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Local to Legend is the podcast for local business owners like you, looking for the resources and tools needed to create a scalable, profitable, simply irresistible brand. What makes local businesses different than small businesses? Local businesses have their own little ecosystems they work within. Some local business owners have the hopes of being sold to Unilever (Schmidt’s) or getting a HGTV show (Joanna Gaines) or being sold in Target (Ben & Jerry’s).Others want to be a legend in their own community where people know, love, trust, and refer them all the time.The cool thing about being a legend is it’s fairly subjective, right? We have legends in Des Moines, Iowa (my home base), but they aren’t legends in the country. We have legends in the country, but they aren’t legends in the world. What I’ve come to discover in hundreds of conversations with local business owner is this: they desire MORE for themselves.They want to expand, but how?They want to grow their business, but what do they do?They want to pivot, but what will that mean?Local to Legend is about that conversation. And I'm thrilled to have you here.
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Today we welcome to the show, Deidre DeJear, a current candidate in the running for Iowa governor and a local business owner. We chat about Deidre’s experience starting her own business while still in college, her passion for helping small business owners and her journey into politics. Deidre opens up about her childhood in Mississippi and Oklahoma and the values her parents instilled in her. She was always interested in politics, but never saw herself as a leader in it. That changed when she found her purpose in serving her community.After graduating from high school, she moved to Iowa to attend Drake University and study broadcast journalism and politics. She started her own marketing business called Caleo Enterprises during her senior year of college because of a need in the small business community. She saw so many small business owners that had little to no knowledge on how to market their business and she set out to change that. Deidre shares her experience in politics, both campaigning for someone else and as the one on the ballot. She offers a peek into what it takes to run for a political office and her take on the most important leadership qualities.Tune in for topics like:Deidre’s journey in politicsStarting her own business while still in collegeWorking on the 2012 Obama campaignHer run for secretary of state and the lessons she learnedWhat it takes to be a leaderAdvice on career pathsLinks from the episode:Deidre's InstagramDeidre's FacebookCaleo Enterprises WebsiteEmily's episode with Matt Niblock about the hummingbirdsEmily's Local Holiday Shopping blog postSo You Wanna Start A... series YouTube ChannelFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
In this week’s episode, Emily chats with Mike Burggraaf, one of the owners of Core Physical Therapy. With two clinics in Iowa (West Des Moines & Adel), Core is on a mission to partner with every one of their patients on their journey back to their best self. Mike’s early connections in the healthcare industry led him to becoming a co-owner of Core Physical Therapy.Core isn’t your average physical therapy clinic. Each patient has 1:1 time with their therapist in a private treatment room. The physical therapists are always looking to get to the root cause of someone’s pain. Core is also passionate about giving their clients a space to heal. Mike shares about the body’s ability to hold emotions and how that can often affect people physically. He also shares about Core’s specialty, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy, two things that have had drastic impact on patient outcomes and differentiate the team from other clinics in the area.Mike also chats about what it’s like to manage people and how he and the rest of the leadership team have worked to help each one of their employees find their own interests within physical therapy. Tune in to this episode if you’ve ever been curious about physical therapy or what it’s like to own a local business in the healthcare industry!Tune in for topics like:How Mike became interested in being a PTThe journey to owning a private practiceWhat sets Core apart from other clinicsCore’s specialties and how they’ve been able to help patientsHow our body holds emotionsWhy Core helps staff to find their passions within physical therapyWhat the future holds for CoreLinks from the episode:Core PT WebsiteCore PT InstagramSo You Wanna Start A... series YouTube ChannelFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
