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Episode 149 - Buoyancy

Episode 149 - Buoyancy


I’m John and I made a podcast on buoyancy. My podcast talks about the history behind the discovery of the buoyant force and how the buoyant force works by giving several examples.
Guest Podcaster Dillon explains how Wifi routers work and how to get the best connection. Common misconceptions on the dangers of wifi signals are also debunked.
I’m Danicka and I made a podcast on 3D printing. My podcast talks about what it is, the history, what you can make, how it works, different types and the pros and cons of 3D printing.
Listen to Sam talk about some of the differences that make bacteria and viruses unique from one another. It’s a surprising and interesting educational podcast wrapped up under 5 minutes.
Neither Internal Combustion Engine nor Electric Powertrain. BOTH!! This podcast explores the technology found in the current Hybrid cars, and also the laws of Physics pulling the strings in the back. Thank You. Josh G.
Guest student podcaster Sophie details the battle: Quantum Mechanics vs General Relativity !
The Haber process is the method of creating ammonia for use in fertilizers. It was created by Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch to produce bombs for the German military in World War 1.
Episode 142 - Curling

Episode 142 - Curling


Curling is a popular Canadian winter sport which gets its name from the path that the rock takes as it moves down the ice. In this podcast, students Hannah and Julia look at why rocks curl, and explore ideas like the stick-pivot-slide model.
In this episode, student guest podcaster Anna takes you through some fascinating information about dark matter! Learn more about recently discovered facts about our universe.
Guest student podcaster Cristina discusses pressure cookers !
Guest student podcasters Mike and Owen discuss cologne chemistry !
Rants and Raves - My visit to a National Science Teaching Association Conference in 2019 !
The Everything Show - lasers, space exploration, mapping the human genome, classic cars, gardening and so much more. When Philip Preston, President of Polyscience and Dr. C (Marshall Carroll) got together, you guessed it - they had a lot to talk about!
Star student podcasters Brian and Simon discuss The Big Crunch. Cosmic !
Episode 135 - WD40

Episode 135 - WD40


Star student podcaster Jibin talks about interesting aspects of wd40: the myths and facts.
Star student podcasters Chayton and Henry talk about spiders ! It's for the World-Wide-Web !
Star student podcasters M&B present the world's longest (and best) safety song ! See the lyrics at
Star student podcaster Nikhil discusses holography.
Star student podcaster Yimin asks "Does blue light really damage your eyes? Let's find out!"
Star student podcasters Harshil and Rutvish discuss health issues associated with aluminumm cookware.
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