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The Art of Accomplishment Podcast

Author: Joe Hudson

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The premise of The Art of Accomplishment is simple: it is our heart’s capacity that determines our success and happiness in life.

Emotional intelligence is the bottleneck to the change we want to see in ourselves and the world. Tapping into our heart’s potential opens up the possibility of fulfilling our greatest ambitions without sacrificing our sense of joy and authenticity.

The Art of Accomplishment is led by Joe Hudson, one of the top executive coaches and teachers in the world, in partnership with Forte Academy. The combination of Joe’s work in personal transformation with Forte Academy’s expertise in online learning is a completely new kind of group coaching experience.
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We are taught early on that if we accomplish enough stuff we will have the life of our dreams, only to find it is a life that fails to make us happy and fulfill our hopes. In this program, you will discover that how you get things done is what makes your life far more fulfilling. Not only because you will enjoy the process of an authentic life but because enjoyment and self-awareness are critical tools in making what you accomplish more meaningful and effortless. Show Notes02:00 - How will self-inquiry help me be productive and lead to more accomplishment?05:30 - What makes accomplishment an art?22:45 - How does a person get to see all of their accomplishments as art?26:30 - What are we undoing exactly and what does that help us accomplish?42:45 - As we learn to view accomplishment as art, what changes about the way that we do things?47:50 - Does this work help undo the limiting misconceptions of self? Read the transcript
When we are ready to embark on the journey of self-transformation we want to make the most of our time in an effective and progressive way. For this, as with all journeys, it helps to have a compass and a clear map. A clear map tells us four things about the journey: the necessary conditions, the best approach, what to expect along the way, and impediments where we might get lost. The compass that keeps us on track—our constant reference along the path—is enjoyment. Show Notes00:36 - How do we get started on the journey? 08:19 - What else can we be aware of on this journey?11:05 - How do we avoid getting stuck?13:20 - Do you have any tips or exercises for anybody who's embarking on this journey? 19:45 - How do I know where to focus my attention?26:44 - How will embracing intensity help you enjoy yourself?29:30 - Tell me more about what happens on this journey? 41:35 - What can get in the way on the journey itself? Read the transcript
We are taught from a very young age that doing things perfectly will get us where we want to go in life. But what if doing things in connection is far more effective? What if being in connection with your customers gets better results than trying to make a perfect product? Or being in connection with your spouse makes a better marriage than trying to make it perfect? Show Notes00:36 - How do we get started on the journey?08:19 - What else can we be aware of on this journey?11:05 - How do we avoid getting stuck?13:20 - Do you have any tips or exercises for anybody who's embarking on this journey?19:45 - How do I know where to focus my attention?26:44 - How will embracing intensity help you enjoy yourself?29:30 - Tell me more about what happens on this journey?41:35 - What can get in the way on the journey itself? Read the transcript
Enjoy over Manage

Enjoy over Manage


The problem with getting good at managing your life is that you end up with a life that has to be managed. What would happen if you found out that focusing on enjoying your life could make you more productive and happier than managing your life? We know most of the greats enjoyed what they did. What if enjoyment is an essential part of what makes us great?  Show Notes02:22 - Why “Enjoy over Manage” is an important topic for Joe06:53 - The difference between management and non-management13:06 - Ways to know if you are managing rather than following intention18:04 - Do you have to manage some level for anything to get done?27:41 - The definition of enjoyment37:12 - How management enjoyment dynamic shows up in relationships43:08 - You can have boundaries without management Read the transcript
Feel over Figure

Feel over Figure


We often try to figure out solutions to our problems intellectually. But modern neuroscience tells us that, if you removed the emotional centers of your brain, you would be unable to make even the simplest decision regardless of how much intellect you had. What if there were emotional practices you could do to clarify every decision? What if emotions were the key to finding whole new kinds of solutions? Show Notes02:30 - What makes feelings so important?07:45 - How confronting emotional reality helps12:15 - Resistance is a waste of energy18:00 - What happens if we let our emotions fly all the time?25:00 - The intellect is beautiful36:00 - What does emotional development look like?45:00 - Grief is a celebration of what you've had48:00 - What are some takeaways from all of this? Read the transcript
Want over Should

Want over Should


If you look at all the bad habits that you’ve been trying to stop for a decade they all have one thing in common: They are all things you’re telling yourself you SHOULD stop doing. What if thinking you “should” is what keeps you stuck? And what if getting in touch with your wants, in a deep way, is the quickest way to get you unstuck?  Show Notes02:00 - What if thinking you should is what keeps you stuck?05:00 - What is the definition of should?13:00 - What is the definition of want?22:00 - What is the difference between wanting and craving?24:00 - How do you factor should and want into success?29:00 - What are some examples of holding an intention without the should?34:00 - What makes wanting so vilified in our society?37:50 - What makes people feel the pain from their own wants?42:00 - A personal story relevant to how Joe arrived at all of this. Read the transcript
When we consider how we want life to be in the future we often create a list of things that we have to improve about ourselves. Yet we rarely consider that we could succeed in “improving” every aspect of our lives, and by doing so, completely lose touch with who we are and what we want. What if learning who we are creates a future far better than what we think we want? What if it creates a future better than we could imagine?  Show Notes01:00 - What is authenticity?06:30 - How would you define improvement? 10:30 - How would you separate improvement from growth?19:15 - What are some concrete examples to make this real? 28:00 - What am I?37:00 - What happens if changes happen so rapidly you feel disconnected?45:00 - How does this work in companies, and in general, in cultures of self-improvement? Read the transcript
Empower over Power

Empower over Power


The accumulation of power seems like a good idea at first. Then we see how deeply insecure some billionaires and leaders of countries can be. What if no amount of power could ever make you feel safe? What if it was just another thing that could be taken away from you? What if being empowered is the key to the only security that truly sets you free? Show Notes00:30 - What is the difference between power and empower?07:30 - Where does this yearning for power arise from?19:30 - What is the distinction between acting successful and actually being empowered?23:00 - What are some types of power to be aware of?26:30 - What's an example of philanthropy failing because it came from a place of guilt?37:00 - What are some indicators for these roles of victim, bully, and savior?  Read the transcript
Love over Defense

Love over Defense


We are taught how to defend ourselves from a very young age. But few of us are taught the pragmatic power of love. We build a series of walls we can put up whenever someone makes us uncomfortable. What if those very walls create a drag-on life that slows down our dreams? What if love is an easy-to-use tool that turns all that friction into forward momentum?   Show Notes01:00 - What do you mean by love?06:00 - What is the next most important leverage point?12:30 - What are some of the main misconceptions about love18:50 - What do you mean by defense?23:00 - How do we cultivate a love that allows us to experience the fight in a different way?31:00 - As we are cultivating this love, how do we work on lowering our defenses as well?42:00 - How is it that experiencing heartbreak can be empowering? 47:00 - What is the difference between finding unconditional love together in a group versus a cult?  Read the transcript
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