In this episode, Emily chats with Rachel Daily and Kristin Owen, the owners of ‘Cure Studios in Austin, Texas. ‘Cure Studios is a waterless nail salon created for busy people who still want to practice self care. It’s a business built on intention designed to be a place that feels welcoming to all people, especially those who haven’t traditionally felt comfortable at a nail salon like men or those in the LGBTQ+ community.Rachel and Kristin still have day jobs they love. Rachel is a Product & Implementation Manager at Stitch Fix, and Kristin is the Co-Founder/COO/CRO at DoStuff. They met in Austin, Texas, and eventually decided to go into business together. In this episode, Rachel & Kristin discuss their business partnership and how they came up with the idea for their brand. They are candid about some of the struggles that have happened along the way but their true passion for what they’re creating seeps into every part of the conversation. Emily chats with them about the elusive work-life balance, self care, and what it means to create a brand in 2021.Rachel and Kristin are powerhouses dedicated to creating a space where people feel seen, heard, and appreciated, all while sprucing up their nails. They also have done the work to implement more sustainable practices into their salon and are continuously looking for more ways to do even better. Their vision for what ‘Cure Studios can be is inspiring. Don’t miss out on this episode!Tune in for topics like:Ins & outs of business partnershipRachel & Kristin’s experience hiring the right team membersWhy using water for manis and pedis is an issue in the nail industry How they chose the products they carry at the salonThe impact of personalized care for clientsHow to be be intentional in every step of the processThe vision for Cure Studios in the next 5-10 yearsLinks from the episode:Cure Studios InstagramCure Studios WebsiteSo You Wanna Start A... series YouTube ChannelSo You Wanna Start A… Blog postsFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
Today we are excited to welcome Liz Lidgett from Liz Lidgett Gallery to the Local to Legend Podcast! Liz discusses her journey in the art industry and gives us the inside scoop on starting her own art gallery. After wearing many different hats in the industry, including consultant, curator, entrepreneur, and writer, Liz was ready to create a gallery that respected both the artists and the clients equally. Born and raised in Iowa, Liz decided to branch out of the state for college, but post-grad life brought her back to her Iowa roots. She found a place for herself in the Des Moines community and realized that she could make an impact in her city. She started out in the corporate world as an art curator but quickly realized that it wasn’t for her. That ignited her desire to start her own business.After selecting art for businesses around Des Moines, she then transitioned into helping people pick out art for their homes. Through her work she started to notice practices and patterns she didn’t agree with. That led her to start her own gallery, vowing to change things for the better and creating an experience the artist and client both loved. Emily and Liz chat about the art industry, social media in 2021, and how Liz was able to build press around her business. Tune in to learn more about the art gallery world!Tune in for topics like:Liz’s journey in the art industryTrusting your gutLiz’s passion for helping people enter the art worldHow Liz worked with national magazines to get her brand out thereLiz’s advice for starting your own businessHow Liz defines success nowThe impact of social media and setting boundariesLiz’s future goalsLinks from the episode:Liz Lidget Gallery InstagramLiz Lidgett Personal InstagramLis Lidgett Gallery WebsiteLocal Business School - ENROLL!So You Wanna Start A... series YouTube ChannelSo You Wanna Start A… Blog postsFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
This week's guest is Ryan François from real estate development company, Rally Cap Properties. Ryan’s journey to real estate is a bit unconventional. He studied civil engineering and architecture at Iowa State University and after graduation, he became a mountain guide and then worked for a tech startup. After recognizing an itch in himself to do something a little bit more entrepreneurial, Ryan started investigating real estate.He started flipping houses in Des Moines with one of his college friends as a side gig in 2014. They quickly realized there was a strong demand and that they could start a viable business. One of their first projects was reposted on the For the Love of Old House’s Facebook page and their business blew up with both media attention and inquiries. After appearing on local news channels, they sped up the process of their business organization so that they’d be ready to start fielding requests from potential clients. Since then, Ryan has been renovating homes in the Des Moines area and is eager to continue making a difference in the community.Tune in for topics like:The journey from civil engineering & architecture to real estateRyan’s career journey and pivotsHow a side gig of flipping homes turned into a full time jobWhat to do when your post goes viralHow the Covid pandemic has impacted Rally Cap PropertiesWhere to start learning everything you need to know about real estate developmentRyan’s future plans for Rally Cap PropertiesLinks from the episode:For the Love of Old Houses Facebook PageRally Cap Properties WebsiteRally Cap Properties InstagramRally Cap Properties FacebookLocal Business School - doors are open, sign up today!So You Wanna Start A... series YouTube ChannelFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
