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Media TechTalk is about all things media technology. Each week, cielo24's CMO, Nicole Flynn, will speak with leading media experts about innovation, resilience, and what’s ahead in the technology space. From the sudden shift in education technology to the newest business technology releases, this podcast is bringing you the latest in audio and video news.
6 Episodes
Kent Boucher, Senior Director of Accessibility Program Office at Oracle, joins host Nicole Flynn on this episode of Media TechTalk. Nicole and Kent discuss the intersectional needs of deaf and low-vision students within the learning and media environments. From building best practices into your process to connecting with advocacy groups, Kent outlines all the necessary steps to ensure your content is digestible for every audience. Topics Discussed: Introducing Kent Boucher and Oracle’s accessibility practices (00:30)CVAA Standards for hearing impaired accessibility (10:10)Assistive technology tools for low-vision (14:33)Advice for approaching accessible technology in the classroom (18:40)What’s next for Oracle accessibility (25:05)Closing remarks (35:36)
In this episode, Daryn Harpaz, Founder and CEO of ZenythGroup, provides listeners with progressive, expert knowledge on implementing tangible accessibility solutions that move beyond basic compliance. From legal assistance to developing an organization-specific framework and plan, ZenythGroup works with individuals or companies of all types to create a more accessible digital world. Topics Discussed: Introducing Daryn Harpaz (00:30)Legal compliance from the digital perspective (02:02)ZenythGroup’s innovative approach to compliance and accessibility (05:42)Website accessibility infrastructure (07:39)Tangible solutions for website accessibility (16:35)Closing remarks (22:12)
Nicole Flynn, is joined by John Jones, Director of Media Resources Center at Wichita State University, for a provocative discussion about the way in which organizations adopt accessibility practices. With John’s influence, Wichita State has adopted a progressive view of instructional design that has allowed all students to foster. Throughout the episode, John Jones touches on the need for setting University-wide standards for text size requirements, captioning other student’s material, and how to successfully roll out a thorough transcription program.Topics Discussed: Introducing John Jones (00:30)Parity standards and thinking differently about accessibility (06:28)COVID-19 and captioning (09:19)Establishing a budget for captioning (13:15)Benefits of cross-departmental task forces (14:43)Wichita’s additional accessibility practices (16:38)Closing remarks (21:02)
In this episode, Nicole Flynn speaks with Emily Flamme, News Editor at the Quinnipiac Chronicle, about all things accessibility. They dive into YouTube’s removal of their crowdsourced closed captions as an example of normalized ableism and its harm towards the disabled community. From the media viewing experience to the college classroom, Emily provides us with important insights into the challenges facing those with disabilities and how we all can do better. Topics Discussed: Introducing Emily Flamme (00:30)Normalized ableism in our society (02:05)Problematic definitions of disabled (07:48)YouTube and the removal of crowdsourced CC (12:45)Benefits of captioning for everyone (16:38)Closing Remarks (18:22)
Nicole Flynn, cielo24’s CMO, and Chrissy Wissinger, Director of Marketing at Prevedere, dive into using transcription and captioning for improving lead generation, media ROI, and the latest content campaigns. They discuss the disruptive effects of the pandemic on traditional marketing strategies, the need for reusable content, and other marketing strategies.  Topics Discussed: Introduction to Chrissy and Prevedere (00:34)Shifting Content Strategy (01:21)Repurposing Content for Lead Generation (3:21)Cost of Transcription and ROI (04:28)Marketing Advice From Chrissy (07:05)Closing statement (09:05)
Nicole Flynn, cielo24's CMO, hosts a Q&A with Cindy Potteiger, Natalie Endres, and cielo24’s Shanna Johnson and Joe DeRocco on reimagining higher education amidst COVID-19. They discuss building a remote learning program, how to adhere to student’s accessibility needs online, and the possibility of reopening in-person instruction in 2020, among other topics relating to educational technology.Topics Discussed: Introducing Shanna Johnson and cielo24 (03:38)Insights from Cindy Potteiger and Cuyahoga Community College (08:31)A student perspective from Natalie Endres (24:12)cielo24’s Closing Remarks by Joe De Rocco (32:28)
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