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Push Power Podcast with Cheronda L. Hester
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Push Power Podcast with Cheronda L. Hester

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Welcome to Push Power Podcast with Cheronda L. Hester, empowering women to excel, grow and catapult them into their next level.
17 Episodes
You have something to offer that nobody else can give!!!!Share kindness and love with someone today!!!!
Joshua 5:9
Taste and see the Lord is Good!!! Let’s exalt His name together ♥️♥️
Finding intimacy with God by prioritizing a busy schedule!! 
We serve a God of a Breakthrough!!!! 
Keep GOING and DON’T STOP 🛑 
Embrace change!!! The same God that open doors also closes doors 😄Be ENCOURAGED 🤩
Just because you don’t 👀 anything happening doesn’t mean GOD is not 🚫working 
Cry out, Confess, and Consent!!! Only God knows the full extent of your potential!!! Give life to your POTENTIAL and not your PITY!!! 
It’s time to MANAGE your MONEY so you can MASTER your MONEY!!!!!
Let’s talk about the potential that’s inside of you!!! 
In this episode learn the importance of speaking life!!!!!!
Join me in this episode for a sneak peek of what to expect from Push Power Podcast. I am Cheronda L. Hester, so glad you are here, see you there.
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