This week Emily chats with Rabia Kamara, the owner of Ruby Scoops, an ice cream/dessert shop in Richmond, Virginia. Rabia was bit by the baking bug early on when she got her first cookbook around the age of nine. Headed to law school, she changed her mind and instead wanted to do something she was passionate about: culinary school. Her parents were unsure of her decision at first, but warmed after seeing Rabia in her element at school and in her jobs.After culinary school and jobs in savory food, she decided to switch to pastries in 2013 and has had a career in desserts ever since. As the only Black woman in the restaurant she worked in, she noticed that she didn’t receive the same amount of respect and treatment as some of her coworkers. This pushed her to go out on her own and start selling her ice cream at farmers markets and other events that slowly began growing her brand. Ruby Scoops opened up a storefront in November 2020 and recently WON a Food Network show you might have recently seen, Clash of the Cones with Ben & Jerry’s!Rabia and Emily chat through her journey to ice cream and what it was like to build her business on the East coast. They dive into her Food Network experience and what it was like to have Kevin Bacon and Ludacris taste her ice cream flavors. Tune in for topics like:How Rabia got into desserts and started her careerNavigating your relationship with your parents when you choose a different career pathRabia’s experience as the only Black woman in her restaurant jobStarting Ruby Scoops and Rabia’s first farmers marketRabia’s take on what you need to be an entrepreneurWhere to start for aspiring dessert shop ownersRabia’s personal journey on the Food Network channelLinks from the episode: include any links that were discussedRuby Scoops InstagramRuby Scoops Facebook Ruby Scoops WebsiteLocal Business School - get on the waitlist!So You Wanna Start A... series YouTube ChannelSo You Wanna Start A… series Blog postsFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
In this week’s episode, Emily chats with Angela Poldberg, the owner of Marne, a boutique located in the East Village of Des Moines. As a vegan, sustainable boutique, Marne only carries brands that are ethically made. Angela was motivated to start her own boutique after struggling to find other retail stores who carried vegan and sustainable options.Owning a store had always been in the back of her mind but Angela first got her start working in an ad agency and several retail stores like Lululemon. It was those experiences that gave her the knowledge and tools she needed to go out on her own. As a newly opened business, the pandemic hit her hard, but her resilience and determination have helped her grow her brand exponentially. In this episode, Angela & Emily chat about what it’s like to open a retail store just a few months before the pandemic hit and how she serendipitously found the perfect space. If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to go to market in New York and search for brands to fill your retail store, Angela shares the details of her experience with that too. Fellow retail brands or fashion lovers, this episode is for you!Tune in for topics like:How Angela got the idea to start her own shopThe influence of her ad agency and retail store experienceHow her dream to own a store continued to growWhy Angela only carries vegan and sustainable brandsGoing to market and sourcing brandsWhat to look for when sourcing ethical brandsAngela’s experience hosting pop-up shopsSpecific strategies she used to keep her business afloat during the pandemicLinks from the episode:Marne WebsiteMarne InstagramLocal Business School WaitlistSo You Wanna Start A... YouTube ChannelFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
Jenny is the owner of Dogpatch Urban Gardens (DUG), an urban farm in Des Moines that specializes in growing organic produce.The mission of Dogpatch is to inspire the health of humans, its community, and the land. Jenny and her team do this by growing organic produce, hosting farm events, supporting other local growers/producers, and using regenerative farming practices to enhance their soil.The business has evolved to become more and more diversified since inception in 2015. Their main produce sales avenues are the online store (which emerged during COVID),  local restaurants, through a modified CSA known as a Salad Subscription, and this season they will be vending at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market. Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss this episode! It’s full of so much fresh knowledge and personal insight on hard work, perseverance, and showing up with something of value.Tune in for topics like:What inspired Jenny to start urban farming The importance of value-added products How assessing profitability determined which types of produce to grow Knowing the $10 tasks in your businessSpecial events and community involvement opportunities at the farmLinks from the episode: Visit Dogpatch Urban Gardens onlineDogpatch Urban Gardens FacebookDogpatch Urban Gardens InstagramFREE training to help your brand become a beloved business in your community without an expensive or time consuming marketing strategyFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
