence and how we plan to approach it in our new book, which is being published by Routledge and will be out next year.We look at the term itself and ask whether it's actually a misnomer!  As mentioned in the episode, we'd love to hear your opinions on Artificial Intelligence and what you think it really is.  Maybe you could even be a guest on our show?Until next time, stay safe and stay well,D&S
This week we talk about recycling - including how plastics can be chemically transformed into fuel.  We look at the future of travel, exploring the hyperloop and Dean's reveals a wine-infused bet he made  that's 'out of this world! 'We make a quick stop-off to a chateau, where we look at how Dick Strawbridge solved his lift problem with nothing more than a pen and paper.We hope you're all keeping well and thank you for the hundreds of emails.  We'll incorporate your ideas for future episodes and will do our best to answer your technology questions as the season goes on.See you soon,S & D
In our ever-evolving 'always connected' world, will Big Brother-esq control be a big part of our car travel?In this episode we discuss how future car journeys might look and explore the kind of features we can expect to see behind the wheel.  Will speeding be a thing of the past and how will future car technology affect our insurance premiums?Oh, and there's that Burt Reynolds fantasy too!Until next time, enjoy,S & D
This week, we reminisce over the early days of the internet and look back at the time we purchased our first mobile phones.How times have changed!  And things are just getting started in terms of mobile communication possibilities.  We take the opportunity to answer a listener's question and explore the potential future of the smartphone.Don't forget to send in your questions and we'll do our best to include them in future episodes.  Just email us at:
In this insightful and educational episode, we speak with  Pehr Claesson, Marketing Director at Ericsson Digital Services, who explains what Network Slicing is and how it can help improve the consumer experience.  Together, we explore how the technology could radically transform how we experience live gaming, remote working and event experiences in the future. We ask Pehr to "show us the money" in terms of revealing the business opportunities and give us the low down on some future business models. For more information on these new Network Slicing opportunities click here to download Ericsson's latest report.This episode has been created with, and sponsored by, Ericsson. 
In this lively episode we're joined by well known motoring journalist and the editor of Cars of the Future magazine, Neil Kennett, to talk about the future of driving.  We explore just how far away we are from totally autonomous transport and question whether the so called 'self driving' cars of today are as safe as they purport to be.Covering crime prevention, data collection and insurance, this is an unmissable episode for car owners and motoring enthusiasts alike.
This time we're joined by  Digital Excellence & Internet Of Things (IoT) expert, Sam Lavers, to talk about 'Smart Buildings' - what they are and just how far they've come.  Sam transforms customers work spaces into smart cognitive facilities through the implementation of digital solutions and enablement through IoT services.He explains how today's connected buildings need to recognise their purpose in order to maximise their potential.  We explore how intuitive technology can bring this to the fore with some great insights from Sam and a few laughs along the way.Click here to find out more about Sam.Check out STL Digital here.
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