Today’s guest is Mason Groben, winemaker of Jasper Winery. Started by his parents in 2000, Jasper Winery was a bit of an anomaly in Iowa but it's grown into a favorite destination.After graduating the University of California-Davis with a degree in viticulture and enology, Mason returned to Iowa in 2003 to assist with the family business. In 2007, it became apparent that the winery had outgrown the Newton location and needed to expand into a larger building. The Groben family was intrigued by the recent resurgence of downtown Des Moines, and located a property near Grays Lake and began construction of the current winery. The new winery opened in the summer of 2009 and has been booming ever since.During this week’s episode Emily chats with Mason about all things Jasper Winery; from how the family has continued to evolve and grow over the years, to marketing and product development, to wine production, special events, and more.Tune in for topics like:Why the Groben family started Jasper WineryWhat drew Jason back to Iowa after college in CaliforniaThe importance of evolving marketing plans and product development to remain relevantAn overview of the winemaking process from harvest to bottlingExciting events coming up at Jasper WineryLinks from the episode: Jasper Winery FacebookJasper Winery InstagramFREE training to help your brand become a beloved business in your community without an expensive or time consuming marketing strategyEmail marketing mini training to learn how to launch your email list (free!) Follow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
Today’s guest is Vanessa McNeal, a certified manifestation coach, national speaker, and documentary filmmaker. She and Emily chat about how much her life has changed in just a year and why making the switch to manifestation coach was the most aligned decision she’s ever made.Emily first met Vanessa through her documentary, Gridshock, a poignant expose on the sex trafficking industry. But Vanessa has since blossomed into a role as a coach, guiding people across the country on how to be in alignment with their authentic selves to manifest the life of their wildest dreams.They chat about Vanessa’s journey to finally discovering who she was, aside from the things she did. They dive into manifestation and how powerful it can be to utilize as a business owner. Money limiting thoughts are also on the table as Emily and Vanessa turn commonly held beliefs on their head.This episode will make you break open wide the doors to possibilities you hadn’t let yourself dream of before. Press play.Tune in for topics like:Why Vanessa made the switch from documentarian + speaker to manifestation coachWhy it’s important to separate yourself from what you doHow Vanessa went from investing $12,000 to up level her skills to making that back threefold in 30 daysA breakdown of manifestation and how it can change your lifeCreating visibility for your coaching businessWhy rest is trustLinks from the episode: Vanessa McNeal websiteVanessa McNeal InstagramMagnetic Manifestation Academy applicationFREE training to help your brand become a beloved business in your community without an expensive or time consuming marketing strategyEmail marketing mini training to learn how to launch your email list (free!) Follow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
Today’s guest is one of my friends and fellow DSM enthusiast, Tyler Coe! Tyler is a divorce lawyer in the Des Moines area who has poured time and energy into crafting a strong personal brand that has helped him to grow a robust client base and increase the impact he’s been able to make in the community.When you own a service-based business, YOU are the biggest differentiator in your business, and it’s ultimately what sets you apart from others in your industry and market. Tyler does an excellent job of creating little touchpoints and connections with his audience on a daily basis to build trust and relationships. From sending out Valentine’s Day cards to injecting humor into what can potentially be dry or sensitive legal topics, Tyler is an expert at attracting and retaining new customers and connections.In this episode, Tyler and Emily dive deeper into the world of personal branding and how vital it can be to grow a loyal customer base by simply showing up as your authentic self! They chat through how personal branding began to grow Tyler’s business in just six months and how he became one of the top viewed profiles on his law firm’s site at age 32!Tune in for topics like:How a personal branding class opened up Tyler's worldWhat Tyler started doing to attract new clientsWhy tracking your referrals is so importantIntentional snail mail Tips to grow your audienceLinks from the episode: Please Pass the Love website (mental health nonprofit in Iowa)Tyler Coe InstagramTyler Coe websiteFREE training to help your brand become a beloved business in your community without an expensive or time consuming marketing strategyEmail marketing mini training to learn how to launch your email list (free!) Follow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
Founder and owner of Invictus Media, JenniferKathryn King, joins Emily on the podcast to chat about her journey from Stanford to Nike to Men’s Health, and back to Iowa to eventually build her own visual productions agency, Invictus Media. With her own company, JenniferKathryn has brought her expertise into her local community and even bigger projects like an upcoming Netflix movie. But she didn’t start out thinking she’d go out on her own.JenniferKathryn King worked in marketing and advertising at Nike building an internal video department that worked to tell the story of Nike sponsored athletes. She was persuaded to join the Men’s Health team and then later transferred to Des Moines to serve as store manager over Fresh Fit Meals. Then she pivoted once again to open up her own business, telling the story of local brands and organizations right here in Iowa.As she built her business, she had to work to combat the intimidation people sometimes felt around video and instead show them why it’s a crucial medium to use to build trust with your customers in today’s business environment. We chat through how local businesses can get started with video and how Invictus is able to help businesses articulate their brand through visual content. Tune in to listen to JenniferKathryn’s story and where she’s headed next! Tune in for topics like:A behind the scenes look at working in Nike’s HQHow you know when to niche down in your businessThe real deal on ReelsHow to incorporate video into your brand strategyWhy it’s time to get comfortable showing up as yourselfVideo Business Card - what is it and why do you need it?Links from the episode: Invictus Media FacebookInvictus Media InstagramInvictus Media VimeoInvictus Media YouTubeInvictus Media WebsiteFREE training to help your brand become a beloved business in your community without an expensive or time consuming marketing strategyEmail marketing mini training to learn how to launch your email list (free!) Follow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
This week Emily is solo as she shares a breakdown of our newest course: Local Business School! Have you heard of it? Are you wondering what all the hype is about? Then this is the episode for you.The Local Business Growth System is why people are saying YES to Local Business School. This step-by-step system will help you become THE staple brand in town, which has benefits like consistent sales, endless referrals, and feeling super supported.FOUNDATIONS are essential. We make sure you have clarity on the business and brand elements that matter most in local markets.STRATEGY is built after the foundation is laid. Your strategy is YOURS. We help you navigate how to build it based on your marketing channels, your personality, and how much time you can devote to implementing it.REVIEW happens after you start implementing your strategy. It’s imperative that you understand the data inside of Instagram, your website, your CRM, and beyond. Data should drive decisions, not your emotions. ACCELERATE happens after you start implementing your strategy consistently. Let’s say you start getting momentum on Instagram, we’ll give you the tools to drive results even faster.Tune in for topics like:Why the first round of Local Business School sold out in 48 hoursThe four phases that make up the Local Growth MethodWhy you need support in a way that aligns with youWhy consistency is the name of the game in business growth Links from the episode: Learn more about Local Business School on the websiteFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!As a special bonus for the podcast community, use code LOCALTOLEGEND to receive $97 off your Local Business School enrollment. Discount can be applied to either the first month of the monthly payment plan or the pay in full option. Thank you for listening, friend. See you in the next episode!
This week’s podcast guest is coming all the way from the land Down Under! Yep, that’s right, Emily is chatting with Imogen Lamport, Australian native and professionally trained, internationally certified Image Consultant (aka a personal stylist) and a certified Type Practitioner. Imogen loves to share what she knows so that others can stop wasting money on clothes that don’t work, and discover the ones that make them look and feel fabulous. Imogen uses her business, Inside Out Style, to fulfill her life’s mission to “empower you to express your style.”Imogen discovered she had a love of the science behind style and how personality played an influential role. When she realized image consulting was something she could actually study and get certified in, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to combine her passion with her desire to one day start her own business.In 2008 Imogen began writing 3-5 posts a week as she started creating a local community based blog. Consistently showing up and providing content for her website greatly expanded her SEO, helping to build relationships with other bloggers. Her blog posts led to the release of her first eBook, which led to more posts and more eBooks, and eventually led to her writing virtual programs. As people continued to ask Imogen for personal consultations and to be trained by her themselves to become personal stylists, she realized she needed a way to do so virtually to meet her growing demand. Leaning into technology to deepen connections, create opportunities, and reach farther than she ever imagined, Imogen has continued to aim for viability and scalability. This episode will leave you feeling inspired to create amazing content and expand your reach.Tune in for topics like:How Imogen grew her local styling blog to a global marketWhy creating *useful* content on your website is what moves the needleThe benefit of creating a business that isn’t solely dollars for timeThe importance of diversifying your revenue streams Why an online presence is so criticalLinks from the episode:Learn more from Imogen’s encyclopedia of style by visiting the Inside Out Style website Connect with Inside Out Style on FacebookBe inspired to create your personal style by following Imogen on InstagramFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!Thank you for listening, friend. See you in the next episode!
This week's guest is Michael Zimmerman, founder of RipRoar Events, Iowa's largest endurance event production company. Obsessed with endurance sports since the age of five, Michael has built an enterprise around his love for challenging communities to go further, or faster, or find the entertainment in suffering.But it wasn’t always that way - Michael worked tirelessly for years (sometimes for free) to gain experience and a deeper understanding of the endurance events industry. After years of hard work and making notes of what he would do differently if given the chance, he finally took the leap and started his own company; RipRoar Events.“When you’re starting a business, a big component is: could you do it better? Is the X factor something you can contribute to? Is the X factor you?”Over the last six years, Michael and his team at RipRoar Events have continued to prove themselves as the X factor and as experts in what they do. They own and operate three of Des Moines largest race events and are able to bring the community together for incredible experiences in unique ways. When 2020 hit and halted the live event industry, Michael and his team knew they had two choices: hide and wait, or innovate and do something different.Tune in for topics like:The importance of knowing your WHYHow a business plan Michael made in college came in handy down the lineWhy it’s important to identify the X factor in any situationWhy saying yes to everything isn’t always the best strategyA behind-the-scenes look at the details that go into planning a running experienceLinks from the episode: Check out each of the RipRoar Events:Des Moines Women’s Half MarathonEMC Dam to DSMDes Moines Turkey TrotFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!Thank you for listening, friend. See you in the next episode!
We are so excited to share this magical episode in which Emily chats with Rashelle Whiteharris, the owner and visionary behind Women’s Collective Box. A mom of three, with a background in photography, marketing, and brand building, Rashelle has a genuine passion for creating a community buzzing with energy from women supporting each other’s dreams. Women’s Collective Box is a subscription box service that unveils a beautifully designed box, featuring carefully curated products from 6 to 7 women-owned businesses, every season. From learning to navigate product sourcing, intentional collaborations, size and weight logistics, shipping specifications, and so much more - Rashelle has since grown the company to an online marketplace which provides the ability to 1) showcase even more women and 2) allow products to be featured year round (not just for the box season).Having one year of business officially under her belt, Rashelle has big dreams for Women’s Collective Box and her overall mission remains the driving force. Don’t miss this episode as it’s sure to leave you feeling inspired and ready to jump into a community that aligns with you.Tune in for topics like:The behind-the-scenes of how a beautiful, curated subscription box arrives at your doorWhy having a mission you believe in is the heartbeat of doing something hardWhy you “just gotta ask” and what can happen when you doThe importance of finding people who are in true alignment with you and your missionLinks from the episode: Engage with the Women’s Collective Box on Instagram Check out the Women’s Collective Box website to shop the Marketplace and learn moreLook for the upcoming community groups on the Women’s Collective Box FacebookFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!Thank you for listening, friend. See you in the next episode!
Emily hosts longtime gardeners and nature enthusiasts, Adam and Jenn O’Neal, owners of Pepperharrow Farm, a twenty acre flower farm. PepperHarrow offers customers the ability to order their fresh flowers online weekly, available for pick-up each Saturday during the growing season, or at Gateway Market and The Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market. PepperHarrow also hosts several unique classes and events on the flower farm, geared towards people looking for an amazing experience.The dream for Pepperharrow Farm began twenty years ago in 2001 after Adam read a magazine article about permaculture and sustainable agriculture. For the next ten years the couple dreamed and journaled their desire to one day transition to farm life. During this time Adam, still working full time in the oil industry, took up gardening. He had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best gardeners in Tennessee; ultimately becoming a master gardener. Finally, in 2011 the O’Neals made the decision to leave their urban life behind and return to Madison County, Iowa (where Jenn grew up) to fulfill their farm dream. New to the community, the couple knew they needed to establish brand recognition and introduce themselves and their product. They worked with a local artist to design a logo and Adam hit the streets to promote Pepperharrow Farm. With the support of the local farmers market, surrounding community, and area grocers, Adam and Jenn were quickly being sought out by customers. Over the years the couple has learned what works best for them and what their customers desire. They have continued to make upgrades to the farm, add new products and offerings, and began inviting guests to the farm in 2015. All the while, both Adam and Jenn remained employed full time outside of the farm. Adam eventually left his previous career in the oil industry five years into owning and operating Pepperharrow Farm. Jenn remained in her medical equipment sales role for another five years and recently made the transition to full time on the farm after nine growing seasons. Both Adam and Jenn are thrilled to be working together full time on their dream; Pepperharrow Farm.It’s no shock from the way this couple intentionally dreamed, envisioned, and grew their farm from the ground up that they are blooming exceptionally well (pun intended 😉). Adam and Jenn are truly inspired by watching the joy others experience when visiting the flower farm. This magical feeling is what propelled the couple to lead with generosity in offering in classes, events, e-learning, starter kits, lavender and essential oils, farm boot camp, glamping, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this incredible episode that provides a glimpse into the beautiful dream Adam & Jenn have cultivated for Pepperharrow Farm. Tune in for topics like:How a 10 year dream grew into a flourishing flower farmFinding creative ways to utilize all areas of a farm for business and entertainmentThe importance of balancing strengths in a personal and business relationshipLinks from the episode:Visit the Pepperharrow Farm website to order flowers, view classes, and moreWatch and learn with Pepperharrow Farm on YouTubeFollow Pepperharrow Farm on instagram Follow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
“It really is a case of a rising tide lifts all boats. Other artists doing well makes the markets we’re at better, which brings more people, which means we do better. So it’s definitely something where the incredible community allows us to do what we do.” On the podcast this week, Emily chats with Tammy and Adam Winn, owners of Red Door Press. Red Door Press is a letterpress print shop specializing in hand-printed cards, broadsides, social stationery, gig and event posters, corporate branding, workshops and much more.In 2008 Tammy went through a career change and was in search of a creative outlet as a result. After taking a class at the Des Moines Art Center, she ended up finding and purchasing an old printing press that was about to be thrown away. Her desire for creativity combined with the idea that she could help preserve this technique drove this decision despite the fact that she had no idea how to restore or use the press. The 1,500 lb printing press moved into her garage and was the piece of equipment that ultimately started the journey to starting a business.In support of his wife’s passion, Adam leaned in to support rather than resist the takeover of the garage. Together they began to learn from an older generation of printers who were gracious enough to share the history, techniques, equipment, type, and much wisdom. They attended their first market with little experience and that led to being invited to another, which led to another, and they soon were included in a lot of indie craft markets throughout the community. Over the years participation has grown and in 2019 they attended 75 different events; all the while both are employed full time outside of the print shop.This is one of the very things that make Tammy and Adam, and their business, unique. Having their full time jobs allows them to not worry about their basic cost of living, allowing them to create simply because they want to rather than because they have to. This has expanded their freedom and creativity in intentionally making things that they feel are one of a kind, valuable, spread an important message, and are desired by their customers...the stuff you can’t just find in any home decor store.  Don’t miss this fascinating episode as Tammy and Adam dive into what starting a business in a “supposedly” dead industry entails, how they give back and share with the next generation of printers, and their hopes for the future of Red Door Press.Tune in for topics like:What letterpress printing actually meansHow having foresight into business purchases is importantWhy knowing your strengths and those of your business partner is important for teamwork The importance of supporting the community around youLinks from the episode:Visit the Red Door Press website to view their prints and learn moreFollow Red Door Press on instagram for new designs and behind the scenes at the shopFree Training – Sign up + learn how to generate consistent sales for your local business WITHOUT a complicated or expensive marketing strategyFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!
“We’ve literally trademarked the term “word of thumb” advertising, that’s what we call our share feature”.  This week's episode is full of energy as Emily talks with Sara Castillo, Co-Founder and President of TapOnIt. Sara oversees and manages communication between brands and consumers through TapOnIt. Her unique background has allowed her to become an expert in driving traffic and sales into small businesses in the most beneficial way possible. Focused on the customer experience, Sara's strengths lie in building relationships between consumers and businesses, creating loyalty and generating excitement for TapOnIt across all of the markets. Since co-founding the company with her sister, Katie Wilson, in 2015, TapOnIt has evolved into a major player in SMS/MMS consumer engagement.Whether or not you’re familiar with text message marketing you won’t want to miss this podcast! Emily and Sara discuss how text messaging is the most widely used app on a smartphone, how texting is the fastest way to get a hold of somebody, and how businesses can almost guarantee their text will be seen versus traditional fragmented advertising methods. What makes TapOnIt unique is that it appeals to both the local business owner and the consumer. It’s never spam and it’s never a list of bought phone’s always current deals and 100% opted in. Plus, there are always incredible contests and sweepstakes available, as well as opportunities to unlock bonus offers!Listen for more information on how you can get connected to TapOnIt to receive the latest deals; as a local business owner and as a consumer. Tune in for topics like:Relevant, cost effective ways to get your brand in front of peopleHow businesses can grow using “word of thumb” advertisingThe benefit of using text message marketing as a business ownerHow to reach consumers who love to save money but want convenience Why our friends recommendations matter to local businessesLinks from the episode: Learn more about how Tap On It works via their websiteFollow Tap On It on Facebook and InstagramFree Training – Sign up + learn how to generate consistent sales for your local business WITHOUT a complicated or expensive marketing strategyFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!More from Sara and Tap On It: Don’t miss out on deals in your area! Send the message TAPONIT to 82928 and respond with your zip code to receive the most recent offers. Note: standard message rates and data apply. 
“Be authentic, be you. Don’t try to be anything you’re not. Don’t try to be everything to everybody. That’s another big piece. That’s where a lot of people tend to lose because they get caught up in not really knowing who their customer is and what they stand for. They truly want to be everything to everybody.”We are so excited to share this conversation with Jason Pirock, the Director of Marketing for Aparium. Aparium makes “hotels that matter'' and provides “the most unique experiences in the most distinctive places”. When the founders saw an opportunity to bring elevated, upscale, boutique hotels to secondary and tertiary markets that’s exactly what they did. Creating and mastering a niche in translocal hospitality, Aparium brings passing guests together while connecting with local communities and the people that inhabit them.Not only does Jason manage a marketing campaign for the Aparium brand itself, he also oversees each of the individual properties in the portfolio, personalizing each brand identity to the specific market. The properties alone don’t speak for themselves so it’s crucial the teams in each market are genuine and truly care about the guests and their experiences. Jason relies on traditional PR tactics as well as social media to get the word out in a real time way.Join us for this podcast as Emily and Jason discuss how Aparium works: from finding historic buildings to restore and bring back to life, to choosing all local vendors, makers, and artisans as the hotel suppliers, to the key role of the Lifestyle Director and their collaborations with locals in the community.  As you listen you’ll quickly realize that Aparium is not just a hotel. It’s an experience. It’s the place to be and hang out.Tune in for topics like:Translocal hospitality and what it means  to immerse the local community into a hotelCreating a hotel that is not just a place to stay but a true experienceManaging an overall brand portfolio made up of several properties each with their own unique brand identity How to use hotel space creatively during times of restricted travel and gatheringLinks from the episode: Follow Aparium on Instagram Like Aparium on FacebookStay in the know with Aparium on LinkedIn and Twitter Free Training – Sign up + learn how to generate consistent sales for your local business WITHOUT a complicated or expensive marketing strategyFollow me (Emily Steele) (Love Local) on Instagram for a little business + a little life, and a whole lot of positive energy!More from Jason and Aparium: Aparium currently has seven open and operating locations with five new hotels opening in the coming months. Learn more about each experience on their website. 
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